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Dear Santa


Dear Santa,

I don't want anything for Christmas this year. Besides I know that you don't exist, even though I pretended to believe in you for 3 years after my sister told me the truth about you.  (I just wanted more presents from my parents! he he he....) But anyway, I just want one thing for Christmas and your elves don't even have to bother making it! I want you to give Christmas back to Jesus Christ. It's not an option! Refuse and there will be serious consequences....Don't be surprised if Rudolph gets rabies and Dasher breaks all its legs. But anyway, Happy Holidays!


Me :-)

P.S. The same goes for Frosty the

Snowman and everyone else in your

little gang!

That Ugly Guy with the Hot Girlfriend Gives Me Hope


So I was at the mall the other day and I noticed something. I see pretty girls with their boyfriends/husbands and I wonder "how did THAT guy end up with a girl like that?" There are some girls that are 10's with guys that are just out of their league. In my opinion there are a few reasons why this would happen. 1. The guy is rich. 2. The guy is great in bed. 3. They might, (if it even exists in the real world), be in love. So I think that these "average Joes" give hope to the rest of us. I'm not rich and I'm no sex expert so that means that in order for me to get a girl like that I would have to have her actually like me. But I don't even think I want a fine girl like that. Beautiful girls are intimidating, for me at least. I'd rather go for the nerdy type. There's something about a girl who can recite the first 50 digits of pi by memory and balance chemical equations that I find attractive.

I Got It from My Momma....and Barney


So the other day one of the guys noticed that I could speak Spanish and asked if it was hard learning a second language. I didn't know what he meant because I've been speaking Spanish for as long as I can remember. He asked me what my first language was and I didn't know whether it was English or Spanish. He wanted to know what language I learned first and I couldn't tell which one. My parents came from Mexico speaking only Spanish so it makes sense that I grew up speakig Spanish and being born in the United States makes sense that I speak English. My parents have always spoken Spanish to me since I was born so I guess I learned it from them but as for reading and writing it, that's where I can't explain it. I was never put in bilingual classes or made to read and write Spanish but I know how to do it. Neither my parents nor anyone else ever sat me down and taught me how to read/write in Spanish but somehow it just came naturally to me. It's not just me, but also my siblings and some of my cousins. I was just curious-Does this happen to most bilingual people?
Now as for learning English, I guess I can say I learned it from Barney, or Sesame Street, or any kids show. Why couldn't have Dora the Explorer existed back then? It would have made things so much easier....I was just wondering-Is Dora Mexican or Puerto Rican?

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