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Site Update!


Its that time again! We made some site enhancements just in time for the holidays!


Home Page


We hope you noticed the new look and feel of the home page. We upgraded the main graphics to give you sleeker images and a more modern look and feel. Additionally, the main graphic now rotates making it easier for you to see the top stories that members are talking about. Click on any of these stories to find out the latest news and gossip!


Site Centered


Does the site look a little different to you? It should! In the past the site was always on the left side of your computer and made the screen look a little lopsided. Our tech team made a few changes and now it is smack dab in the middle of your screen making the site much more pleasing to view.


Member Dock


Member dock has been one of our most talked about features. Many members sent us suggestions about where it should be placed on the site. While an overwhelming number of members love it, some have complained that the location on the right side of the site is awkwardly positioned. Based on your feedback we moved the Member Dock to the bottom of the page. The functionality of this tool has not changed. You can still see members that match your Member Find Search, you can still view New members and you can still view a random selection of members in the Surprise Me section.


Although most of our members love Member Dock we know there are some who dont like it. And for those of you who fall into this category, you still have the option to minimize the Member Dock. Click on the small box on the right side of the Member Dock and it will minimize the box so it is less intrusive.


Cant See the Member Dock now?


If you cant view the member dock or if it looks funny you might be using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Most sites, including ours, look and work better if they are viewed in IE 7 or Firefox which is an alternative browser you can use instead of Internet Explorer. You can check what version of Internet Explorer you are using while you have a browser window open. Click on the “Help” link in the browser. You should see an “About Internet Explorer” option. If you click on this you will see what version you are using. To upgrade your browser please go to: or


Rate Me


Cant find someone in Rate Me? Many members complained that the members they were seeing in Rate Me were too old or too young. We made some changes based on your feedback. We added some age restrictions in this section so if you are above or below a certain age range you may not see members that are above or below this age range.


Please let us know what you think.  As always, we appreciate your feedback!