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Site Update: New Member Find!!


Here at MiGente we’re all about finding ways to help you find your friends and to meet new people on our site. We’re pleased to introduce the new and improved Member Find page. We’ve updated the layout to enable you to see more of the great people in our community, and we’ve improved the search so that you can find the person (or people) you are looking for with a few simple clicks. We also have included pagination at the top of the results.  Take a look at the page below to see some of the big changes to this page: 


We hope you are as excited about these changes as we are. As always keep your suggestions coming. We are listening!

Member Services



Site Update: New Log-In Module


Site Update: Release 60


New Log-In Module

The Login page & Homepage are now one and the same! The URL now leads you directly to the Homepage. We’ve made it easier for current members to login, new members to sign up, and everyone to navigate the site right from Home.

Those who have saved as a favorite or bookmarked in your browsers don’t worry, we will automatically direct you to Home. You can either use the log-in module  highlighted next to the Large Alert area or click the log-in link located in the upper right hand corner and log in from there if you wish to see your site security badge.

Your personal dashboard with links to your Notes, Friend Invites, Group Invites, Page Log, etc. is still exactly where you expect it to be once you log in.


New Site Activity Alerts

When you receive a new note, friend invite, or page log hit, the links to those sections on the top right navigation change to red. Now the Homepage dashboard is not the only place to find out what is new.  This also makes it easier to tell when someone is IM'ing you. It is an instant notification that there is new activity under one of these sections.*

(Notes, Invites, Page Log will only change color upon you refreshing the page or moving to a new page.) 

Navigation Tool Bar: Blogs

Due to overwhelming member feedback, The Blogs section has returned to the main navigation area. To access MG's blog area mouse over the "Look & Listen" tab. Find who has the most popular blogs on

The navigational tool bar is a work in continual progress. Please feel free to help us give you a better site experience with your comments and suggestions.

Site Update: NEW NAVIGATION!!!!


Hey, check out our New Navigation Tool Bar!!

MiGente is pleased to introduce our new navigation tool bar.  We’ve made it easier to get around to the most popular areas of the site. We’ll be making continuous enhancements over time though the most significant change is the introduction of 5 main buckets in place of the previous version.


Here are the 5 new buckets and the features that can be found under each:



MiGente Homepage

My Page

View Page, Edit Page, My Page Log, My Friends, My Notes, My Invites, My Gifts, My Account

Member Find

Find Member, Who's Online, New Members, Surprise Me


Chat, Groups, Forums, News

Have Fun

Quizzes, Rate Me, Secret Admirer

Look & Listen

Photos, Music, Videos



To access Dating or Jobs, click on the area "Visit our Jobs <>  or Dating <>  sections" which is located on the right hand side of the page in the same area as the logo.

Just a reminder that if you need to return to MiGente Home, you can always click on the logo.   We hope the simplified navigation will help you get around more easily and allow you to access your favorite sections of MiGente more quickly.
As always, feedback is welcome.
Member Services

Site Update!!


Saying Hi

 After considering your feedback, Migente would like to introduce a tool to enhance your ability to meet other members. This new tool offers a suggestive set of members who you might want to "Say Hi". If you are not interested, you can minimize this tool to the left And continue your exploration on the site. Throughout your current visit, this tool will stay minimized.

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