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"boston, california, atlanta, new york, drake, philly, jay-z"

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Woff Pak Entertainment is an independent label from Boston Mass with many talented artist with their own style and swagger. Woff Pak was established in the year 2000 but have been known for many years before that time. Woff Pak Consist of 8 Artist also known as the Pak Boyz. Dictator, Royalty, Hollywood, D-Nice da WyldCard, Freeze Pachino, G-Money da Mayor, Gold finger Gotti, and Bonz the Hitman. Each Artist has been Rappin' for 6 years or more and they're skillz are progressing every day. Known for their Street life and Hardcore lyric's they title "Gutta Muzik" has made them known for bringing the Raw and reality of how the modern day Hood Life and mentality of today is. Why Woff Pak?? Cause the Wolf symbolizes Loyalty, Fear, The Hunt and Determination. Why Woff instead of Wolf?? Cause its the Bark and they believe their Bark is just as hard as their Bite. If you heard their music you will believe it too. Woff Pak is a movement growin in many states Cali, Florida, ATL, Chicago, NY and Boston so be on the look out for them."The Wolfz are on the prowl and Hip Hop is their pray howl at us" so I'd addvise you to let them in Cause "If your not Standing up, your Standing Down" D-Nice Da WyldCard Woff Pak President Contacts: D-Nice (617)980-3873 (617)980-1162 Dictator (617)334-1126 Royalty (617)888-6772 E-Mail Address: Web Pages: z inment d r


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