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Sophia Del Carmen

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Sophia Del Carmen is poised to become the artist she has set herself out to be since she first began performing from her South Florida hometown to a crowd of school and church audiences.  The precocious girl knew music was her calling. “As a child my parents introduced me to all different types of music,” says Sophia, who has already garnered industry attention from those who recognize the potential of the young singer’s distinctive voice and stage presence.  She would spend her days listening and singing along to Selena´s recordings as an inspiration and covered the singer´s songs in her own shows. Born in Los Angeles, raised in Miami of Costa Rican and Guatemalan descent, Sophia’s early performances led to her being discovered, at the young age of 12, by Radio Disney who were immediately in awe by her natural ability to sing and perform, as well as by her charismatic on-stage persona.  Her appearances on the Radio Disney stage, followed by invitations to perform on city festivals, fund-raising events, State and National pageants, and such set the stage for this young and talented girl to be recognized as a star in the making.  Sophia has appeared as an Up and Coming Latino talent on shows such as Jenny Jones, Deco Drive, De Mañanita, El Show de Rolando Barral and De Todo Un Poco.

This talented bilingual entertainer cites amongst her musical influences the likes of Maná “for inspiring me to take a more creative approach towards my song writing;” Calle 13 for “their creative approach toward music;” and Pitbull’s “charisma and determination inspire me.  He is a hustler and I admire that.”  Sophia’s feisty and powerful stage presence is no doubt fueled by the women she calls “The Queen, Madonna, and the soon-to-be-Queen, Lady Gaga.”  The rising pop star emphasizes by saying “Both are so creative, so empowering and such risk takers.” The risks this diva-in-the-making, and former Miss Teen Latina International, has been taking since the age of 12 paid off in December of 2008 when she took the grand prize in the contest Mega Estrella, hosted by the popular Miami radio station Mega 94.9.  Following this win, Sophia was featured as a New Latin Artist on all of the 900+ Clear Channel radio stations’ web sites. This win demonstrated that Sophia’s commitment to her artistic career in the form of long hours of vocal coaching, dance lessons, recording sessions, and over all preparation have materialized in the form of a solid path to musical greatness.

Sophia Del Carmen is currently signed to Mr.305 Records, positioning her to become the next best-selling crossover sensation. The songs on her first CD set to be released in  2010, are loaded with her infectious style of pop with both rock and urban influences. She recently had the opportunity to debut her songs in the opening acts of Wisin y Yandel’s La Revolución 2010 US Tour. Sophia has also worked with rapper Akon.The first single, “No te quiero”, from the forthcoming album, features a collaboration with Cuban-American rapper Pitbull. Sophia co-wrote this rocking pop song whose empowering lyrics and pulsating beats define Sophia’s goal as an artist: “I want to make women feel powerful. Not necessarily in a feminist way but make them feel sexy and confident. I want you to put in my CD when you’re getting ready to go out, or when you need some inspiration and uplifting after a bad day.” 

 “Don’t get me wrong. I make music for men too.  It’s just I am a women, so I know what the deal is. I know what we think and go through,” Sophia adds with a teasing smile. The video for “No te quiero” will soon make it to your favorite video shows but for now good news is Sophia’s single made it to the soundtrack of “Step Up 3-D” set for release this summer. More exciting news to come.  


August 06, 2010

Tour Diary-Dieta

Esta es mi dieta cuando estoy de gira con Wisin y Yandel "La Revolucion 2010" tour!!

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August 06, 2010

Tour Diary-Camerino

En el camerino escogiendo mi ropa durante la gira con Wisin y Yandel "La Revolucion 2010"

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Male, 54, San Jose, CA

Posted March 30, 2012

i love your songs


Male, 34, Nigeria

Posted September 08, 2010

good rymes and lovely build up breath taking lyrics nice job