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Let me sit here and see what I can come up with

Share the thoughts that haunt me day and night

share those emotions these feeling

I can no longer hide

I swear these feelings are pure

Just the simplist thought of you

cause me to wonder thru what if's

Of what life could be with you

You model for me, in my thoughts

smile and as you caress yourself

You motion with desire and lose control

At the same time I begin to sweat

uncotrollable urges..

you know you have full control of me now

It drives me crazy when you control the room...

When all eyes are on you..

knowing your coming home with me

you dominate my jealousy, when you reasure me

that baby you belong to me...

The way you move, the way you dance...

I am going to give you the world mamita

because you bring me joy, and take away the pain

this is my freestyle... the thoughts as they come thru

I want to give you the world and everything in it...

listen to the words of the songs..

the songs on my page..

different sounds all with one message

The world is your for the taking...

cause like migente says,

you attract the attention you deserve..

your my sweet love and that is better than anything above

I am not even going to proof read this, cause i know i wont post it... just had to release relate and relax... this is the first of many more to come... the time has come to openthe lid off my pen and begin to write again... stay tuned for more lyrical thoughts from your Latinoview...