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In a fixed-dose study comparing placebo and 20, 40, and 60 mg of Paxil in the treatment of social anxiety disorder, for most of the adverse events, there was no clear relationship between adverse events and the dose of Paxil to which patients were assigned.

I either need to up my dosage or find an alternative that doesnt make me angry and sleepless Wellbutrin and definetely not something that makes me drowsy Paxil.I sleep often if I am really down. Im scared to death to switch since Ive been on this for 10 years. Wendy crap.

Paxil withdrawal - Loose Stools The bowel movement is runny instead of formed.

I was in paxil for two years. I have now been off of it for two weeks. I weaned myself off of it as instructed by my doctor. Unfortunately, I still feel like %#&@$!. I agree with a lot of people who have posted previously, somedays are worse than others. On good days I just feel dizzy and nauseous. On bad days, like today, I cant concentrate on anything. I am dizzy, I feel like I am experiencing things third person, I am nauseous, I am itchy, I dont want to leave my house, I cry for no apparent reason, I cant sleep, I feel disgusting about myself. This just generally sucks. When I read about how it takes years to get it out of my system, it makes me want to puke. I seriously hope that it leaves me sooner than that. I am in college, I should be enjoying myself, not trying to get off an addicting drug. I am very angry that my doctor didnt tell me about the side effects, or the withdrawals. That is just not right.

Paxil is the worst drug I have been on in my whole life, anti-depressant or otherwise. I took it for a year and tried four times to get off of it with such HORRIBLE withdrawal that I began taking it again. I had hot flashes, major dizziness, and nausea while trying to get off of it - and guess what? I had those SAME symptoms the whole time I was on it, too, but was convinced it was something else because I had never heard of anyone else experiencing the same thing. Also, though working out for MONTHS at least four times a week, I gained 55 pounds while on Paxil CR and regular. Now Im off Paxil - as of last week when I found out that Im pregnant. Getting off of it was, as expected, horrible. Every time I started to take Paxil or tried to stop taking it, I had severe menstrual like cramps. Another thing is that I had spotting last week when I was getting off Paxil - though that can be normal during pregnancy, I strongly believe it was because of the Paxil, partly because of the fact that I didnt have spotting during my first pregnancy. Now today I find out that I have normally rising hcg levels but a declining progesterone level which didnt happen during my last pregnancy, either - and I wonder, just wonder, is Paxil the culprit YET AGAIN?

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Hi All. Ive found this site very useful. I too was on Paxil for 7 years due to anxiety attacks while driving, and in fact didnt drive for a few months until I went on Paxil and was gradually able to ease myself back into it. I never was able to go on the freeway cause I was worried that I would have an attack while driving at great speeds and end up killing someone. I decided I needed to come off the drug so this past year I decreased my 20 mg daily dose to 10 by breaking the pill in half and somedays didnt take one at all. Last August 2007 I went cold turkey - not planned but was on vacation and forgot to bring them. While I had some symptoms, zapping, whooshing, light headedness etc. It wasnt intolerable. My question to you all is this - did any of you have any personality changes while ON Paxil. I became hooked on gambling and lost my marriage, my RRSPs and am now in the midst of bankruptcy. As I become clearer headed I cant believe this happened to me. I just cant believe I allowed this to happen and now, drug free, I dont even want to go there - was it the Paxil, was it mid life crisis, who knows but Im curious if anyone else had some sort of dysfuntional, personality change while on this drug. Hope to hear from you soon and everyone hand in there. Like all of you I am furious with my family Dr. For prescribing this crap to me.

If you are taking Paxil Oral Suspension, shake the suspension well before use.

Hi Everyone. Im new here and just wanted to tell you my story. I had a child 17 months ago. About 2 months went by and I was crying all the time and upset about everything. My doctor put me on Zoloft saying that I was borderline depressed even before having my child. I went to the highest dosage of Zoloft and then it wouldnt do anything for me. The doctor said my body had become immune to it. Then she put me on Celexa. All it did was make me sleep all the time. The Zoloft was wonderful. I had energy that I never knew I had and felt better than before. Anyway - after the Celexa I was put on Paxil. I was on Paxil until about 1 week ago when I went to the doctor and she put me on Effexor XR. I had gained 40 lbs since I had been on Paxil. I couldnt figure out where the weight was coming from. Then I did research and it was the Paxil. Anyway - I hope the Effexor XR will work. Take Care.

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