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Chicago's Black Mayoral Candidates should Follow Obama's Model


As the race to be Chicago’s next mayor continues, I think one thing is certain – the Black candidates and Community have done a disservice to each other. It is no secret that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. observed that racism in Chicago was far worse than anything he had seen in the South. The racial segregation of Chicago has been fodder for conversation every ten years. Yet, a skinny fellow with a funny name from the Hyde Park community has shown the racial wounds and divide of the past can be overcome.

Sadly, the retirement of Mayor Richard M. Daley has moved us back to the pre-Obama Chicago days. What happened? The idea of a “consensus candidate” to avert a repeat of the Eugene Sawyer and Tim Evans divide of the Black vote. Not long after, Black coalitions began to meet to decide who their consensus candidate would be – Clergymen, Businessmen, Activists, and anybody else that wanted to appear significant. The end result was that no consensus was formed.

The “top three” Black candidates told the other hopefuls to step aside for the good of the community. Some of those who called for the “ticket splitters” at the bottom to step aside later did so themselves. The so-called top three in an attempt to shore up the consensus designation have each made serious gaffes. Rev. James Meeks (now out of the race) opined that the term “Minority” should apply only to Blacks. Congressman Danny Davis threatened former president Bill Clinton to not come to Chicago in support of Rahm Emmanuel or lose his relationship with the Black community. And Sen. Carol Moseley Braun accused a Chicago Sun-Times writer of racism.

It is apparent that none of these three candidates recognize that we live in an Obamanized America. Despite his shellacking in November, the president remains the most admired man in America. Americans may not like his politics, but they like his ability to build coalitions across racial lines; and his commitment to racial reconciliation. Once the consensus conversation started, I predicted that no Black candidate would win.

Chicago has a long way to go in race relations, but it is not what it used to be. Politically, the Black community is stuck in the 1960s and 70s. We have not adapted to the new political landscape that no longer survives by getting out your race to win. Chicago has become so diverse that whoever becomes Mayor cannot and will not win the election with the White, Black or Latino vote alone. This process and these candidates have all but ruined that possibility, and it won’t be because of White or Latino racists. It will be because the Black community made race the primary issue in this election.

Isaac Hayes, spokesman for the Coalition of Black Republicans and former GOP nominee for U.S. House in IL second district. You can follow him at

The President should Follow Your Example


The topic of tax cuts is front and center after the historic sweep of the House of Representatives by the Republican Party. The President and Democrats argue that entrepreneurs and job creators who make more than $250,000 should pay higher taxes. Republicans question why the federal government would punish the very people who have the power to get the economy growing again.

During his post-midterm elections interview with 60 Minutes, President Obama said the Republicans must explain how they will “pay for” the estimated $700 billion in maintaining the current tax rate. It was at this moment that I turned to my wife and said, “You don’t pay for tax cuts because it’s not the government’s money to begin with.”

This is the fundamental deception in the tax cut debate that the poor see as some grand giveaway to “fat cats”. First, a tax cut is when the government takes less of your hard-earned money. Second, the government only has to pay for expenditures. If the government does not spend money, a payment is not warranted. Therefore, tax cuts do not have to be “paid for” because they are not expenditures.

Now from a budgetary perspective, the loss in government revenue as a result of the tax cuts has to be addressed. The decision for Republicans and Conservatives is quite simple – follow the example of American families. When families receive a reduction in revenue because of a layoff or reduced hours, they reduce their expenditures. Unfortunately, the federal government refuses to reduce its spending.

In the final analysis, the debate is not about tax cuts for middle-class families or Steve Jobs billionaires. This debate is about the refusal of the President and Democrat Party to cut federal spending. If you lose $700 in household income, you will cut household spending by that same $700. Since the President claims the treasury will lose $700 billion as a result of the tax cuts, he should reduce his spending by $700 billion. If you can do it, why can’t our federal government follow your example?

City News Poll Shows Hayes Tops Jackson with Voters



Isaac Hayes for United States Congress 2010:
            Honesty. Integrity.

From City News:


Republican Candidate for 2nd District Congress Isaac Hayes is gaining ground on his opponent Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and polls are showing that Jackson’s image as being connected to former indicted Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is hurting the son of the nation’s number one civil rights leader, Jesse Jackson Sr.

Hayes is viewed, according to recently conducted telephone and paper City News poll as the ‘honest one” while those polled had questions about the nature of Congressman Jackson’s role in the alleged attempts to sell and buy the U.S. Senate seat of former U.S. Senator Barack Obama.

Some polled believed Congressman Jackson’s reputation is in question as a result of tapes revealed during the Blagojevich criminal trial.

Those polled, 56% said they felt Congressman Jackson had failed to properly represent the voters of the 2
nd District and 78% of those polled checked a poll question that asked if they believed Congressman Jackson’s voting record reflected a disconnect with the majority of African American residents of the 2nd District.

Those polled also, by a margin of 2 to 1 indicated that they did not trust Congressman Jackson and by a majority those polled said they believed Congressman Jackson’s voting record was more in line with those of interests outside the 2
nd District.

Asked if they felt candidate Hayes would be more representative of the views and objectives of 2
nd District residents, poll respondents by a four to one majority said yes.

Asked if they felt Congressman Jackson had told the truth about his involvement in efforts to purchase the U.S. Senate Seat formerly held by President Barack Obams, 79% said they did not believe Congressman Jackson had been truthful.

By James H. Taylor Sr.

The Kankakee City News

Established July 2, 1972

Matteson Coffee Meet and Greet with Isaac Hayes


Matteson Coffee Meet and Greet with Isaac Hayes

Join Isaac for an after work coffee and pastries meet and greet at J N Michaels.

Monday, June 14, 2010

5000 West Lincoln Highway, Matteson, IL 60443

8:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m.

Register here: onationpages/ecard.asp?guidEve nt=5E5F5E5F


Richton Park Coffee Meet and Greet with Isaac Hayes


Richton Park Coffee Meet and Greet with Isaac Hayes

Join Isaac for an after work coffee and pastries meet and greet at the Richton Perk coffee house.

Wedensday, May 26, 2010

3812 Sauk Trail, Richton Park, IL 60471

5:30 pm until 6:30 pm

Register here: onationpages/eCard.asp?guidEve nt=565657



Isaac Hayes for United States Congress 2010: Honesty. Integrity.


April 8, 2010

CONTACT: Janet D. Restivo

(312) 504-4085



CHICAGO: The following statement was released today by Citizens for Isaac Hayes, campaign committee for Illinois 2nd Congressional District Republican nominee Isaac Hayes, after being kicked out of a private event by University Park Mayor Alvin McCowan.

On April 7, 2010, Republican nominee Isaac Hayes and staff attended a networking event at the University Golf Club in University Park, IL, at the invitation of the event sponsor, Ms. Jennifer Day of ‘Daylight Media’. Mr. Hayes agreed to sponsor a table at the event based upon the invitation which specifically included “Politicians & Elected Officials.” Additionally, Mr. Hayes’ name was listed with other political candidates slated to attend, though listing the wrong office sought: “Political Candidates – William Dock Walls, Running for Governor, Isaac Hayes, Running for Senator, Rainbow Push Executive Staff, South Suburban Mayors, Aides & Staff…”

After Hayes spent approximately one hour interacting with other attendees, the Village Manager David Sevier approached Hayes’ Campaign Coordinator, George Pearson. According to Pearson, the Village Manager communicated “he was concerned about our being present at this function.” Following this conversation, Mr. Sevier angrily walked away and began to frantically make phone calls to unknown persons. Moments later, Mayor Alvin McCowan approached Mr. Hayes and abruptly asked him to “leave the premises immediately!” After putting his hand in Mr. Hayes’ face, the Mayor fiercely walked away to find the event’s host, Ms. Day. Having been brought to tears by the Mayor for allowing a “Republican” to sponsor a table, Day began clearing the table of all campaign materials.

“I guess this Mayor doesn’t believe his community has a right to decide for themselves, considering Rainbow Push’s material was placed in full sight and not taken down”, said Pearson. “If Jesse Jackson Jr. had a sponsored table here tonight it would be business as usual”.

The campaign’s white staff members present believes the Mayor’s discrimination was targeted toward them. Hayes said he definitely saw an alarming display of hate. “The way my staff and I were treated by the mayor is reminiscent of the 1950’s, with a ‘No Republicans Allowed’ sign”, said Hayes.

Mr. Pearson added, “Once our materials were removed from our originally assigned central location, we were then asked to move to the back of the room.” They were replaced by a tobacco vendor. “It’s apparent the Democratic officials believe alcohol and tobacco are more important than freedom of choice and speech.”

Mr. Hayes pointed out that on March 27th he attended a gala sponsored by the League of Women Voters Park Forest Area at the same facility without incident. According to him, the difference between then and now is “a group of thugs who are operating in Chicago-Way bully politics. They may own the facility, but it belongs to the people.”

Hayes demands that Mayor McCowan “personally apologize to me and more importantly, my staff for the embarrassment and humiliation they experienced by having to remove all literature, take off campaign buttons and stop exchanging cards at a networking event, all as a room full of people looked on”.

Hayes also calls on Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. to “step up to the plate and repudiate this discrimination and intolerance of American citizens. Otherwise, I will take his silence as an endorsement of treatment his father fought to end more than forty years ago.”

For the actual event invite, please go to: vent.php?eid=102896879747919&a mp;ref=ts


Citizens for Isaac Hayes | P.O. Box 996 | Richton Park, IL 60471

p: 773.677.5454 | e:

Paid for by Citizens for Isaac Hayes.
P.O. Box 996, Richton Park, IL 60471 - (773) 677-5454

Copyright 2010 Citizens for Isaac Hayes

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