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Just an average guy looking for a good conversation. I respect the strong woman. New to this so hit me up. All the real women out there stand up!!!!!!! No little girl, childish, immature games please. I am a grown man, and I would like to keep it "Grown and sexy". Peace and Love Update.... Is it me or does every female on this website have some sort of statement or disclaimer that says she dont want no pervert, weirdo or any type of unwanted gesters. How every it seems that THE SAME FEMALES HAVE EXTREMELY PROVOCATIVE PICTURES, POSE AND SOME ARE EVEN NUDE. BUT YET WE AS MEN ARE SUPPOSE TO RESPECT U AND PRESENT ARE SELVES AND GENTLEMAN. However you ladies can flaunt yourselves in a UNWOMANLY manner and STILL DEMAND RESPECT. I think we should all be adults and give everyone a chance. So what if a guy doesnt have a pic. Maybe his cameras broke. The FLYIEST GUY ON THE SITE MAY NOT BE THE BEST, AND PERFECT GENTLEMAN FOR YOU. Just alittle thought for the ladies out there.

TO ALL MY BEAUTIFUL QUEENS AND THE WALL OF SHALLOWNESS: I am confused. Is it me or are women so defensive nowdays,that a man can even give a simple compliment without that woman thinking deeper that the surface. What happend to the love. We as men are taught from day one, by all the women in our family to be respectful. To cherish the woman as a queen, and show her love and appreciatiion at all times. So this is where the confusion comes in to play. How can I, a southern gentleman and any other men continue our specific upbringing of being respect if there is a WALL OF SHALLOWNESS up.
Women have become so independent that you guys need us but you dont need us. U love us and hate us at the same time. Is that compromising? You want love, joy, respect and openess but yet when you are approached, your assumptions get the best of you. HEY MEN HAVE FEELINGS TOO. For all you know that guy yo DISSED could be YOUR MAN that you have been waiting on. And you missed it!!! Why because you are being closed minded. Due to your bias views, and your "likes". Or what you thank you wants. Thats the disease that poisons our hearts and minds,Especially as minorities. How can we teach our sons,to be submissive to their wives. When the word doesnt even extsist in most womens vocabulary.So where does that leave our daughters? But thats another update. Ladies.... I Love You all. personally i dont discriminate. Size,race, color, creed, or religion. MOST MEN DONT , BUT WOMEN DO. (AGAIN THE WALL OF SHALLOWNESS) Thats the said thing, because women, are the QUEENS OF THE EARTH, THE TEACHERS AND FUTURE TEACHERS OF OUR KIDS. TUPAC SAID IT BEST: We all came from a WOMAN, got our name from a WOMAN. BOTTONLINE,To all my ladies out there lets think about what we are breeding and teaching our kids. INDEPENDENCE IS UNNOTICED IF YOUR JOURNEY IS NOT CONTINUED. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

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