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chalino sanchez

"El Rey Del Los Corridos"

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Early lifeChalino Sanchez was born and raised to a poor family in Culiacan, Mexico. His father was Santos S nchez, his mother Senorina Felix. He had seven siblings, Armando, Lazaro, Regulo, Lucas, Espiridion (El Indio) ,Francisco and Juana. Chalino experienced tragedies and poverty at the age of 6, when his father passed away, throwing his family into turmoil. His sister Juana was raped by a local mafioso who lived nearby, prompting Chalino to act angrily at the incident. He killed the man who raped his sister and went to El Norte or the U.S.

Arrival in the United States

In 1977, Chalino illegally migrated to the United States, accomplishing his route with the help of a local "pollero" (herder) across the border of Baja California. Upon his arrival, he began working in the fields of Coachella and profiting from odd jobs given to him. While concentrating on his regular business, Chalino's sister, Juana S nchez, introduced him to Marisela Vallejos Felix, who would later give birth to two of his children, Adan Chalino Sanchez Vallejo and Cynthia S nchez Felix. Just as Chalino thought everything was going well, another tragedy occurred in his family when his brother, Armando S nchez, was found murdered at a hotel. His brother was betrayed by a good friend of his. This event prompted Chalino to write and sing about tragedies, drug dealers and love songs.

Beginning of a new career

One day while at work, Chalino was introduced to a man by the name of ngel Parra, who became interested in his musical talents after a small performance. ngel Parra arranged Chalino for a meeting at his studio named, "Angel Studios", and began recording his first demo cassette with a norte o group named, Los Cuatro de la Frontera While Chalino was in the studio, he recorded various corrido tunes such as Armando S nchez (tribute song to his murdered brother), El Sapo , Beto L pez, and Los Sinaloenses Ironically, ngel Parra at first thought Chalino's voice was "unsuitable" for basic norte o music; after Chalino recorded his first demo, his popularity began to grow in the Mexican American community.

By 1989, Chalino was recognized throughout California and requests were piling for him to sing in various venues, in which he was usually paid in various manners, including cash, clothing, vehicles and weapons.

Rising fame

Chalino performed in various locations and venues such as El Parral Nightclub, El Far,all n, Keystone Ford Show and Noches de Taconazo. By this time he switched bands to formed the Los Amables del Norte , producing some of his best songs. He signed with numerous record labels such as Discos Linda, Cintas Acuario, RR, Balboa Records Edimusa, and Musart.


In May 15, 1992, Chalino was contracted for a large payment to leave the United States to perform in Culiac n, Mexico, in a village called La Presita. While he was performing on stage, Chalino received an unknown death threat note. After his performance, Chalino informed his staffs and manager about the threat and was told to seclude himself at a nearby residence for the night.

In May 16, 1992, Chalino was being transported in a Chevy Suburban through the morning streets of Culiac n, after about 20 minutes, the Suburban was driving near a secluded location when an unmarked PFP Federal Police Vehicle intercepted them and forced them to the side. At approximately 12:30 in the morning, Chalino's lifeless body was discovered on the side of a road with two gunshot wounds to the back of the head. The next day, newspapers in Sinaloa read, "Chalino S nchez, Secuestrado, y Ajusticiado" (Chalino S nchez, Kidnapped and Executed).

Chalino S nchez was buried at "El Rancho Los Vacitos", in the small town of Las Tapias, Sinaloa, Mexico.

After death and multimedia

A 2006 DVD Release entitled Una Vida de Peligros (A Life of Dangers) depicting the life, and death of Chalino S  nchez.
A 2006 DVD Release entitled Una Vida de Peligros (A Life of Dangers) depicting the life, and death of Chalino Sanchez.

After his death, his reputation as a Mexican folk hero grew and his music became popular, with many compilation albums being released in his honour. A list of Mexican artist and musicians began to imitate his legacy. Various artist came out with similar names, techniques and songs that Chalino produced throughout his career and lifetime; such people include El Chalinillo, El Narqillo, El As de la sierra and El Halcon de la Sierra.

The most complete account of Chalino's life, death and fans can be found in journalist Sam Quinones' book, True Tales From Another Mexico: The Lynch Mob, the Popsicle Kings, Chalino and the Bronx (Univ. of New Mexico Press, 2001).

In the summer of 2006 a DVD titled Chalino Sanchez: Una Vida de Peligros (A Life of Dangers) was released to the public, providing descriptions of his origins, life, family, hardships and death.


Family Legacy

His son Adan Sanchez b.(April 14, 1984 - March 27, 2004), was a popular Mexican-American singer who died in a car accident in 2004. It was while touring in his father's home state of Sinaloa, Mexico on his way to a concert when the 1989 Ford sedan that he was traveling in blew a tire. According to police, the driver lost control and the vehicle rolled. Ad n sustained severe head injuries and died on the scene. Three other people were in the car, including Ad n's manager Lorena Rodriguez, of Santa Ana, California. They were taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for injuries. No other vehicles were involved.


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