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Help Wanted


Part Time Brand Management Intern


This part time position entails working with a variety of marketing personnel in various capacities. The Intern will be directly responsible for a variety of online marketing duties including assisting with brand development and management for

The Brand Management Intern will be expected to:

- Raise overall brand awareness and traffic levels
- Develop unique experiences for our members
- Track Email Marketing campaigns
- Write copy for retention and acquisition campaigns.
- Provide member services support for various marketing campaigns and member issues


The Brand management Intern will work the site manager to increase traffic, membership, awareness and member engagement.

In this position you will be a member of the Online Marketing Department. You will be given an opportunity to work on many projects including:

o The ability to gain insight into building lasting customer relationships - Why do customers stay/leave a brand? What can you do to retain them?
o Defining, communicating, and marketing the web site's brand.


Strong understanding of the internet and social networking sites
Sharp attention to detail
Strong quantitative, analytical and problem solving skills
Ability to work in a team, in a fast paced environment and within tight deadlines
Excellent communication and presentation skills
Proficiency in MS Office, Outlook and multiple Web browsers

Desired but not required:

* Cultural understanding and an interest in Latino communities.

Although this positions is for you will be required to occasionally support our other sites including,, and

Community Connect is fast-paced environment. The position may sometimes be challenging but it will enable the right candidate to gain cutting-edge online marketing experience. After your Internship is done, you will be able to add this valuable experience on your resume.

If interested please send your resume to Michael Conery.
This position is based in New York. We will not pay relocation fees.

Old Chat is Back!


Once again, the members have spoken!

Your feedback told us you did not like the new version of chat and that you preferred the old version. So back by popular demand ..old chat is back!

Thank you for being loyal members of the site. Enjoy chatting!

Please keep your feedback coming. We are always looking for ways to improve the site!

Old Chat is Coming Back!


The members have spoken and we heard you loud and clear! The old chat is coming back.

When we implemented the new chat we received complaints from you about speed, performance, and missing features like private messaging member photos in the chat room.

Over the last week our technology team worked around the clock to fix the new chat so that it worked the way you wanted it to work. We set a deadline for ourselves and said if we cant fix it in a week we will bring back the old chat tool. The deadline has passed and we have not been able to implement the changes necessary to make this new chat work so the old chat will be back soon.

It may take a few days to reverse the changes so we appreciate your patience while we do this. We will post another message when the old chat is back and ready for you to use.

Please keep your feedback coming. We are always looking for ways to improve the site and most of the time we get it right. However, sometimes, like now, we get it really wrong and we appreciate you letting us know. You do a good job of keeping us on our toes and making sure we are giving you a community you want to be a part of.

Thank you for being loyal members and for giving us the opportunity to fix this problem.

New Site Changes!


Happy New Year to all of our members!

We hope the New Year brings you happiness, health and prosperity! Our resolution in 2008 is to listen to our members and implement as many as your suggestions as we can.

We are happy to start the New Year off with more site enhancements.

Privacy Settings

We redesigned the Privacy Settings in the My Account area and the Personal Page area. It is easier for you to block notes from members based on age, gender and sexual orientation.

And back by popular demand we are reintroducing the "Show Me as online" option. Many members hated the fact that we removed this. We heard you loud and clear! This option is listed in the Privacy Controls section of the Email/Alerts tab.

You can now secretly admire from Rate Me

Now when you are in the Rate Me section you can play the Secret Admirer game! See a member who is hot? Why not secretly admirer them? Look to the right of the thermometer and click on the Secret Admirer link. Have fun!

Unsubscribe From Email Alerts

We cleaned up this area and sorted the alerts by category making it easy for you to tell us what email alerts you want to receive. Click on My Account and then click on the Email/Alerts tab to update your email alert options.

Job Alerts

We added a job alert to help you get the job of your dreams! Once a week we will send you an email informing you of all the great jobs that are posted on our site. If you do not want to receive this you can opt out in the Email/Alerts section located in the My Account section of the site.

News Archive Notification

We added a sentence to let you know that news stories only stay on the main news page for 2 days. This is how it always has been but some members thought we were censoring stories and removing them because of the content. This is not true. We want to keep our content fresh and up to date so we rotate stories frequently.


There has been a lot of member confusion (and complaints) regarding IM. You told us it doesn't work, or you complained the person you are IM'ing never receives the IM.

Most often when an IM is sent and not responded to it is because the member is not at their computer to reply to the IM.

We are excited to let you know that if you send an IM to someone and they do not reply to it in a certain amount of time we will automatically convert the IM into a note and deliver it to the member's inbox! This way the member will know you tried to communicate with them!

2 Truths and a Lie Widget

Many members have asked for more fun ways to meet other people. We added a new feature called "2 Truths and a Lie." This is a new widget that can be added to your personal page. You tell us 2 truths about yourself and 1 lie. Members who visit your page can guess the lie. After guessing the member can then send you a note to talk about your truths and your lie!

To add this to your page, click Edit next to My Page, click Edit content, scroll down to the 2 truths and a lie widget. Follow the instructions and the game will be added to your personal page. So go ahead and have fun with this and let your creative mind take over!

Introducing a New Chat Tool

Check it out. We introduced a new and much more reliable chat application. This new tool has really cool features that allow you to see a mini- profile of anyone in the room. When you click on a member name you will see their picture, age, gender and location. You can also click on the Invite Friend link that automatically sends out a friends invite.

The new chat tool also allows you to easily make a member generated room. Simply click on the New Room link at the top left side of the chat room.

And okay, okay, we know that some of you think it looks too much like MySpace and that we are copying them. Rest assured, we don't want to be MySpace. We are happy being who we are because we have the best members in the world! (Smile.)

The chat tool you see now is in its original, generic form and is not customized to our site yet. Our old chat system kept crashing and kicking people out so we wanted to give you a new and more reliable application as soon as possible which is why it looks "out of the box." We have plans to customize it so it will look more like a MiGente chat tool. Stay tuned!

As always we are excited about the enhancements to the site. Please keep your suggestions and your feedback coming!

We are here and we are listening!