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Our New Homepage!


Hey MG!

We have made new exciting changes to the homepage to make it more vibrant and reflective of the MG community. Key updates include:

New Activity Feed – Our new activity feed allows you to see what’s new among both your friends and everyone else in the BP community. BP is a community of millions. Now it’s easier to see who's online, what they are up and connect.

Cleaner layout – We’ve simplified things so it’s easier to browse content and get to where you want to go on BP.

Privacy Settings - You can control who sees your updates – everyone, friends only, or nobody. Go to your personal settings to update your preferences.


Site Update: Instant Messenger Upgrade


We have some big news! An Instant Messenger (IM) upgrade! One of the most requested features in MiGente. The new IM is powered by Meebo. This is still a work in progress, we are launching in Beta so please bear with us as we optimize your experience.

What to expect?

     *Similar functionality as before with additional features.

     *IM while you browse. The new communication bar will live on the bottom of your browser.

     *Talk to friends from other networks (aim, facebook, myspace, etc).

     *Share content and images with your friends through email, facebook, yahoo and twitter.

Here's a preview:

Here are a few questions you may ask us:

Question: Do you still have the privacy settings choices as you did with the previous functionality?
Answer: Yes, you still can select if you want everyone or only friends to IM you and you can always sign off IM.

Question: Can I still IM members by clicking on the icon next to a member's name?
Answer: Yes, this functionality still exists, when you click on the icon a box will pop up from the communication bar at the bottom of your screen.

Question:  I see other members online but when I send an IM the member does not reply    
Answer: Often this is because the member has logged onto the site, but may not be sitting in front of their computer.

Known Problems

Question: I keep getting disconnected from IM    
Answer: Sometimes you may be disconnected from IM, and when trying to reconnect you may be prompted to login again, please submit a report in the help section if this is the case.

Question: I can't see all my friends in my buddy list, how can I tell if they are online or not?
Answer: Currently there is a limit of friends that you can see online. You can always go to your "My Friends" page and see who is online.

Question: The IM bar doesn’t show.    
Answer: For your privacy the bar doesn’t display on your Personal Info Page. We removed the bar from certain areas to help keep your privacy and optimize load time.
If the IM Bar is not showing in non-form driven areas of the site please submit a report in the help section

We hope you are as excited about these changes as we are. As always keep your suggestions coming. We are listening!


Send a Gift with your Note!!


Now you can send a Gift along with your Note. You choose from a few of the default gifts, send another gift of your choice, or no gift at all. For now, this feature is only available when you are composing a note from your Notes section. We may extend to other areas based on your feedback.

Remember your feedback is always welcome!

Member Services

Optimized Main Page!


We’ve optimized the main page to make it easier for members to log in quickly, and more efficient for new visitors to register or start exploring the site.


What to expect?



A clean and clutter-free experience focused on three main objectives:

1. Member login

2. Visitor registration

3. Visitor discovery of members



Members need to log in to get to the Home page ( Home is still where members go to access their personal dashboard with links to notes, hits, account and more. There’s still plenty that members can do without logging in, like browsing/searching profiles and reading blogs.



As always, we’re concerned with member security. To avoid phishing scams please confirm that the URL in your browser reads before you log in. The optimized main page will look very different, but rest assured it is MiGente if the URL matches.



You may notice that your badge is not near the login fields. We're working on a resolution. Expect to see the changes as early as next week.


Here’s a preview of MiGente:

 We'll continue to optimize the main page over the next few months.

Think you can describe the MiGente experience better than us? Send us your thoughts on what makes MG a unique social network and community.  Your praise may find its way onto the main page!
See you on MiGente,
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