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Hello World!


So I forgot that I even had a blog on this site. But I was going through my email inbox and noticed I had a couple of messages from people. Guess they like my blog. I was reading through my blog on here and realized I've really changed. Gawd was I emo! lol I don't care much for love now. I got too much going on with school and work since moving away from Hawaii and back in Chicago. Ain't nobody got time for dat! lol I blog on other sites so if you want send me a message.

I Think I'm Falling in LIKE All Over Again....


So I think it's happening again. You know the whole feeling you get when you like someone. I haven't felt this way since high school, mostly because I've chosen too. I haven't gone out looking for "love" because I like to have a realistic approach towards this thing they call "love." I hate it when people throw that word around like "omg" and "lol." So instead of saying I'm in "love" I tell myself I'm in "like."

But seriously, I can't stop thinking about her. It's annoying. And you know the worst part....I think I like it.

Those annoying romantic songs on the radio are starting to make sense.

I get a text and I hope it's from her.

I don't mind staying up late at night talking to her. (I might need to get more minutes on my cell phone contract.)

We can be talking on the phone and I won't even be paying attention to her sometimes. I just like to hear the sound of her voice.

I just feel happier just in general because of her.

But I'll be honest. I don't want to ask her out, even though I really, really like her. I know it sounds stupid, but it's for two reasons. One-I don't know if she feels the same way about me as I do about her. I think she does but I don't like getting my hopes up. Two-It's the distance. You know what they say, "Amor de lejos es para pendejos." I'm all the way out here and she's over there. I'm not going to be able to go back home for a while and when I do it's only going to be for a week or two at a time. But idk....maybe I'm just stupid.

(I feel so stupid writing stuff like this, but again, it's because of her.)

El amor es lo mas raro que ha podido existir.


Don't you just hate it when people say they "love" someone and then the next week they're broken up with that person.

Or when kids in middle school are like, "I want a serious relationship." Bitch you can't even drive yet and you can probably still order off the kids menu!

I don't know if I wanna fall in love. I think I'd rather fall in money.

I was at the store and I saw all the Valentine's Day stuff. I got to thinking, "Hmm. Wouldn't it be nice to have a girlfriend to give flowers and stuff to?" But why just on holidays. I'd give her flowers just because. I'd probably just plant her a rose garden myself so she can have flowers all year long. That way they won't die in a vase....or I could just buy some plastic roses.

I think I'll put that on my to do list. Find a girlfriend. I need a good pick up line maybe...Ey girl, if you were a Pokemon I'd choose you!



I Still Love Her Though!


So I guess she had to finally give in to the idea that "sex sells." I've had the biggest crush on Shakira since she was all about pies descalzos lol. I used to like Shakira not just because she is (in my opinion) the hottest woman in the world, but because she also had talent. She wrote her own songs, could sing, and dance and was also involved with all these social issues. She didn't act all sleezy like all these other pop stars like Britney Spears and all of them. I mean she did kinda sell out once she dyed her hair blonde and crossed over...  But after seeing her newest video, "Loba" she surprised me. She looked like a total skank I'm not gonna lie. And I'm also not gonna lie-she looked damn good doing it lol. But what I'm trying to say is that she didn't have to do all that to sell records or to make a come back. Little girls who look up to her are going to get the wrong message and stuff. But I'm not mad at her, just a little disappointed. I'd still leave my wife for her...if I were married lol.

Why Can't We Be Friends?


So I was out with my friend the other night. I chose to spend the night with her instead of my male friends and I guess that's supposed to automatically mean that I slept with her. The next day my friends kept asking me "Did you %#&@$! her?" or "Did she put out?" Can't a guy just hang out with a girl without it ending up in sex. I've been told that a man and a woman can't be "just friends" without having sex sometime in their friendship or having one fall in love with the other. I guess I'm the exception then. I'm not even attracted to her in that way, but I don't know about how she feels about me though....But anyway, I wasn't trying to get all up in her pants so not all guys are dogs ok ladies. People think I'm weird because I'm not trying to get laid all the time I think. When people ask me what I did during the weekend and I say I went to the beach they ask if I %#&@$!ed a girl and when I say no they act all disappointed.  I think they expect me to say I went to a club and took some random chick home and had sex with her. I'm not even old enough to get into most clubs or bars so what would I be doing there in the first place. But anyway, I need to get a life.

Nice Guys Finish Last Sooooo.....


So anyway, I was at the club the other day and I noticed something. They might not admit it but girls like %#&@$! holes. So I decided to try this out.

I went up to this one chick and was like, "Ey %#&@$!. Come 'ere!" "Excuse me? What did u call me?" She said trying to sound all surprised and %#&@$!.
"Did I studder hoe? I said come here and shake dat %#&@$! %#&@$!!" I told her as I pointed in front of me.
"Oh ok!" She said smiling and she came to me.
"What yo name is gurl?" I asked as she danced all over me.
"Stacy," she said.
"I don't like it. From now on your name is going to be Guadalupe." I told her.
"I don't really like it," she said.
She asked me what my name was and I told her it was M-Money. She said it was a weird name. I told her to shut the hell up.
When the song was over she tried to walk away and I was all like, "Bitch where da hell u think u goin'?"
"I'm going to the ladies' room," she said.
"Bitch u ain't no lady. You a damn ho. Now go and buy me a drank. Get me da most expensive thing they have there," I told her.
"Uh, ok." She said and she went off to the bar.
"Took you long enough," I said when she returned with my drank. It was some kind of champagne %#&@$! they sell in those fancy stores. She poured me a glass and I drank a little bit. I then spit it all out on her dress.
"Bitch what da hell is this %#&@$!?" I yelled at her.
"It's Crystal baby," she said trying to sound all friendly and %#&@$!.
"Bitch what u think I am? 21? I ain't trying to pay for no cab! I want some Pepsi-with a cherry in it! And with one of those little sword things in it. Take this %#&@$! back." I said as I threw the glass at her.
"I'm sorry babe," she said. "I'll be right back," she said as she left with the bottle of liquid %#&@$!.
She came back with a glass of ice and a bottle of Pepsi. I took the glass from her and threw the ice at her.
"Bitch did I ask for ice?!" I yelled at her.
"I'm sorry babe, I just thought that-" she said before I cut her off.
"You thought nothing cuz u don't think," I told her. "You know what I'm leaving this place. Thanks for ruining my night! You better call me tomorrow ho!"
"Alright then baby," she said.
"Oh I almost forgot," I told her as I went back to her.
"A good night kiss," she said as she closed her eyes and leaned foward.
"Hell naw ho. I need you to give me 30 bucks. I gotta go see this one %#&@$! who lives accross town and I need gas money."
"Oh ok," She said as she handed me the money. "Call me tomorrow?"
"Bitch u crazy," I said as I walked away with my money and my drank.

Note: In case ur not good with sarcasm, this never happened...

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