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Ednita Nazario

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Ednita Nazario’snew album, Soy, is all about being.
About being one of the most beloved artists in the Latin music industry; about being not only a vocally versatile interpreter, but also an impressive composer; about being a rocker, a balladeer, a trendsetter; about being a mother, wife and daughter. About being just who she is: Ednita.
In her last musical production, Real, the Puerto Rican artist began a journey of self-discovery that she shared with her fans all over the world. The album was particularly poignant since it came accompanied by moments of great happiness, becoming a critical and sales success, but also by a period of pain in the singer/songwriter’s personal life.
As cathartic as it was, Ednita unleashed her inner child and smiled again. That process continues now in the beautiful collection of brand new songs that make up the 24th album of her career, Soy, in which she is joined by some of the most prestigious composers in the music business, including Rafael Esparza, Claudia Brant, Samo (from famous Mexican pop rock group Camila), Mark Portman and Tommy Torres.
Torres, whom Ednita calls her “guardian angel”, is a fellow Puerto Rican and close friend, and one of the producers in charge of the album, scheduled for release on October 27. Sebastián Krys and Graeme Pleeth are two of the other producers who collaborated with Ednita in making this an impeccable and unforgettable musical experience, recorded in Nashville , London , Los Angeles and Miami.
Ednita had previously worked with Pleeth, Torres and some of the other talent from Soy in Real. The chemistry and the final product were just so perfect that she realized she needed to work with them once again. With Krys, she adds, it was the first time creating together.
“The idea was to work with several producers at the same time, to have a variety of sounds, but keeping within the essence of my music,” says Ednita from her home in Miami, where she resides when she’s not in Puerto Rico. “I like to work with different people and have different approaches to what I do.”
Although each of the 12 songs that make up Soy in one way or another relates to Ednita as an artist and as a person, the album’s leitmotif is perhaps best summed up by one particularly gorgeous track, Soy como soy.
“Because that’s a good way of defining oneself,” reflects Ednita, originally from the city of Ponce. “The introspective process in this album was more complicated than in any other record I have done. Life is a learning process, and that for me is the most important thing. To always learn.”
Learning from the inevitable ups and downs that life brings, and that no one is exempted from, propelled Ednita to new heights in this album. Those feelings are precisely what she then shares in three compositions she wrote for Soy: Sin Pausas, authored with Rafael Esparza and with up-and-coming Sony Music singer/songwriter Pedro Capó; Mi Libertad; Sin Pausa and Yo quiero más.
Whether chronicling on her blog the taping of the video for the first single, Sin Querer, or offering fans two new tracks available only on the digital edition of Soy, “ Two Forevers” and “Feliz a Escondidas” , Ednita has always remained that down-to-earth, humble and amiable presence that remembers her fans, loves what she does and never takes for granted the healing power of music. Ednita, everyone will agree, has always been… Ednita.

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Female, Age Private, Lowell, MA

Posted October 17, 2012

bella cancion,,,,muy bella, me encanta.


Male, 30, Spring Valley, NY

Posted November 03, 2009

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Male, Age Private, Downey, CA

Posted October 29, 2009

She's a DIVA already, an a beautiful woman , I count myself as one of your thoths, of Fans.....Forever yours Glob_love...


Male, Age Private, Simi Valley, CA

Posted October 16, 2009

this song is great. Her voice is excellent. I have never heard her songs until today. It makes me feel that i want to buy her cd. She will be successful years to come...Good luck in your future.. take care, Samuel