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Capó, born Pedro Capó, has an inherent great love for music. Born in the land of his ancestors, San Juan, Puerto Rico, he lived a life of bohemian inspirations. Grandson of the brilliant Puerto Rican singer/songwriter Bobby Capó, renown melodist and singer of the 1940’s and son of the unforgettable singer and cultivator of the trova and salsa Bobby Capó, this young singer/songwriter is the third generation member of a family tradition that has left its stamp in Latin music. “My dad would include me in his process of songwriting and would invite me to contribute in his songs since I was a boy,” he remembers.
Pedro picked up the guitar at an early age and quickly demonstrated great virtue with the strings, even becoming the main voice of the group Marka Registrada.
Years later Pedro moved to New York City to begin another phase of his life. There, a great opportunity arose; Pedro was cast in a starring role by The Apollo Theatre’s production of “The Sweet Spot” (NYC). This participation led the way to a film starring role in “Shut Up And Do It,” presented in domestic/international film festivals circuit. He also had the chance to star in the Off-Broadway hit musical production of "CELIA: The Life and Music of Celia Cruz". Currently he is looking forward to the premiere of the film “Paraiso Travel.” The film is directed by Simon Brand, co-starring John Leguizamo. Participating in all of these projects forced Capó to take a break from his compositions, but it also planted a seed in him to love acting.
While writing music he discovered that he had an inherent need to speak about the human reality, which is why he was inclined to write about social aspects, without leaving his feelings aside. Still, he admits that he also writes to love, to women and the conjugation of every-day experiences that make “us all learn to be better people and to live in peace.”
“I like to play with different genres. I love rock, Latin rhythms, Caribbean rhythms, salsa, reggae… I don’t have limits,” Capó adds about his music.
Currently he is in NY immersed in the post-production of his album titled “Capó,” which will have human themes that go from playful and sensual to his accustomed social criticism. “I bring topics that connect us all as humans, we are spectators of the world and we cannot stand with our arms crossed as things pass us by,” says Pedro about his album.
“My mission as an artist is to take the message that there is love and life and that, even though there are tribulations, we can move forward.”


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Male, 30, Spring Valley, NY

Posted October 30, 2009

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