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Owen Eff

"Hip-Hops Breath of Fresh Air!"

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Not your average rapper, not your ordinary MC. Owen Eff is so much more. Born and bred uptown NYC, the Washington Heights lyricist is definitely a breath of fresh air in a room full of ganja smoke and stale rhymes. Guaranteed to make these so-called mcs and no talent rappers rethink their career choice, Owen Eff delivers hip-hop in its rawest form. He vividly takes you on a journey to another world where real is REAL and skill means SKILL. The Latino wordsmith began crafting rhymes at the young age of 16. His hobby quickly morphed into an obsession with the help of his friends who strongly urged that he pursue his talents. His main inspiration came from a fellow Latino rapper and legend who hailed from the South Bronx, Big Punisher. According to Owen Eff, nobody even came close to matching Big Puns skills and wordplay. After Big Pun passed away in 2000 from a heart attack due to his obesity, Owen Eff set-out to pick up where the heavyweight legend left off. Around the age of 22, he began to produce his own music. From these humble beginnings, he has grown and matured into a crafty, creative MC who does not hesitate to speak his mind. Owen Eff recently moved to a quiet area in Hackensack, NJ to dedicate his time and passion into doing what he was born to: gripping that microphone and spitting some of the sickest shit, ever. There is no denying that Owen Eff is here to make a statement and anybody who disagrees just doesn't know and understand true hip-hop.

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July 31, 2009

new songs! New Songs!! NEW SONGS!!!


Whats up Migente?!

My beautiful peoples, thank you again for the love and support and the kind words of inspiration.  It really does mean a lot to me.

I have just added new songs to my pages.  Let me know what you think and don't forget to add one of my songs to your page!  =P

Hip Hops Breath of Fresh Air!

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Male, Age Private, North York, ON

Posted August 29, 2009

my dude im feeling ur %#&@$!.. join my fan base and holla at me!


Male, Age Private, New York, NY

Posted August 15, 2009

Damn.. you spit FIRE!!
You got hot %#&@$! man, I'm your number one fan! For real!

Don't I know you from somewhere?
Hip Hops Breath of Fresh Air!


Female, Age Private, San Fernando, CA

Posted August 15, 2009

Thank you for the shout out....keep up the good works


Male, 31, Columbus, OH

Posted August 06, 2009

whats good my brother! I was feelin the tracks bro, I got some hot beats if you wouldnt mind listening to them, they fire no doubt youll love them if you love real hip-hop. This that real new Midwest sound Im coming out with. p



Female, Age Private, Kissimmee, FL

Posted June 26, 2009

I know it seems like break through is far from where you are standing but with God anything is possible. Even when it seems like it only happens for some people, or that the wrong ones are having their talent recognized but in due time, Owen, in God's time. I am praying for your success. I am praying for prosperity and blessings that are more than you have imagined. God's word says that, "For I know the plans I have for you,' says the Lord, "plans to give you a future of prosperity and hope.." Hold fast to that promise,'s not far from you... Keeping you in my prayers, Steph


Female, Age Private, Kissimmee, FL

Posted June 16, 2009

I'm a fan! *woot* *woot* Am I totally gangster now? 0_o


Female, Age Private, Austin, TX

Posted June 07, 2009

i really dig your music. hopedfully i will be able to hear more from you.