Ruben Resto RIP


Rest in Peace to my Best Friend, Brother, Partner in Crime...RUBEN
RESTO who left us at 326am May 7th 2008. You will be forever missed
by all of your friends and family that love you with all of our
hearts...I will forever mourn you my just don't know
how much I miss you already and it's only been a day...we were
supposed to have kids at the same time so they would have someone
to play with...I can't believe I was at the florist picking out
your bouquet today...I know you would have been laughing cuz I
don't know %#&@$! about flowers and you were Lil Mr Green Thumb,
haha... It's hard getting through the day without trying to call
you on the cell...I had to call it a few times today just to hear
your voice...for some reason I keep expecting you call me back and
hit me with the WADDDDDDDUP!!!! you always gave me...I had my last
day of school last night bro...I know you were proud of me...I
stuck with it and thanks for letting me use your house to study all
those times... I have so much to say to you and it sucks that I
can't tell heart is in a million pieces right now bro, I
don't know which way is up anymore...I feel like a piece of me died
in that hospital that night when the Dr's came out and gave us
their "Sorry, we did all we could" speech...I know you would have
been like FUCK THAT!!!! But you fought your little heart out and I
know you did your best to stay, but I guess GOD needed a right hand
man up there and figured you to be the best candidate...only thing
is he took MY LIL DUDE...but I'll forever have you close to me bro
in my heart and I'll talk to you in my dreams man...I know you're
trying to take over up there...being the TV Remote Nazi, %#&@$!ing
about the HD channels, haha...DAMN Man!!! I miss you so much...I'm
gonna make sure the Fish are ok and Pops Got D.O.G with him and
Moni, so you know his %#&@$! is gonna get FAT, LOL. We miss you like
crazy's never gonna be the same without
you...FUCKENRUBEN... I LOVE YOU ALWAYS.... Brother from another
mother... Tato

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