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Turkey & Greece, Yogurt & Alkol


I've always wanted to head to Greece and Turkey. This was my chance. I am a huge yogurt lover. I eat yogurt and like it. I found out that Greeks and Turks are big yogurt eaters. And so i said come july 1st I will explore Greece and Turkey. Due to the time period limit and the high priced air fares I limited my trip to Athens and Istanbul. Following a 12 hour taxi- airplane-taxi trip I arrived at my hotel in Athens. It had a view of the Parthenon which was amazing. I left my bags in the room and hit the streets. Athens is a dirty city by US and European standards. The buildings are old and not well cared for. Nevertheless the food is good. In the five days I was in Athens I went to as much restaurants I can and ate as far as i could. Musakka, Gyro (giro), Dolmas and drank lots of alcohol (alkol) Uozo and Raki. Now its was time to test my yogurt tasting innerman. I started choosing the biggest supermarkets and buying as much different yogurts as you are able to. Yogurt is just a Turkish originated word that is used all over the world. It is known that Turks have invented yogurt while trying to prevent milk from going bad. Since Greeks and Turks have lived together for over 500 years they have all shared cuisines. Yogurt making is becoming common and dinner tables always have yogurt. So how was the Greek yogurts. They were good. But really good. And so the only place left was Itsanbul to see which yogurt is better Greek or Turkish. I was excited. For more info about athenos greek yogurt corresponding web-site I land in Istanbul and check into a nice hotel in the Sultanahmet district. It was a mainly touristic area near major attractions. I got eventually to see St. Sophia Church, Blue Mosque, The Grand Bazaar. This is actually the section of the Old Constantinople. The city is cleaner than Athens however the buildings are as old, may be older. I couldn't hold my self anymore and started to have pleasure in the local cuisines. Istanbul has lot to provide on street foods. Gyro sandviches, open buffets with Mediterranean dishes are all apart of everyday life. Then it suddenly hit me. Where is the Yogurt? Then i asked for a big supermarket. I walk in and there these were. Over twenty brands of yogurt. They even had the western yogurts such as for instance Danone and Activia. I browsed and browsed and the brands were; Pinar, Danone, Tikvesli, Coban, Eker, Sek and many more. First I said i'd like to buy the ones that are popular. I known as an attendant and asked for help. The language barrier was huge. I said Yogurt and considering my Touristic Face the attendant pointed Danone fruit yogurts. I kept saying Popular, so that however tell me those would be the most widely used items. It absolutely was hard to communicate. However said I had to use all. I got myself among each and ran to my hotel room. With my spare spoon I started digging in to the Yogurts from Heaven. My god! These yogurts were really from Heaven. Whats that crap that individuals eat in the us they call Yogurt. Its nowhere near these faboulous indulgence. Even Danone tasted much much better than elsewhere. These Turks really know their yogurt I believed to myself. After having a few pounds of natural yogurt I had to get some alcohol. I walked down to the reception and asked the guy " Alcohol". That he said "ALKOL" with question marks in his eyes. He then pointed to the pharmacy across. He thought I meant rubbing alcohol. That has been funny. I said Raki, Uozo. That he said AHHHHH. Then he wrote down Beyoglu district. It was a spot with restaurants and bars. So i be in the taxi and present him the paper. He kept saying Protesto, Protesto. Apparently there clearly was a protest in the Beyoglu district and the roads have been blocked by police. So he left me at Taksim that is walk distance from Beyoglu. The primary street was high in shops. Side streets were full of bars, restaurants and caffees. I finally sat down and gulped a beer accompanied by Turkish Raki. Something about yogurt could it be allows you to sleepy. After 3 drinks I had to go to my college accommodation and passed out. As a conclusion Greece and Turkey are worth visiting. They've very tasteful cuisines. Yogurt is the best in all the planet.

Most readily useful Christmas Gifts For your Wife


Your wife now is easier to search for than you may think, as long as you know her well. Women, generally speaking, are romantic creatures who love to observe that you still see her through loving eyes and with a tender heart. Yet another method to impress your lady is always to buy her a gift that says you focus on those activities in life she most enjoys, when choosing a great Xmas gift for the wife, take with you this listing of suggestions ideal for every budget. Most readily useful Christmas Gift For the Wife -- Think Together Time Learn A great deal more Here 1 ) Buy your wife a present card for dinner out at a romantic restaurant. Slip it right into a hand-written invitation to participate you there soon for a quiet dinner for two. repayments Buy a couple of cozy pajamas for each of you. Place them in a pretty gift basket. Add a great DVD you've both been wanting to watch, some microwave popcorn, and a soft throw blanket in her favorite color. Incorporate a note asking her if the two of you can get cozy and watch a movie together soon. 3. Obtain a gorgeous calendar, and mark per day monthly on it designated as "couple time only. " 4. Another great gift for together time is just a basket full of things for a shower or bath for 2: candles, human body wash, several fluffy towels, and some massage lotion produces an enchanting evening bath together. 5. Say you love her once again with a beautiful classic piece of jewelry: a diamond eternity ring, a string of real pearls, or even a couple of diamond earrings. 6. Make reservations for a week-end away. Article the itinerary, slip it right into a pretty Christmas card, and tuck it on the list of branches of the Xmas tree. Best Christmas Gift For you Wife -- Interests - Does she scrapbook? Buy her a brand new one and slip some of your chosen photos of the both of you between the pages. repayments For the book lover, buy her a number of the paper backs she's been planning to read, or buy her some leather bound classics. 3. Get her an excellent leather tote bag to store her yarn, her sewing things, or her workout gear. 4. Buy her a fantastic piece she's been wanting to enhance whatever she wants to collect. 5. Best Christmas gift for whatever she enjoys probably the most: a coffee table book full or information and great photos. 6. If the budget allows and she likes to travel, buy cruise tickets for the couple. http://www.christmasgiftsforwi Most readily useful Christmas Gift For the Wife -- The fashion Loving Woman 1 . A present card to her favorite fashion store put in a very romantic Xmas card is a superb present. - Buy her a cashmere scarf and matching gloves in her favorite color. 3. Sneak a peek at her sweater size, and buy her one in a color that matches her eyes. 4. Write her an intimate letter offering to take her searching for a fresh outfit, treat's you. It says you know her well but saves you wondering about sizes and styles. Add a gift card to a nice cafe for lunch out to round out your day. 5. Are shoes her thing? Find a clear shoe box, fill it with a variety of stocking stuffer items, and slip in a gift card to her favorite shoe boutique. 6. Write her a love letter or draw her a silly picture. Put it in a frame, and tuck in to the corner something special card to her favorite spa for a massage or a pedicure to wind down after her next shopping day. It's still the idea that really does count probably the most, and some of these great Xmas presents will tell your wife: I understand you well and I think the world of you!

Writing an excellent Resume cover letter


Most job applicants would agree that the Resume is an indispensable section of any application for a new job. Regrettably, many applicants fail to include a Cover letter with the Resume, judging it as frivolous and insignificant. However , the presence (or absence) of a Resume cover letter will make or break a promising candidate's job application. Listed here is how exactly to write an excellent Cover letter. For Graphic design Cover Letter Visit Website 1 ) Address and Contact Information How can an employer contact you without your contact information? Before drafting your sentences, include your name, address and contact information towards the top of the page towards the left. This would be followed by the date of the letter. Further down, include the recruiter's name, designation and address to indicate this is really a personalized letter addressed specifically to the company. This may prevent recruiters from thinking that the letter is one sent en masse to hundreds of businesses. repayments Salutation and Greetings After typing out the employer's contact details, do not forget to follow with a salutation. Start with ''Dear Mr. Tan'' or ''Dear Ms Lee''. This short phrase serves to construct rapport between you and the recruiter. This implies that you will be actually communicating to him personally. Although it may seem such as for instance a no-brainer, you ought to always ascertain the gender of the recruiter concerned. Nothing is worse than being called ''Ms'' for male recruiters or ''Mr. '' for females. 3. Subject Heading Following the short greeting, incorporate a subject going to give introduce this content of the letter. The heading should make it clear that the letter is a job application and really should mention the name of the appointment concerned. A possible model is ''Re: Application for Senior Technician'' 4. Introductory Paragraph The initial paragraph is where you need you want to introduce your self briefly and also to make the recruiter feel like reading more of the letter (recruiters usually do not read beyond the initial paragraph, so it is crucial that you capture their attention). Mention what attracted you to the task that you're obtaining. If the job is a private banker in the wealth management line, you can mention ''my passion for the finance industry and my desire for career development drew my focus on the post of private banker open at your organization''. This could be followed closely by a listing of what makes you an ideal candidate for the post. 5. 2nd Paragraph The next paragraph is where you need to prove that you are the right man for the job. Highlight your employment credentials and emphasize the parts where it's directly relevant to the activities of the target organization. You could desire to discuss specific experiences to further convince the recruiter of the authenticity of your experience. 6. Third Paragraph By the end of the 2nd paragraph, the employer should already be ready to take you on and arrange on interview. The 3rd paragraph serves to convince him that he won't make a mistake by placing his trust and resources you. Effective Cover Letters simply take this opportunity to highlight other assets such as for instance Community Involvement or Hobbies. Mentioning these records highlight that you're a balanced candidate and would be able to integrate in to the organization without a hitch. 7. Concluding Paragraph Reaffirm why you are the best candidate by reiterating your major skills, your wealth of experience and other factors which make you considerably better for the job. Conclude the Employment cover letter by thanking the recruiter and by requesting an interview. This could be done subtly like in ''I look forward to hear from you'' or '' I look forward for an chance to meet and also to discuss in greater detail''.