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Site Changes


It's that time again! More site changes to improve your online experience!


We added a new Blog section to feature the most popular blogs and the newest blogs. Visit this section to see what the community is buzzing about. When you find a blog you like you can add it to your Reading List. Your Reading List, located on the blog home page, gives you easy and quick access to the blogs you want to read.

Want your blog to appear on the Blogs page? You can make your blog popular by inviting your friends to become readers.

Blocking Notes also now applies to friends invites

Do you have privacy settings telling us who you want to block notes from? Good news! The same privacy settings are now applied to Friend Invites. For example, if you block notes from anyone older than 40, now you will no longer receive Friend Invites.

To check or change your privacy settings go to My Account, Privacy Settings, and select options within the Notes and Friend Invite Control center.

Member Points & Gifts

Our suggestion box was full of suggestions asking for a way to send more gifts. Now you can spend Member Points to send other members gifts. We've also added new ways to earn points to make gift giving easier than ever! Check it out, you can earn points for uploading and getting comments posted to videos, blogs, forums and suggestions.

We've also added more gifts to our Gift Store. In addition to existing gifts, now you can send new gifts including diamond rings, roses and even a lucky rabbit's foot!

Sexual Orientation - added to member find

Another suggestion you asked for was the ability to search in member find by sexual orientation. Now when you go to member find you will see this option.


We have added a new fun section called quizzes. Want to see what your sexiest quality is? Click on the quizzes link and find out! Your results will display on your personal page for other members to see. Don't worry, if you don't want these results to display you can remove the widget!

We hope you are as excited about these changes as we are. As always keep your suggestions coming. We are listening!

Video Problems


We are experiencing problems with video. Our tech team is working on it and we hope to have it fixed as soon as possible.