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No matter how many times U fall in life what's important is how many times U stand up and keep going throught life. That's the quote I use to tell who I am but here are some words of my own inspiration that describes a bit more bout me. "For love we born and from love reencarnate in that we are and will be tomorrow, for love we should know each other and learn from our vivids experiences, getting to know each other, recalling that love is all and in love we'll love and find each other again in this and in other lives." N.Z.D.V. Well I'm a very open minded person who likes to MAKE FRIEND, that's my mission here, LOL, besides is open to experience everything life has to offer and enjoy it all. I Love family, like to enjoy life at the maximun and also fantasious, playful, sexy, loving and enchantling but specially sweet. Love animals, nature and good food. My best hobbie is to spend time along my family members. Since they are the most important thing for me in life. In another words I'm a pain in the a$$ for my family but what can I do I love them all. My finality in life is to make them happy so I can be happy. If you want someone close to you that can be fun send me a note I promise you can't regret. http://www.slide.com/r/B4_ceIu 84T_fdTJ3a0OX6UDIWmmntyEZ?prev ious_view=mscd_embedded_url&am p;view=original

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Today more than ever


Today I miss U my dear friend, God knows I'm missing U really a lot. I miss having U close, to talk to U about my things. I swear I didn't have a better listener in my life than U. To me U were my confident as well as my most valuable friend and today I miss U more than ever.

Today I regret not fighting for U buddy cause I loved U since the day I met U. And my love 4 U was so great and big that I let U go without U even knowing it. I let U go 4 U to be... (continue reading)



The moment I lose U

The moment I lose U I lose my best friend,

the moment I lose U I lose my best confident,

the moment I lose U I lose my best supporter,

the moment I lose U I lose my best guidance.


The moment I lose U I lose U from my sight,

the moment I lose U I lose U emotionally,

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Once more time my life gets hit by sorrow, this is painful but I'm getting used to it somehow.

Oh, life how unfair it seems to be sometimes.

When you think you are hanging there is when it turns down the most to you.

Is like if it were telling you somehow that you need a change.

Since you don't change it turns itself to change.

Is a renewal imposed to you so you can... (continue reading)