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Becoming the expert of your own life - living the life that you were supposed to live


A very interesting film was released in 04 called What the Bleep Do We Know - Down the Rabbit Hole? The flick is based on a novel which talks about in great depth the relationship between the physical sciences like quantum physics and physical manifestation. The message in both the book as well as the flick primarily boils down to the concept that all of us as human beings have the capacity to create our very own truth.

Dissimilar to the book, the what the bleep down the rabbit hole movie also follows the story of a woman who's a photographer and is actually deaf. This particular character does encounter obstacles for her to jump in her life and when doing her best to overcome these hurdles she discovers that human consciousness really does have the ability to effect the actual physical world around her.

I find this particular movie very interesting since the meaning that people make our own reality/truth is actually something which I focus on quite a bit on my site. My web-site is centered on aiding individuals figure out how to make use of the full potential of their particular brain. To get in touch with your spirit and figure out how to influence and control the events in your life so that you can live a healthier and more happy life and accomplish your objectives. A couple of the subjects that I cover on my web-site are things like Reiki therapy and Kryon channeling and I would like to discuss both of those in a bit more detail to give you an idea of what they happen to be all about.

This particular art of Reiki energy healing is actually a healing art different from the standard or holistic medicine that numerous have heard about. This kind of healing does not use drugs, supplements or any type of physical manipulation. The healer uses their hands to assist the person's Ki or life energy flow properly. The patient will typically lay down on a massage table where the Reiki practitioner will then move their hands around the patient's body. Many people report feeling a tingling sensation during the procedure even if the practitioner is not actually making his contact with their body. This form of therapy helps individuals lower the amount of stress within their lives and helps individuals sleep far better. A wonderful side-effect that many individuals report is the fact their blood pressure level has also been reduced with the use of Reiki.

Another of the topics that my internet site covers is Kryon channeling . Some people described Kryon being a intelligence or entity that helps grants assistance and answers to life's queries. It has been called God in a state of detachment from mother Earth by some people. We speak with Kryon via channelers who have the distinct ability to receive the messages. The principal purpose of Kryon channeling would be to guide people through our evolution and also to spread understanding of the real nature of humans.

Our mission is to help teach people in the field of social and psychological ecology and also to conduct scientific research. To enable folks realize their own full potential, bettering not only their lives but also the world as a whole.