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About Community Buzz

What is The Community Buzz?

Community Buzz is an area on which highlights what the community is talking about. Members get to share, rate, and comment on news stories that they think other members will find interesting.

How does it work?

It's easy!

  • Find a story on another Web site (e.g. CNN) that you want to share with other members.
  • Click on Share a News Story and complete submission form
  • Your story is instantly posted on the Most Recent News page
  • Other members can then review it and decide whether to vote for it. Stories with the most votes appear on the News homepage .

What is Vote For This?

Vote for this is a tool that members use to recommend stories to others in the community. When you see a story that you want to recommend, click on Vote For This and the number of votes will increase. Stories with the most votes appear on the News homepage .

How do I read the full-text for a news story that a member shares?

When you click on a news headline link, you will be taken to the story summary page. The story summary page includes the story summary shared by the member and comments posted by others in the community. It also includes a link to the full text of the story. The link usually takes you to the Web site which is the original source for the story.

How do I share a news story?

Go to the Share a News Story page. Enter the story URL, a brief headline, a summary of the story, and a category, such as "Sports" or "Politics". Your submission will appear on the Newest Stories page .

What is QuickShare?

Quickshare is an easier and faster way to share news. It allows you to share a story from anywhere on the web while you're reading it - even if you're not logged in to All you have to do is add the QuickShare tool to your browser, and you're ready to share news from anywhere. Click here to learn more about this tool.

How do I remove a bad story?

Please use the "Report Abuse" feature to report any stories with bad links, inappropriate content, or duplicate entries. Our Member Services team will review the request and make necessary changes.

Does a news story that I share ever expire?

Yes. It expires and is removed from the site after six months.

Global Resources, LLC


Management Consulting-Senior Business Analyst


Executive Management


MO - Kansas City/Independence

Carl Zeiss Vision Inc⿿


Sr Customer Quality Engineer


Quality Assurance/Safety


MN - Minneapolis

Life Fitness


Customer Service Support Technical Specialist / 13137


Customer Service and Call Center


IL - Chicago North

Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.


Distribution Development Mgr




MD - Baltimore