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Gerry Mancuso

"Commercial music or music of true expression?"

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Welcome to G's Realm... 





Gerry Mancuso of Aeodema is a songwriter whose music cannot be easily encapsulated in one or two words. Fast, slow, heavy, soft; think of all the opposites you want, list them, and then consider that a rough description of the musical artist who is set to turn the music scene on its ear with such profoundly unique stylings.




Describe Mancuso's music? That's like saying, "Describe life!" "My music is extremely versatile. I love to tap into multiple styles. I have no set boundaries that I stick within." It's not an easy thing to embrace such a broad musical palette, but with Mancuso's talent and wide-eyed scope, it can be done, and is being done. Every time Mancuso writes or performs, his music is mesmerizing and full of surprises.




"Music is the number one passion in my world." Mancuso's drive, fueled by sheer talent, has resulted in some of the most stellar songwriting you're apt to hear. Original yet accessible, entertaining but also smart and with a message for the soul; Mancuso writes songs for whom even the sky is no limit. "I feel the constant need to surpass my prior accomplishments and leave my mark on this earth." With the songs Mancuso writes, it's easy to believe he has a divine mandate - and that he will accomplish it.




He bought his first electric guitar at 15 and was immediately recruited into the band "Tellurian Truth." Gerry wrote the songs for Tellurian Truth and he hasn't stopped yet. He was featured on ABC's show "Like It Is" in 2003 and also toured elite dinner party gatherings in the Long Island region with the Gospel group "The Long Island Voices." He appears on Kendo-Altar's "Almost Famous" album (released on Chuck D's label) and was the writer/arranger of the band "Aeodema" in 2007. Gerry was the featured guest on George Diaz's live radio show in Brooklyn, NY in 2009 and currently has 2 full length solo albums and 1 single on sale at iTunes and all the other online music stores.





February 09, 2011

First song complete for 2011!

Entitled "Celestial Love." 

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August 03, 2010

Gerry's YouTube

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Female, Age Private, Kissimmee, FL

Posted June 15, 2009

You're a musical genius! ;) God bless and continue doing what you do! No matter what anyone else tells you! Keep pushing on! My prayers are with you!!!!

"The world will shout for you to give up while hope whispers, give it another try.."


Female, 38, Dallas, TX

Posted June 10, 2009

Super new jam, G!!! Keep them coming babe!!


Female, Age Private, Brooklyn, NY

Posted May 16, 2009

Gerry, you got a lot of talent baby, keep doing your thing!

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