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I Wanna Be In Love...or Something Like It


So I've been thinking...or rather feeling...or wanting to feel

What I hear people call love

I see couples holding hands and laughing together,

Whispering into each other's ears,

In each other's arms,

Must be nice

I want someone to make me smile when I see them

To call me stupid pet names

To call me just to see if I'm ok

To call baby, babe, or something lame like that

To get mad at me for not texting back

To get mad at me for looking at another girl

To get mad at me and then make up the next minute

I want to know that someone cares about me

As more than just a friend

I want her to like me for what I am

Not what I try to be

I'm not the strongest guy,

I'm not the richest man,

I'm not the most talkative,

But I'll do what I can

I just want a girl who I know for sure loves me

I'd treat her good,

Call her when I say I will,

Never lie to her,

Unless she can't cook because I like food

But we could just always order take out

Or I could learn how to cook...or just buy a lot of Easy Mac

Which is really good I must say

Just like those noodles that come in a cup that you put in the microwave

They're cheap too

Oh, I digress, where was I?

Oh yeah, I want a good girl,

One that will still be there if I were to leave and I promised I'd return

There has to be trust

I want to be her prince charming,

Her knight in shining armor,

But chivarly is dead,

And nice guys finish last,

I want a girl who respects herself,

Who I could introduce to my parents,

I don't want no ho!

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