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Elvis Manuel

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Cuban reggaeton star Elvis Manuel is believed to be in the custody of the Coast Guard at this time, although it has not been confirmed. Elvis fled Cuba after being completely frustrated with his situation on the island. He recently said: "My music is everywhere, but I don't have a cent to buy something to eat." During a performance on April 4, someone tossed a tear gas bomb onto the stage to put an end to his concert. Feeling the pressure of constantly being censored, Elvis decided to risk it all and head out to Miami via the treacherous 90 miles of ocean. Elvis has reached a surprising level of success given his residence in Cuba. His songs La Tuba and La Mulata are definitely considered hits and it saddens us that nobody knows his whereabouts for sure. We pray for his safety.


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Male, Age Private, Miami, FL

Posted October 17, 2009

Dicen que esta perdido pero tambien dicen that he is with the Coast Guard, compadre le estas tirando duro al reggaeton...que siga mi panas cubanos

The Faceman aka Daddy B


Male, 45, Union City, NJ

Posted July 14, 2008

What can I say asere, about this special Artist From Cuba that seems to carry the whole Isla de Cuba on his shoulders with his Musica that brings so much inspiration........