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My words will most likely fall on deaf ears... words waiting to be heard or read. Here I lie today just like yesterday and the day before, with my thoughts drifting away, and where are they going? they are searching for something that everyday seems farther and harder to reach, they are trying to find a glimmer of hope, they look everywhere, anywhere and they find nothing...nothing at all, and it's hard because for some reason we are taught "not to lose hope" "la esperanza es lo ultimo que se pierde" and some of us hang onto that tight not knowing when to let go.
And my thoughts keep on drifting be it day or night, it could be 4 pm or 4 am, my heart and my mind simply cannot tell the difference. I find myself with my eyes open just thinking, remembering, it happened today just like it happened yesterday and the day before, trying to find hope where there is none and not knowing when to let go.
I see my phone, and it is funny because I keep it off and yet I look at it hoping that it would ring, waiting for a ghostly phone call that I know will not come, a text message that my mind tricks me into thinking that might have gotten lost on the way to my phone. I hope that this message will not get lost in time and space or that it will not fall in deaf ears... this message is waiting to be heard or read, I know that this message will most likely not get to the person it is intended to, but I hope that those that read it find some type of meaning in it, meanwhile I'll keep trying to find hope where there is none and maybe in the end I'll know when to let go.

Ignorance is Bliss


A can of red bull... two dollars, a bottle of hennesy...45 dollars, being stupid beyond all believe like this dumb-%#&@$! girl I meet ...%#&@$!ing priceless, ok it goes like this, I was talking to this "person" and one day she heard my son in the background and asked who that was , well I told her it was my son... she was like " u never told me u didnt have no kids" what!!!!? girl please! if you know me you know i would never deny my boy, so I told her to %#&@$! off, no booty has that worth, well I guess that happened because some girls just can't keep track of how many mouths they stick their tongues in.

The Voice In My Room


Well here I go again ladies, this afternoon I was shaving, after that started to pick up in my room, I turned to my right and there he was staring right at me and looking deep into my eyes, I took a step forward to where he was standing, I asked him why he had that look? it was a very confused look sorta like the "puppy look" oh my god! "what happened to you buddy?" I imagine but I just wanted him to talk, to get whatever was troubling his mind out, "na' mano" he replied. "common, you know you can tell me anything, I have been there for you, get it out" I said. He started talking to me as he looked up, but I already knew what was happening to him because a few night back I heard some noises coming out of his room so I went to see what was going on, of course he was laying on bed looking at the ceiling... at 2 AM! Dude!!! estava desvelado... y la razon de su desvelo tenia nombre y apellido, pues escuche lentamente cuando susurro su nombre... when a person whispers your name, something is brewing. Well "tell me something" I asked, "why is this lady steals your sleep way?" I mean I have told Him about this already!! "ten cuidado mano estoy harto de decirtelo pero no me haces caso loko" always the same thing with this fool!! the mother %#&@$!er don't know how to pick nice girls. I had to cheer him up that's what friends do so I told him "look nigga you are not that ugly (lol) you kinda funny when you want to be, but above all you are a good kid," he looked at me again " you know you are" He opened his lips and said "NAIVE,you forgot to say I'm naive" umm he was right, naive beyond believe... I mean I know nobody understands this jackass better than me. Anda por las nubes y desvelandose. "do I know who she is?" He said "yes" y le hice una ultima pregunta... "vale la pena? esta chica lo vale? las noches sin dormir? tus llamadas y los pensamientos que le das dia y noche? Espere su respuesta y solo me dio su mirada perdida... lo mire a los ojos, me miro a los mios, ambas miradas se convirtieron en una sola, me aparte del espejo sentandome en el piso trate de contestarme las preguntas que me acabava de hacer.



When I went to college there was a woman, her name was Ines, she must have been in her late 50s no lie I don't know what motivated her to go back to school but she did and she finished. So why aren't there more people trying to do the same, well ladies:)unfortunately the reason some of you don't is because of your "suga daddy" well this jackass pays for everything you want why should you even get out of bed? but for real times are getting %#&@$!ing hard and time flies, remember last year when you won "MISS CHIKEN-HEAD OF THE YEAR" in school? well that %#&@$! ain't gonna do jack for you mamita,also if you are counting on your beauty then you have another thing coming, trust me once them 34 double Ds hit the floor, the cold truth will hit you like a bucket of cold water, "why didn't I do something when I had the opportunity" ? you ask but it's never too late dumb-%#&@$!, also you are in deep %#&@$! if you fill up an application, and under SKILLS you put "sucking dick" think about that for a minute.

Legendary Night


Well I'm writing this letter just for you, I hope that you aren't surprise, it's not like its the first time, I've written you before, I wanted to thank you for last night, I mean I haven't seen you in a while and you surprised me last night a tears ran down my cheeks and you called me a cry baby , I was just so happy to see you, I was already asleep but I didn't care, too bad you had to leave so soon... again. It seems you are good at that, the first time you left I wasn't mad. Well you just missed Junior(Ledwyto)His mother took him already, He is big now, quite a handsome guy, He is the reason I didn't go, and I'm sorry, but I know you understand that. I'm glad I got to feel your touch at least, since you left so soon last night. There is a game my son plays I'm sure you'd like it , it's a Mario game. I owe you a few trips to the beach. I'm sorry I didn't go... to you when I had the chance, I should have but I didn't, I'm not angry:) that thing on your head looks funny do you have to wear that buddy? I could see you've gotten bigger, and your hair... it got lighter , looks nice, my hair has gotten redder you still have those eyes... beautiful green eyes... lady killer. But why did you leave last night? It was a night I'll never forget,  you left I feel asleep... You are right I am a cry baby, because this morning I woke up to go to work and sat on my bed and tears started flowing down again, because last night was a dream, come back and meet me in my dreams because if you don't I'll have to look at your picture to see your blinding smile, to feel as if you are here. I'm not mad because you left me, I am sad because I wasn't there to help you when you left, my little brother.(R.I.P) (LD)



   Ok I'll start this one by saying I'm not pretending to be a poet or anything like that, I only use my head a little better than the dumb-asses you ladies meet here, what can you expect from a dude that hits you up saying "damn ma you hella fyne holla"?

     Well, I got a very good question for you ladies, I want to be enlightened on this subject, since my answer to this question might be different than yours. I want to know what is when you meet someone and you can't get this person o your mind? when you think about her throughout the day, daydreaming, when you can't wait to hear her voice, or just look at her face? when you feel what people refer to as "butterflies on your stomach" ? I'm curious to know why it's hard to fall asleep at night because all you do is think about her, can't want to see her, hear her touch her , kiss! is your answer to this love? my answer to this complicated question is the beginning of heartbreak...why? well simple, just think about the person you "love" the most and fast forward it to the end, how did you feel? that's what I thought.


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