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Male, 58, Ghana

Posted October 19, 2010

Dear sir/ma,

Greetings to you over there. My name is Dr. Ken Blakk from Accra-Ghana . I am a Management and Communication Consultant and an up and coming career politician.

I want to Invest In your country and I believe I can partner with you to supply me with investment feasibility details and support because you know your terrain. I need the help of a very sound Investment Manager in your country and you will be my partner in this transaction.

Economic situation in my Country is not good at all as it fluctuates at will. This is why I decided to look outside Ghana to explore investment opportunities in your country.

I have Thirty seven Million US Dollars (US$37M) which I managed to accumulate under the last Government of my party and it is deposited as safe keep here in Ghana with a bank for investment abroad. I hope we can work together and make a good and profitable investment.

I will like us to go through the legal procedure so that our ivestment will be protected and registered accordingly. Therefore, you are assured of legally sound transaction. I will give directives on how to go about it while you will be able to receive this funds without delay.

If you think you (as an individual) or your company have the expertise, experience and status to work with me with utmost trust, then send me your acceptance reply.

Please reply to me on only if you are seriously ready for this.

Till I receive your reply.

Thanks and stay blessed.

Dr. Ken Blakk