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            Ziplok is a North American Rapper/Producer from Nashua, New Hampshire. Growing up in church and being around quite a bit of music he had an instant love for the music and tons of passion for it. From the age 15 was installing car audio gear and in 2001 attended Installer Institute in Holly Hill, Floirda. Later that year developed the name Ziplok taking it from all the ziploc bags scattered all over the table in the single room 400 dollar studio apartment just clothes, money, equipment and a dream. In 2002 after a couple years of being around the rap group Gunstate everything changed the microphone was handed to Zip in a psypher and the rest is history. In 2005 returned to NH and advanced his knowledge of digital and founded Zip Marketing in 2011.

                   Now 2 mixtapes in we move forward to 2012 back to where we started in Florida. Back to where it all started Steak n Shake, Checkers, Cuban Sandwhiches and strip clubs, Tampa Bay, Florida. Back together with Gunstate member Pointblank and with production by BangOut (50Cent Disco Inferno Superproducer) as well as currently being the most digital emcees of the future Ziplok continues to show the world that it is not where you are from its about how many fans and downloads you get on the internet. 


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