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New Site Changes!


Its that time again! We are pleased to share with you a long list of enhancements we made to the site.


These changes were made based on feedback you gave us about what you like and what you want us to change. Apologies in advance for this long post but we want to make sure you are aware of all the cool features we added!

Page Log & 1 click notes

Based on your feedback we added some new features to the 1-click note feature:

Hate receiving them? Now you can opt out of 1 click notes! Here's how:

  • Click on My Account
  • Click on the Privacy Center tab
  • Scroll Down, towards the bottom you will see "Opt out of 1-click notes"
  • Selecting Yes will remove this feature and members will not see the option to send you a 1-click note

Love 1-click notes and want to send a 1-click reply? Now you can!

When you get a 1 click notes you can respond with a 1 click reply. Check it out - we gave you some fun options to use in response to receiving a 1-click note.

As always you can reply with a real note if you want to get to know the person who sent the 1 click note to you!

We also made an enhancement to Page Log. You can now view all your visits or you can choose to sort by visits to your personal page, your dating profile or your Professional profile. This will make it easier for you to see who is checking you out!

Remove Friend from Friend Center

Do you have a friend who is so busy on the site that their activity is always appearing on your Friend Center?

If this annoys you we have a solution! Now you can click on the My Friends link and remove this person from your Friend Center. If you do this you will no longer see any of their activity. This person will remain on your Friends list and you will still have all the privileges that being friends offers such as viewing bulletin posts and Friends Only pictures. And if you change your mind its just as easy to add them back to your Friend Center.

Member Dock

Many members have complained that they don't like the member dock following them around from page to page. Based on your feedback we made a few adjustments. Now when you are on your Personal Page you will not see the member dock. In addition, you can minimize it and you will no longer see the large box to the right of your page.


Many members have complained that they see other members on line but when they send an IM the member does not reply. Often this is because the member maybe logged into the site but they may not be sitting in front of their computer.

We made it easier for you to connect with others by giving you a new option to make yourself available for IM. To change this setting you can go to My Account, privacy settings and look for "Allow others to IM me."

Secret Admirer Game

Many members have told us that they want fun and new ways to interact with and meet other members of the site. Although we think Member Find is an awesome way to find members we agree that we could add a little fun to the site. So we decided to create a new and innovative tool for you to use and it's called Secret Admirer!

Here's how it works:
Step 1 - Find someone you want to secretly admire.

Step 2 - Click 'Secretly Admire' on their page. This link is located in the Contact Me widget on the personal page.

Step 3 - We'll let them know someone is Secretly Admiring them and give them five chances to find you! Whether they find you or not, at the end of the game we encourage them to send notes to all the members in the game.

To make it fun- if you guess wrong, the person you picked will get an email stating that they have a secret admirer. They will have five choices to pick you! And the fun will continue!

So why not start playing the fastest growing game on MiGente? (Okay- we know it might be the only game on the site right now but it's still fun to play .)

A few things to note about the game:

You can only Secretly Admirer a member once.

Singles are opted in to play the game but you can opt out if you don't want to play.

To opt out:

Click on the Secret Admirer link at the top of the site.
When you are on the Secret Admirer home page you will see your photo on the left with a button underneath it to opt out of the game.

We hope you enjoy these changes and we encourage you to keep your suggestions coming!

Please reply to this post to let us know what you thinkabout these changes! And as always, we encourage you to use the Suggestion Box to tell us what new features you want.

Thanks again for being members of the greatest online community in the world!

Photos May Upload Slowly After Midnight



Site Maintenance Alert!

Our systems department will be conducting site maintenance tonight at midnight to improve the speed of the site. As a result you may notice that it is taking forever for photos to upload. This is what we kindly call "short term pain for long term gain."

At midnight the amount of time it takes for a photo to upload will be longer than normal but the speed will improve throughout the day.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you! Thanks for your patience.