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THE SEEDS (1978-1985)
The seed of Man sprouted in the 80's in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, when a group of ambitious teenagers with a bongo started a band called Sombrero Verde. The band began by playing covers from the groups they admired (Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Police) but eventually dared to write their own rock, which reflected their Latin roots and was written in Spanish, even before this practice became commonplace. This is how Fernando Olvera and the Calleros brothers (Ulises, Juan Diego and Abraham), along with Gustavo Orozco, fed an evolving scene in their native city and in the region. A couple of recordings with the Ariola and Fonovisa record labels show the freshness of their music, a characteristic that Man has kept throughout their successful career.
Looking to renew their image, the band adopts the name Mana , under which they would gain international recognition. With Fher Olvera as their singer and the Calleros brothers, Juan and Ulises, on bass and guitar respectively, the line up was completed with the addition of a young and talented drummer, Alex Gonzalez, of Cuban-Colombian origin. The name Mana was chosen because of the significance it has in the Polynesian language: "Positive Energy," not precisely for its biblical connotations. Nonetheless, the change did seem as though it was heaven sent, as it enabled them to reach a level of professionalism they had previously been denied.
MANA (1987-88)
In 1986, Mana signs a record deal with Poligram and a new era begins with the release of their self-titled debut album, which becomes an important part of a musical movement called "Rock en Tu Idioma" [Rock In Your Language]. This helped open doors for music written in Spanish and proposed a novel alternative to a scene typically dominated by music in English. Despite achieving some success, this first recording as Man did not satisfy the band. In talking with record labels, the band had to defend their sound and identity, which was too often affected by the commercial interests of the label. It was a time when the music scene was dominated by prefabricated bands that were subject to what many executives from the industry thought the audience wanted to hear. But Man stayed true to their sound, insisting on diverse alternate venues, until finally Warner Music became interested in them.
FALTA AMOR (1989-91)
With the 90's came essential changes. Fher and Alex knew the risks involved in putting themselves into the hands of a producer that saw bands as products rather than as an artistic proposition, which is why they opted for a different road that they had not previously traveled: they took over the production of their albums. With this idea in mind, they recorded the album Falta Amor, but it did not succeed until a year after its release and after Man toured the country giving more than 350 concerts. Finally, the single "Rayando el Sol" became the first successful hit for Man and allowed them to introduce other songs to the public, such as "Perdido en un Barco," "Estoy Agotado" and Buscondola ". These later songs quickly gained immense popularity, and awarded Mana their first Gold Record in Mexico. As if this success wasn't enough, the group found themselves in Ecuador, in a sold-out stadium where 18,000 people sang the lyrics to songs that were still not well known in their own country.
In 1992, Man undergoes another change in their lineup with the departure of Ulises Calleros, who has since become the band's manager. This gave way to the arrival of two new members, keyboard player Iv n Gonz lez and guitarist C sar "Vampiro" L opez. With this new composition they recorded D nde Jugaran los Ni os? in Los Angeles. The album that was a breakthrough in the history of the band, as well as in Rock In Espa ol, with sales of over one million units and a total of eight singles in the charts in Spanish-speaking America. These singles were "Vivir Sin Aire," "C mo Te Deseo," "Oye Mi Amor," "C mo Diablos," "Te Llor Un R o" and "Me Vale," songs that are now classics in their repertoire. After that, they started a world tour, offering 268 concerts in more than 17 countries including the Americas, Spain and Switzerland, where they were invited to participate in the prestigious Montreaux Festival. By 1994, due to professional and artistic differences, Iv n Gonz lez and C sar L pez left the band.

MAN EN VIVO (1994)

Now as a trio, Fher, Alex and Juan Diego gave a series of concerts in the United States, with the goal of making a live recording that would reflect all the power and energy of the group, accomplished in a double album called Man En Vivo. The production included the collaboration of Gustavo Orozco on guitars, Sheila R os on background vocals and Juan Carlos Toribio, who still plays keyboards with the group live and in the studio.


Anxious to return to their original quartet format, Man auditioned guitar players from different countries, until in Aguascalientes, M xico they finally found the talent they were looking for in the guitarist Sergio Vall n, whose amazing sensibility, technique and versatility imparted a different shine to the sound of the guitars on the bands recordings. With this new line up, Man recorded and released the album Cuando Los ngeles Lloran, where there is an apparent evolution in the sound and lyrics of the band. With demos recorded in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, the album was actually produced in Los Angeles and gave them their first Grammy Nomination, the most important award in the music industry. In this album the following singles are included: "D jame Entrar," "No Ha Parado de Llover" and "Hundido En Un Rinc n". The album's tour included four sold-out concerts at Radio City Music Hall in New York, and had them playing in Puerto Rico, a country where Salsa and tropical rhythms are preferred and where Man 's presence culminated in a boom for rock groups.
The problems of the environment have always been one of the worries of Man , including many themes related to the ecological crisis that the planet is experiencing. But it's not enough to just say or declare it; we have to take these matters in our own hands (all of humanity) because world governments cannot do it alone. For Man , going from saying it to doing it, with regards to preserving the planet, consisted of creating The Selva Negra Foundation, which collaborates actively with governments to guarantee our kids a livable planet. There is a lot more to do, and Man is an organization that does not like to sit idle during rough times. Since its creation, Selva Negra has financed and supported many important projects in favor of a healthier environment.
This album was born of the desire to create an environment where water, a vital element, has an important presence. Because of this, the record was created in front of the sea in Puerto Vallarta, an important location in the creative atlas of Man . An endless number of sunsets in front of the ocean were the perfect place to write Sue os Liquidos, an album produced by Fher and Alex with Benny Faccone. The result was an energetic mixture of rock and Latin rhythms that go from Bossanova to Flamenco and pass through the Caribbean cadence of Reggae. Important singles like "El Muelle de San Blas", "Hechicera" and "Clavado en un Bar" are part of this album. For the first time in the history of the band, the new record had a simultaneous worldwide release in 36 countries. Also for the first time, they won a Grammy Award. The album was played extensively in the United States and Man became the first Rock in Espa ol band that performed on the Regis and Kathy Lee Show, a leading program of American TV.

TODO MANA (1999)
Having conquered Spanish-speaking America, Mana still had to triumph in Spain. Therefore, in 1999 they recorded a compilation of their best songs, which was released exclusively in the Iberia peninsula. The record prepared the ground so that, one year later, Man 's success crossed the borders of Spain.

At the end of 1998, Fher received a call from someone who claimed to be Carlos Santana. At first he thought it was a joke, but once his caller's identity was confirmed, the band received an invitation that would have unequivocal results: collaborating on a song on the Supernatural album [of duets] that gave worldwide success to the guitarist born in Jalisco, after a period of seven years without recording any new studio albums. Man collaborated on "Coraz n Espinado", a song written by Fher that is one of the singles of an album that has a record of nine Grammy Awards. The recording was released in 50 countries and allowed Man to be known in European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Next they went on an extensive tour of Mexico and the United States called "Jalisco Power." United on stage were two of the biggest rock artists from the land south of the border: Carlos Santana and Man . Together they played at that year's Grammy Awards and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, one of the most popular shows in the United States.
MTV UNPLUGGED (1999-2000)
After much insistence, Man decided to accept MTV's proposition and produced a record and DVD with acoustic versions of their best songs, recorded in a relaxed and intimate environment. The result was Unplugged, one of the best sellers of the video channel's series, including those released by English speaking artists. For this Unplugged album Man received two Grammy Awards and consolidated their position in Spain, where they sold-out Plaza las Ventas, the prestigious bullring in Madrid, many times over. They then took the band to Caracas, Venezuela, where they shared a stage and started a fruitful friendship with Rub n Blades.
This compilation was produced with the objective of entering the Italian and German markets, countries where the language barrier has been an obstacle to their music and where they played only in small venues. The strategy produced results a couple of years later.

Invited by the famous Cuban singer songwriter Pablo Milanes, Fher collaborated in an album of duets called Mi Querido Pablo, on which he and the Cuban singer sang the song "Si Ella Me Faltara Alguna Vez".
In an effort to blend the essence of their sound with the sound of 60's and 70's rock, Man recorded Revoluci n de Amor, where they used instruments and technology from those decades cleverly balanced by the modern platforms of digital sound. The result was a collection of energetic recordings, with a sound that favors the guitars but does not negate exploration and fusion. From this record, which won another Grammy Award, one can hear the following singles: " ngel de Amor," "Mariposa Traicionera" and "Eres Mi Religi n," the latter song released in 2001, as a duet with Zucchero, for the Italian market. Also, Man received an invitation from the popular Italian singer to play a special version of "Baila Morena". That same year they were invited to perform in the charity concert Pavarotti & Friends where they shared a stage with Queen, Deep Purple, Ricky Martin, Andrea Boccelli, Zucchero and Bono, with whom they particularly identified through a shared interest in social issues. Subsequently, it was time for a tour, which was to become the most ambitious of Man 's to date, involving 250 massive concerts with phenomenal lighting and audio quality. In a tour that covered 24 countries, the concert was played out in the best venues of the world, including, for the first time, important stages in Rome, R o de Janeiro and Hamburg.
While Man takes a sabbatical to recharge after twelve years of uninterrupted tours and recordings, they release a DVD that documents in detail all the energy seen on stage. The document is produced by filming complete tours and offers the best live versions of their songs, illustrated by footage taken from the best stages of the world, while at the same time allowing the viewer to go backstage and see the group in their natural medium: the concerts.
The most recent recording of Man was done at the prestigious studio The Hit Factory Miami. The album offers 13 songs that, with a full and impeccable sound, respect the essence of the group but veers into new territory. This characteristic of renewal has allowed Man to maintain their vitality beyond current fashions and trends. Renew or die; nothing holds truer.


March 21, 2008

Alex Gonzalez: A Passion For Drumming

Alex Gonzalez In Modern Drummer

Read The interview between Modern Drummer & Alex Gonzalez by buying the March 2008 issue of Modern Drummer at Barnes & Noble

Mana is a true rags-to-riches story. Fueled by an intense passion for music and a belief that music can transcend the boundaries of language, the Mexican rock band has sold more than twenty-two million records and collected eight Grammy Awards. They also just completed a sold-out arena tour of the US?including an unprecedented (for a Latin band) four nights at LA?s Staples Center, in support of their most-recent release,

For star drummer Alex ?El Animal? Gonz lez, the passion for music stirred very early in life, at the age of four. Sure, many drummers can recall beating on pots and pans around that age, but this kid was actually the playing the drums. No question, Gonz lez was a prodigy. He began taking the instrument seriously and found himself a teacher at the age of five. To say that he was motivated is an understatement. While kids his age were out on the playground, Alex was practicing. And it paid off.

By the time Gonz lez was fifteen, he was in the first incarnation of Man . Years of sleeping in a van, eating bread and milk, and playing for small audiences finally paid off when their 1994 albumDonde Jugando Los Ninos broke big, becoming Billboard?s Latin Pop Album Of The Year, selling over a million copies in Mexico, and being certified gold in the US. And beyond the popular success of the group, the individual members have been recognized for their abilities on their instruments?particularly Gonz lez.So for Alex, this is exactly how he visualized his life would be, back in the day, sitting in his bedroom pretending to play for an arena full of fans.

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March 21, 2008

Arde el cielo

New song: Si no te hubieras ido

disco en vivo Arde el cielo


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May 10, 2007

Mana Tour Dates

To see Mana's upcoming Tour dates click here

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Female, 36, Fort Washington, MD

Posted April 08, 2014

nice profile song [ the first one ]


Male, Age Private, Germany

Posted July 02, 2013

Me - hola, I like the Mana music - yea this band is gr8 .


Male, Age Private, New York, NY

Posted September 26, 2010


Male, 51, Bronx, NY

Posted August 08, 2009

Cuando oigo cualquiera de sus canciones, se me ponen los pelos de punta. Me extremezco y vuelvo a ser feliz. Me conecto con la pasion y con la vida. Gracias por esas hermosas letras y musicas que componen. Siempre su admirador. Gracias por el regalo eterno de la musica. Un abrazo y mucha suerte continua en su labor de embajadores del amor.


Unspecified, 39, New York, NY

Posted February 10, 2009

Check out Natalia Clavier for a fresh breath of real music: iew/artist.html?owner_user_id= 5896493


Female, Age Private, Washington, DC

Posted October 01, 2008

Lo mejor de lo mejo Mana
Los quiero felicidades por sus exitos.

Loa Adoro , me encanta el saber como se vive y se siente la musica, lo mas lindo de todo es saber que tienen musica para cualquie estado de animo ,me encanta vivir sin aire y oye mi amor.
Claro todas son hermosas pero me llenan por muchas razones
Ma Del Carmen
Besos a todossss


Male, Age Private, Hyde Park, MA

Posted September 23, 2008

Brujo y D Voiz {Mixtape} : 6zzxjb (Download It FREE)


Male, 33, Modesto, CA

Posted September 16, 2008

Siempre me ha gustado tu musica y es el mejor de todo para mi. Ustedes si saben revolucionar la musica de hoy. ARRIBAA MANA!!!!


Female, 43, Manor, TX

Posted August 25, 2008



Female, 47, Tampa, FL

Posted June 28, 2008

Hey Chicos!!!! Me facina su llega a lo mas profundo del corazon!!!! Vivo cada palabras de sus canciones....."MANDA UN MENSAJE, UNA SENAL"!!!

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