misz_ariella 8607949931 this dude might need a friend FYI gentlemen dont give me ur if u dont want it out there. NOT INTERESTED!! - May 22, 2013 add/view comments (2)

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In a world where you can be anyone, be yourself

Hey MG my name is Ariel, Im on MG looking for some socializing outside of school and work. I'm not here to look for a relationship, Sometimes it's just nice to converse with new people. As far as majority of MG users it seems you are either stupid, simple, or slow; so I'll break this down as easily as possible. I AM IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM LOOKING FOR A RELATIONSHIP WITH ANYONE ON THIS SITE. PLEASE- Do not ask me if Im interested in texting you, calling you, SEXTING YOU, CAM SEX WITH YOU (?) OR meeting you ANYWHERE. I dont wanna be your baby, boo, mami, sexy love or anything else! I have a name, and I like to be called by it. Do not message me about joining your swingers groups, I dont care to be involved in your love triangle, square, pentagon or any other shaped sexual encounter. ALSO I am very comfortable with my relationship with God, so no I don't wish to hear you quote the bible to me or invite me to donate to your church. I can't stress this enough, I'm VERY COMFORTABLE IN THE SKIN IM IN your messages of "damn mami you fine" do NOT put me in a good mood or mind set.I dont respond to ignorant messages like, "sup ma, ay girl, sexy, sweetheart" and I don't speak ebonics! If you arent goin to message me like a normal human being, you are wasting your time and mine. I don't want your facebooks (other wise I'd be on facebook) I have a BLOCKED list bigger than my friends list I DO NOT PUT UP WITH IGNORANCE! I don't want to speak to anyone disdainfully but I cant stand to be objectified an spoken to like less than the person I am, nor do I want anyone to feel "LED ON". I am truly a very approachable person (believe it or not lol)
On a friendlier note I love all types of music and love learning new types. I love art, poetry, cooking, and I love going to stand up comedies. If you have any questions comments concerns message me!

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