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Great News for the New Year!


So, in 2010 I did a lot of complaining. I vented about boys, about my parents, about school about friends and most of all about the media. So my great news is... 2011 will be less about complaining and more about taking action.

No more gossip or hearsay or slant or spin. Just real news reporting. i'm very excited about it and I am currently looking for contributors. ( cause i'm only one girl) It's not something you will be getting paid for.. it'll just be your contribution to making the world a better place.. and i will love you forever ( which i personally think is a gift all its own) 


How do I become a contributor?

So simple! 

 just send me an email to newswithoutthespin@gmail.com with your name, location and an unbiased news story ( no opinions just reporting) and send it to me. I will post it and you get writers credit for it. ( please be aware that I'll probably edit it for grammar and biased wording..)

I hope to open the blog up to regular contributors ( having passwords and access to editing and such.) but as of right now i think this is the best way. 

I'm sooooooo EXCITED! I launch the site tonight at 01/01/11 

Happy New Year and i look forward to hearing from you guys.

Hispanics are Rats? :Curry Todd's Comments


Check out the whole post on my wordpress blog.


VOTE!!!!!! Because it's sexy


 I have no clue how many of you are going to see this before polls close in your respective areas.. and i should have posted this Yesterday ( shame on me!) BUT please get out and go vote.  doesn't matter who you vote for ( although I URGE YOU TO VOTE DEMOCRAT) It's your duty as a citizen to go do that.





 Yeah! i know... big word :-) but really this is me asking a favor :-)

check out my sex survey stephaniebenoit.wordpress.com/2010/11/01/sex-survey/ I just rather not get an F so.. answer plz. it's short and confidential :-)

The Myth of the Post Racial America


I'm not research expert on these kinds of topics, but following the Rick Sanchez firing and the Juan Williams firing I have to ask myself what is it that we believe this is. I often hear the phrase "post racial america" "Lets not be so hung up on race." "It doesn't matter what you look like." "if you ignore the differences they will go away." Looking back over history and in countries in our very own hemisphere that claim to be past the notion of race proves that these ideas are quite nonsensical. There are places in the world that do not have this conversation and the irrational hatred and fear is still there.


I keep listening to the Rick Sanchez interview with Pete Dominick over and over and over again trying to find something wrong with what he was saying. I listened to try to see where he implied that Jews run the media and on its face I could not find anything. I listened to the whole of the Juan Williams comments and I do not see anything wrong with what he expressed. It does amaze me however that Bill O' and Glen Beck and Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity say bigoted things against all types of people all the time and yet they are all still employed. We could question the integrity of their employer ( which i do on daily basis ) or we can ask ourselves why its so easy for us to punish minorities for things that everyone else does.


An australian friend of mine says that I am way too hung up on race and that us americans are racist and that's why race is always on our minds. I now agree with him. At the time I said that we were having discussion to get past our shortcomings when in reality we are dancing around it. So this is me not doing the dance anymore. the following is a list of things I feel should be addressed and discussed so we can get past it.


Muslim americans are just as american as Christian Americans. Muslims did not kill anyone on 9/11 Terrorists did. PERIOD. Iraqis and Afghans are not killing our troops terrorists are.


Jewish Americans are the most well adjusted minority group in America. Although they are a minority in numbers ( i believe they are something like 5 million Jews in America) they exceed the nation median for household income, they live longer healthier lives, they are far more college educated and according to my sex and society teacher have WAY better sex than the rest of the population. To Mr. Sanchez's point, They are not, in general "minorities" (taking into consideration those that are outliers in the numbers) I wouldn't say that their lot in the US, as of late, has not been very hard. 


All Hispanic/Latin Americans are not illegal immigrants. My ability to speak another language does not exclude me from being able to participate in the national discussion. It amazes me how as a nation of immigrants we treat people badly. This so called "illegal" immigration problem was created by American industries for cheap labor. and not we have this whole "English is our official language" campaign. I read a lot of comments concerning us needing to require people to speak the language before they can be naturalized and never take into consideration just how hard english is to learn. ( probably one of the dumbest languages on the planet in my humble opinion) I like sitting in my portuguese class and listening to my classmates butcher the language and turn around and complain about people just needing to learn English.


Black Americans are not in better place than they were 40 years ago. The civil rights movement was not the fix all for race discrimination. President Obama's Election was not the Mederma that american society was looking for to heal us from the ugly mark of racism. WE ARE NOT by any means POST RACIAL or COLORBLIND. I think we have just gotten really good at fooling ourselves.


I was watching What the Week with Pete Dominick this weekend and he had an expert come on to say something that i've known for years. but sometimes a degree and experience make people believe it better. So here goes. Dont remember the guys name ( but that's what editing is for yes?) He said that it is important to look inward and adress our own fears and prejudices so that we do not discriminate in turn being racist. How insightful! Until EVERY AMERICAN can look at themselves and say "I have a problem with such and such group" or "I'm scared of such and such group" We will always be the race sensitive racists that we are.


Anyway.. these are just my thoughts on the matter. Feel free to yell at me if you dont agree... I'm a masochist like that.

Rick Sanchez fired


Following this Rick Sanchez debacle I thought I'd point these things out.


i'm posting a few reference points as well as the whole 20 min segment.

This in not my opinion on what he said... I'll save that for another day... This is just so you all  can see how different places are framing the comments. I think its important to look at.

www.bvblackspin.com/2010/10/03 /cnn-fires-rick-sanchez-for-sp eaking-out-against-racism/

voices.washingtonpost.com/howa rd-kurtz/2010/10/a_look_at_ric k_sanchezs_self-d.html

news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_upshot/ 20101001/bs_yblog_upshot/cnn-f ires-host-rick-sanchez-over-co ntroverial-remarks

www.latimes.com/entertainment/ news/tv/la-et-cnn-sanchez-2010 1002,0,7072209.story

www.variety.com/article/VR1118 025065.html

oh and the most egregious of them all.


 I call the above article egregious because the writer pulled all of her information from other potentially biased News sources. How is this News?

This is the 20 min clip

voices.washingtonpost.com/blog -post/2010/10/rick_sanchez_cal ls_jon_stewart.html


 I think that accuracy of each article is based on your position. THe thing that bothers me is that there is no line here.. What are the facts and what is simply the writers opinion. For me to say that someone's comments are Anti-Semitic or Racist is to place my OPINION on to them. Certain concepts and words are chance in definition when applied from person to person.  The only fact that I feel i got was that Rick Sanchez said some irresponsible (reckelss) things and got fired for it. Again.. THIS is not my take on the things he said. That's not what this blog is about. When did journalism become more about my audiences lean then the truth?

I'm disgusted.

This is why it's hard to buy integrity and News in the same place. 


Being Self Aware


Not To toot my own horn.. but i think i have grown as a person in the past few years.  I look at the girl I used to be and the girl I am now and they are not the same person. total 180 ( i'd say 360 but that puts me back where i started)


So this is gonna get pervy... brace yourselves!!!!  As I have grown to be more conscious of who I am What i like has also changed. Well sort of. 

I still like the Alpha personalities. I dont like having to think for people and those personalities just work well with my public life.. but not so much with my bedroom life. IDK what to do with that.


I dont like guys who give it up too easily. Its not  worth the effort if i can get u in bed in the blink of an eye.


it says a lot about who u are. And i always warn people before they take it there.... its very likely that i wont talk to u again.  And the reason I think that way is because you cant have great sex with someone you dont know well. you dont know their ins and outs or what really satisfies them... u dont know where their spots are. 

r or wat turns them on... it isnt physical features that get me its personality quirks and occasionally position. Maybe I'm just inside out I dont know...  but i like a challenge. 



So, Today I was accused of plagiarism by a teacher I really like. and I'm totally not mad at him because I get he was doing his job but i did not do it!!!!! So here's what happened. I pulled a quote from an artice and didnt cite the source in watever format was expected BUT!!!! I structured the sentence to lead into the quote.


this is what the sentence looks like


They say that culture is ultimately defined in 3 ways: insert quote here


the sentence wasnt even ended with a period so he had to of known it was just a careless mistake. one that i made across the paper a few times. I think there was only one quote that was cited properly and the rest of them were all over the place. so regardless of how this goes i'm gonna get an F. either on the paper or in the class which is soooo unfair. there are kids that actually intentionally plagiarize and i'm that one that gets %#&@$! %#&@$!ed for it. NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry about the cursing.... kinda)


I've never been good with punctuation. i dont even really know how commas work. I say if the concepts are there then someone else can do the editing. and plagiarism is soooo sticky. its not either youdid or you didnt. its based only on how individuals feel. If i say George Washington was white is that common knowledge or do i have to cite that??? give credit to people for every word i say then why write???? U can put just about anything into your google and find those words together...... is that still plagiarism?? idk!


such a thin line because everyone needs credit for everything. watever... words are words. there are only so many ways you can put them together and its likely that someone has thought of those words or concepts before you have. you just copy righted it first.... the joys of capitalism... its even messing with my precious academia. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!


with that said... i like to write poetry and i would hate it if someone stole my whole poem and said it was theirs... but if i use a line that i liked or build a poem around a verse or a line of yours am i a plagiarist??? sigh..... makes the creative process harder.... with that said... I'm gonna go vomit now.... releave some of the pressure in my head before it explodes!!!!!!

Did you miss me?


Sorry, been super busy. and microblogging my outrage about this life.

so I have two things That i wanted to i guess vent about.

Firstly, Pakistan.. there's this major catastrophe and people are not even talking about it. several MILLION people were displaced many were hurt, many missing and no one gives a %#&@$!. why is that???  This is a legit question. i'm genuinely confused.  when Haiti happened, when Chile Happened it was as if we werent in recession. people were throwing money all over the place.  Not to say they didnt need help... i know they did but why arent we seeing the same outpouring of support for Pakistan? I donated what I could but I just want to encourage others to help in whatever ways that you can. 


Next of all... this is a personal vent... I know I shouldn't  mix the two but I shall...

I've definitely complained on Twitter but I dont know if i have on here. My mother's 37 year old  niece and her monstrous son have been living in our living room since the end of June last year.  they havent contributed not one thing to the house and yet they take and take and take. She isnt working and has not been looking for a job AT ALL!!!!! she just sits on her %#&@$!.. chugs sodas watches our cable ( that she doesnt pay for) and uses our internet ( which she doesnt pay for)  I've reached the end of my rope... My parents are like anti-confrontation so the complain to me but dont say a thing to her.

So my mom made goat on sunday ( yummy goat..... ) and i packed a bowl for one of my besties ( because I love her) and my mother's niece ate it... and then said that my dad ate it. and i just repeated it over and over because I knew she was lying.  I'm very angry with her and i'm gonna have a nice little chat with her when i get home. 

 but that's all.. i'll try not to stay away for too long. its an election year ;-)

Family Trees are fun!!!


 It's amazing just how small the world really is. :-)

      My ENTIRE fathers side was in town this past weekend :-) and I got a SUPER interesting lesson. As you may now by now... my father is Haitian. born and Raised in Port Au Prince.  and I was saying that I was afraid to date a Haitian or a Dominican because they will likely be related to me. So my grandmother ( mean old lady) said that I was an idiot and that if I was scared to date Haitians then I should be scared to date Cubans and French people as well. 

Then she proceeded to explain the family ( on my dad's side)

Her father was Dominican and her mother was Haitian. Her Dominican father was a player and had women all over the island. He was a man of means and easily traveled. He had a family in Miami and a family in Cuba. One of the women he was playing put voodoo on him and he died. ( yeah.. craziness) at his funeral they found out he has 35 children! 35! 5 in the states 10 in cuba and the rest spread across between Haiti and DR.  (AHHHH!!!)

So... my paternal grandfather was the product of a biracial marriage. his father was french and his mother was haitian.  my dad's paternal grandfather had children til his dying day.  I have a great aunt that is 35 (ewww!) 


so my fear of dating a cousin is no longer irrational... and I will have a DNA prior to sex w/ anyone. lol!


I'm gonna try to do it for my mother's side..... lol! but its gonna be hard..  my youngest uncle is 36. my abuela has 22 brothers and sisters... TWENTY TWO!!!!!! 

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