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Emmanuel Arroyo is a New York State licensed Acupuncturist graduated from New York College of Health Professions in Syosset, Long Island (NY).

After graduating with more than 1 300 clinical hours of Internship in the school, Emmanuel Arroyo started working at 2 Pain Mangement Clinics which helped him to gain experience in Mangement and Control of Pain. His patient knew him for same day results and for his unique way of taking pain without (sometimes) reaching the affected area.

Nowdays, Emmanuel Arroyo has incorporated to his academic preparation other certifications like NADA protocol which certifies him as ADS (Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist for addictions), certified by NCCAOM as Oriental Medicine Diplomate and Herbalist, other certifications are Iridology, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Osteopathic Acupuncture, Detoxification as a Treatment (use of acupucture, herbs and essential oils) and Opthalmic Acupuncture.

Emmanuel Arroyo's patients are very proud and happy of having him; One patient was treated 13 times for headaches that medications were not able to take away. Now the patient is back to normal. Another patient is been treated for vertigo; the patient was able to be free of the vertigo for 3 days after the first treatment. Now after his 5th treatment the patient informs that his vertigo has improved 50%. There is another patient that after 2 treatments the pinched nerve pain went away and has been pain free since then (1 year).

Services Offered:
  1. Cosmetic Acupuncture: Weight Loss, Cellulitis Control, Weight Control, Acne, and Facial Rejuvenation
  2. Pain Management: Sciatica, Low Back, Tennis and Golfers Elbow, Ankle and Wrist...
  3. Detox program: Use of acupuncture and herbs to help the body to get rid off toxins
  4. Eyes Disorders: Glaucoma, Lazy Eye, Keratoconus, Retinal Detachment, and others


Contact and Visit Information:

For an Appointment contact us at: (917) 324-1140


Office in Queens and Manhattan



Many patients are spending hours looking for information related with alternative health care... Emmanuel Arroyo has created a toolbar that saves time and satisfies all the needs. You will have links to monograms of herbs from around the world, including the amazons, news and more. You are encouraged to download the toolbar at his web page:

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