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Nikko Y Montana

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In a span of just about a few short months Nikko & Montana have proved to be the newest sensation to hit the urban latin industry, making their presence felt and well known to their reggaeton/rap peers with a fast growing number of fans based as a diverse and multi-talented group.

From mixtape promos to radio stations across the United States and Latin America, to the worldwide urban street movement and jam-packed venues;these artists are already pushing the envelope without a record released. Making their mark slowly but with a big impression and appealing to a mixed crowd from the youngest to the old, N & M are the new symbol of the new style of music to come.

Climbing to the top without the support from a major lable, Nikko & Montana are already getting booked from New York to California and have been constantly invited to open up for concerts with major artists such as Alexis y Fido, Nengo Flow, Nova y Jory, Bimbo and others.

Who are these artists? The question has been constantly ask time and time again, from Internet forums, blogs and social networking sites. Nikko & Montana, the Urban Latin Duo are no strangers to the industry, bringing about 8 years of combined experience and numerous featurings as well as a handful of guest appearences in Reggaeton records, like Destrucion Total, Epidemia, Crema Boricua and others. Some of the records included multi-platinum selling Super stars like Daddy Yankee, Rubio Y Joel, Rey Pirin and Billboard top 5 artist Bimbo just to name a few.

Nikko & Montana also performed in front of thousands of people and have performed with various artists to include Daddy Yankee,Nengo Flow, Willie Moreno, Los Hermanos Moreno, Bimbo, Chezzina, Kevin Ceballo and a long list of well known artists and musicians.



One half of this duo is Nikko, at an early age, Nikko (David Martinez) emerged into the industry with a unique voice and style. Born in New Jersey and raised throughout his childhood in Cayey, PR. Nikko was quickly influenced by the music that surrounded him, captivated and amazed by the music he started DJ-ing, singing and making his own music. Flying back and forth from New Jersey to Puerto Rico he started developing his craft and fused his Puerto Rican style and roots with the popular United States freestyle music and Salsa.

After years of performing and singing as the main vocalist Nikko became well known by other artists and opened up in hundreds of shows. Unfortunately this style of house music was slowly dying and in the process of pursuing and acheiving his dreams, his motivation came to a halt, shattered by the lack of support and demand for his beloved music he decided to move on and leave it all behind.

It wasn't untill a well known musician by the name of Willie Moreno, that Nikko began to take new interest in music this time in a popular style called "Salsa", Nikko's unique voice quickly captured his attention and was quickly invited to join his orchestra as a lead singer. Earning his merits, he became the star opening act in several well-known clubs such as, Copa Cabana, Foxes, Amazura, and numerous others. He participated in major social events like Puerto Rico's Popular "Fiestas Patronales", Puerto Rican Day Parades, Dominican Day Parades.

In pursuit of his own personal signature, Nikko was influenced by his Latin Grammy Nominated Cousin Fido, from Alexis Y Fido he began experimenting with reggaeton and incorporating his unique style and voice. As Destiny would have it, thats when he met with Montana and decided to team up and create Nikko & Montana.



The Other Half of this incredible duo is Montana (Juan Montano), born in Elizabeth, New Jersey and raised in Isabela, Puerto Rico. His father a talented entrepreneur was always traveling back and forth from New Jersey to P.R which had a major impact on Montana and his musical influences. At an early age Montana was strongly inspired by music, so much, he started writing songs and performing in Festival Patronales , Underground Reggaeton parties located in Puerto Rico, and in the United States Under World Music scene. Earning his street credits; Montana rapidly became the buzz and the talk of the street, he started getting into local events and Reggaeton Shows and Concerts, taking part and sharing the stage with now super star artist's like Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, and others like Las Guanabanas, Bimbo, Lito y Polaco and more. It wasnt until 2003 where he became heavily involved in the streets and it's ever growing conflicts that he decided to put aside his music and pursuit other endeavors.

After a 7 year hiatus, Montana emerged back into the scene, this time with stronger and more determined energy. He has already started to produce new tracks along side his child hood friend and producer "Armada" that also features new upcoming superstars as well as other established artists. Showing progress and developing lots of positive feedback from a rapid growing fan base. Montana is a force to be reckoned with, ready and focused to create, evolve and shake the Urban Latin Music genre with his style, music and business savy, it will not be long before he takes part of music history and becomes an icon.





Although Nikko & Montana work as a duo they are also solo artists and have no problem working with other artists or groups, so much so they recently began developing their own Production Team and artists along side their producer, close friend and business partner "Armada" in hopes of building their own team of musicians and an artist roster. These future stars are constantly working and taking precise steps to enhance and further develop their careers, whether its composing, recording and producing their own music, or marketing and promoting themselves, this hardworking team is completely hands on with all aspects of the business.

What's in the future for Nikko & Montana is yet to be written, but with their discipline and relentless pursuit to make a mark in the industry, these artists will definitely be part of the Urban Latin hall of fame. For a hint of whats to come, Nikko & Montana are invited to perform in the RIX Magazine 2010 Tour, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. They were also invited to record the jingle song for the councilman Luis Quintana & Mayor Booker of Newark, NJ for the 2010 re-election campaign.


February 15, 2010

New Upcoming Events

Feb 17                                          The Hot Spot                                               11:00P             Newark, NJ

Feb 21                                       Latin Concert for HAITI                                  6:00P              Newark, NJ

Feb 28                                        Latin Music Expo                                           1:00P                Tampa, FL

Feb 28                                        Latin Music Expo                                           8:00P                Tampa, FL

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Female, 35, El Paso, TX

Posted February 15, 2010

You can say that I am following you everywhere that you go lol!!!

Joker was here!!!