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New: My Page Views tab!!!


We made a few changes to Page Log. You now access it by clicking on the Hits in the global Navigation and within the main navigation under My Page. Page Log is now referred to as My Page Views.

Also, check out the new tab within the Hits section called Who¹s Looking for You. We hope you enjoy this new feature that shows you members who are searching for someone like you on MiGente. We are always looking for ways to improve your MiGente experience and give you new ways to connect with members. Looking forward to your feedback!


Site Update: MiGente Gifts Get Upgraded!


We’ve partnered with Viximo to provide a whole new suite of virtual gifts you can send and receive. Virtual gifts can be a number of things: the Valentine's heart image your friend sent you, the birthday card you emailed your girlfriend, or the Rocawear t-shirt on your MiGente profile.

We have many different gift options broken up into convenient categories and several different packages you can choose from. Many of these gifts have short, creative animations. You can tell which ones they are by the little white arrow and can preview them before you send them. Some even have audio so turn up your volume. You have tons of options, so take your time and play with it.
There are now 2 virtual currencies you can use to send gifts:
1) MEMBER POINTS (MPs): As always, you can use your hard earned Member Points to send some of the classic virtual gifts to other members. We’ve made updated versions of some of the most popular gifts. MPs can be earned by performing ordinary site tasks including adding videos, blogs, forums and suggestions. You can also earn points when people comment on your content.
2) MG DOLLARS (MG$): The MG Dollar is the new cash-based virtual currency you can use to buy premium virtual gifts. Gifts that you can interact with or gifts with mini 15-second animations are generally considered “premium” gifts. You purchase these with MG$ which you buy with real money or you earn by completing special offers or taking surveys.

How can you earn or buy MG Dollars? With the following ways:

- Special Offers & Surveys: You used to earn Member Points for taking surveys or participating in special offers, and now these earn you MG Dollars!!! Instead of paying cash for MG$ just select the 4th payment option to "Earn MG Dollars" so you can purchase some of the cooler more interactive gifts
- Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express
- PayPal
- Mobile phone: You can use your cell phone to buy MG$ through a service called Zong. The charge will appear on your mobile phone bill

Your payment information is sent securely. The billing and payment is all handled via Viximo (our partner in Virtual Gifts). If you have any issues with billing, please send your inquiries to
You can easily find the gifts that are available for purchase using good ol' Member Points by going directly to the "Member Point Gifts" shopping aisle, but don't forget that you can earn the cash-based MG$ by completing special offers. The same way you used to earn MPs. The green price is in MG$ and the blue price is in MPs.
What are you waiting for? Find that special someone you want to send a virtual gift to today!