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Create a Winning Resume by Choosing From the Top Resume Formats


Your resume format is one of the factors that will dictate whether you will get your dream job or not. Hence, you have to come up with a resume that has the right format according to the job you are applying for as well as your skills and qualifications. Your future employer does not have to spend too much time reading your resume because a well-crafted resume can help you grab an interview in less than one minute of reading through it. With this, ormat-your-resume/ has shown ushaving a clear idea about the top resume formats can be a great way to start writing a winning resume.

Resume Writing- Taking it Professionally

Being able to produce a resume that can catch the attention of your future employer involves a lot of effort and skills. Anyone can write a resume but not anyone can land the job. Hence, you have to make sure that you are equipped with the right knowledge and skills before you start making your own. Essentially, a single job posting can put in about hundreds and even thousands of resumes which create the competition. Thus, there can be a lot of competitors vying for your desired position. Now, your goal is to outshine your competitors by creating a resume using the top resume formats widely used by jobseekers these days. But then, you cannot just utilize any of these as you need to make sure that you are using the appropriate format according to your skills and experiences.

Dealing with the Different Resume Formats In actuality, there are three types of formats that you can use in your resume. These are the chronological, functional and combination format. Each of these has its pros and cons and you have to be aware of these in order to make the right choice.

What is a Resume?

Chronological Format

This is the most commonly used among the top resume formats because most jobseekers are acquainted with this format. In this format, you will find that all your job experiences are listed in a chronological order which begins with your current job up to the oldest. Dates of employment are included for reference along with other sections that include objectives, educational attainment, skills and others.

Functional Format

This format is not as popular as the chronological format but it is the most ideal resume ideal for individuals who have been absent in the workforce for some time. This emphasizes your skills, accomplishments and characteristics rather than your job experiences. Your previous job experiences are also included but dates are not included.

One drawback with this is that your prospective employer may be suspicious about your work history. However, this type of format will actually shorten your resume most particularly if you have been into many jobs already.

Combination Format

As the name suggests, the combination format is a mixture of functional and chronological resume. In essence, the functional format is more prominent with the inclusion of dates in your job history making it the most sensible out of the top resume formats that are available.


Infographic – Who’s lying on their resumes? - An Infographic from MashedJobs

My Very First Post


I thought I would introduce myself on a very personal level, they refer to me as Endicott Halas. If it is your very first time in my blog, I would really want to invite you in. In incredibly short notice you will see the amount of happiness I receive by means of a very good chess match. Of course this isn't the only activity my group is into. Nevertheless, you are certain to get to learn more about me in the following months while reading my future journals. For the time being, I bid you so long. Furthermore just before I fail to remember, I also desired to present to you one of the best words of wisdom. A man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions. - Marcus Aurelius Antoninus