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Browser Redirect Fix - 4 Steps to Stop the Google Redirect Virus


Before we get started, you need to keep in mind that you may have built more links than Google! shows you. That's the nature of things with search engines like yahoo. Your links aren't picked up once they are created. Also, these will only become the links picked up by Yahoo!, Google and the other search engines probably possess a different number as well.

So let's get started on how to check ones backlinks with Yahoo!.

Primary, go to Yahoo. com and click inside the search bar. In the search bar you have to type in internet site: www. yourdomainname. com , replacing the sample domain name with your own of course. Then hit enter or mouse click on "Web Search". This will require you to a page in Yahoo! called your Yahoo! Search Site Explorer.

If you go down the page just a little little bit, you'll see where that says "Results", and right below that this says "Pages (selection) | Inlinks (number)". "Pages" tells you how many pages Yahoo! has obtained in this website, and "Inlinks" tells you how many links are visiting the site. But we need to filter this a touch. So go ahead and click on the tab that says "Inlinks".

Once you click on "Inlinks" you'll discover two drop down choices. By default they will say "From All Pages" together with "Only this URL" respectively. This is how we are going to filter the information. Help that the number we see right now also includes when i am inter-linking on our own personal website. In fact, if you scroll off and look at some of the listings, you may see your website on the checklist. Well, for backlinks people don't care when we're relating to ourself, so click on that first dropdown selection and choose "Except from this domain". Yahoo Answers Service