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for those who judge books by their cover.... ud be wayyyy off with me... im told im more girly than most of my girly girl str8 friends..... i like my style it is me... but that does not place a personality label on me.... so those of u who think clothes make the wo/man.... ya got another thing coming :-P.... yea im that chick that keeps u in check.... im not femme im not butch.... im far from AG.... hence y i dont understand labels... cause i dont feel the need to fit myself into a box... i fit more than one so yea... thats me! like for example... i have a boyfriend (did your head explode alil bit.. did you think im a lesbian? lol... i dont label myself and for me love is not bout someone's physical body :) love is about how someone makes you feel and what the person has to offer.. can they satisfy you- intellectually, emotionally, and physically, etc.. whats great about my bf and i is that we both dont identify as straight and while we are a "straight" couple... we dont consider ourselves as such... we are very committed to each other :).. as a matter of fact we are so committed that we like to have fun with other people.. we don't mess around with people separately, but we as a couple are into that.. so if you are interested hit me up? - this does not mean- hit me up on some nasty shyt or on some judgmental bit bout my bf and my choices... it also doesn't mean that we are trying to find someone to "join" our relationship, so yes we can hang out get to know each other, but the boundaries will be clear

but enough about that... about

im real goofy and fun... i love people who r similar... if u laugh at my stupidity and goofyness.... i hate drama and fighting and all that nonsense... i like to connect with people on a personal level.... I'm looking for friends... i like confident people who are on their grind.. trying to be somebody in this world... outdoorsy people... sporty people.... nice people lol.... someone who will watch spongebob with me and not be like "oh god not again" i do martial arts... so someone who will participate or come watch sometimes... secure people who can trust that not everyone in this world is out to get them... who can believe that there are still genuinely good people out here... like me! :) ive been told i seem too good to be true.... and ppl almost get disappointed cause they spend so much energy waiting for me to fill those shoes.... i am true and its hard for people to trust that.... i dunno... im not a player.. i know how to act in public and how not to act... theres a time and a place for everything....

i dont use drugs and i dont date or mess with people who cant just be high on life without some enhancement... the world is such a beautiful place and i think drugs r just an excuse to be lazy... u can experience all those things u feel with drugs on ur own if u go out and genuinely enjoy life... no drug can ever encompass what i felt when i was at niagara falls... or enjoying the beach... or the feeling of holding someone close.... ive also known people who have died from use of drugs and others who neglected their loved ones because of it... just not worth it in my book.... drinking... moderation is all im gonna say bout it... not "yo i gotta go get drunk tonight or ima get so %#&@$!ed up.. catch my drift... phew.... thats quite a mouthful.... ok simple %#&@$! bout me... i love cartoons... im a philosopher (if u cant tell already), i received my philosophy degree from Connecticut College and hope to pursue my masters or something higher... I'm a youth worker and would like to pursue an MSW at some point... if theres anything else u wanna know just ask... :) aim: superxine2002 myspace: glee: superxine2002 ok cupid: superxine2002 .... just for those curious minds out there im on all these sites cause i like to meet all kinds of people... i like making friends... and yea putting myself out there is the only way :)

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Female, 33, New York, NY

Posted April 10, 2009

hAvE A GrEaT WeEnD HaPpY EasTeR!


Female, 33, New York, NY

Posted March 14, 2009


Male, Age Private, Grand Rapids, MI

Posted October 04, 2008



Female, 39, Clearwater, FL

Posted November 28, 2007


Female, 29, New York, NY

Posted November 24, 2007

Thanks the add luv

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