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Dr. Paul Lubitz And His Profile


Dr. Paul Lubitz is a Canadian. He is a licensed dermatologist with the experience of more than ten years.  Today he is practicing at his Bow Valley Dermatology clinic which is located in Canmore, Alberta. Dr. Paul Lubitz has expertise in performing a broad range of dermatological treatments, from medical dermatology with an importance on disease prevention, to skin cancer diagnosis and treatment to cosmetic surgery and skin improvement. Dr. Lubitz lives in Canmore Alberta in a beautiful Bow River Valley Part of Canada, with his wife since many years.

He was an excellent student in his schools. He always bought highest marks and stood on higher rank in his primary and high school years in 1991. He had completed his graduation with distinction from McGill University. He loved to study about medicines; he also achieved the degree of Bachelor of Science. Dr. Lubitz decided to apply to medical school after achieving the degree of Bachelor of science. He took a wise decision, as in 1992, he was accepted to the prestigious medical program at Queen’s University. Here also he got success in achieving excellent marks and in the year 1996 he earned his medical degree. Than after five years post graduation residency at the University of Alberta, in the year 2001 he earned his license to practice dermatology. Also he got ten years experience as a dermatologist. He also runs his own dermatological clinic since last ten years. Caring for a patient stands on the highest priority in Dr Paul Lubitz clinic. His clinic truly suits both his mind and his work values, something that becomes obvious when speaking with him. The people living near Bow river Valley truly value the idea of living a balanced life, this place is different from the other part of the country. They believe in creating harmony between their work lives and enjoy things out of work, they gives importance to friends, family and the spectacular outdoors pursuits this region has to offer..  Dr Paul Lubitz learned here that living a balanced life is living a healthier life, both physically and mentally. By coming to this place he promised to himself that he will not stick to his work all the time avoiding his friends, family and enjoyment of the beautiful nature of the Bow Valley, the people living here inspires him to stick with his promise. He was working 16 hours a day, and 7 days of week in his previous position, so it is clear that most of the time he was busy in work so he almost have no social life outside his work. His medical practice were tremendous as he dedicated most of the part of his life in practicing by ignoring his social life because of this his relationships were terribly affected. Now he learnt to make some space for his social life also. Dr. Lubitz says that for him dermatology provides best of both worlds- it nourish into my love for the aesthetic or visual elements in life and it weds this with the chance to heal and relieve his patients. This was the reason behind his dedication towards dermatology. If you want to learn more him, click here to visit.

Success and Achievements of Dr. Paul Lubitz


Dr Paul Lubitz is a Canadian, he lives in Bow valley, Canmore Alberta. There he runs a clinic in which he performs dermatological practices. He has treated a wide range of skin problems. He is an expert of dermatology. He had also performed cosmetic surgery and skin improvement. He grew up in Scarborough, at the age of ten he got interest towards medicine, this gave him impulse to become a doctor. He was a brilliant student, he always stood on top in his school career. Then he joined McGill University and graduated from science with distinction in the year 1991. Then as he was interested in medicines since his childhood he had applied for medicine and he got selected to the prestigious medical program at Queen University at Ontario in 1992.  He went to the world’s third country to know more about medicines there he gained lot of experience about medicines. Dr Paul Lubitz made many trips to the countries like Africa, Middle East, Far east and south Africa where he tried to help in developing primary health education and medical care to the under privileged. He believed that it is his duty to help the needy and a host to the undeserved community being a doctor. He was graduated with the doctor of medicine degree in the year 1996. He continued his further studies to become specialist in dermatology. He got post graduated with the degree in Dermatology and Cutaneous Science in Edmonta Alberta. After five year he the residency program and in the year 2001 he achieved the license to practice dermatology. He had also worked with experts of dermatology and got experience by them. Today he holds ten year experience and is practicing dermatology in his own clinic. To know more about him view this link.

Previously he used to work about 16 hours a day, and 7 days in a week due this ultimately Dr Paul Lubitz was burned out on practicing medicine. He had to take some time away from medicines to re-evaluate his priorities to figure out a balance between work and social life. So when he moved to Canmore he started taking out some time for his social life also, click to visit. No, it was a combination of a myriad and factors of inspirations which contributed to his eventual choice to pursue a career in medicine by entering in a medical school. He was struck to his decision to be a doctor in the age of ten. It was the right decision for him, he always been a healer. He always shown care towards hi patients after all he was not only helping to relieve another human of their suffering and discomfort, he was also helping to heal them. There is a lot Info About Dr Paul Lubitz. He was always had interest in the visual arts, particularly in the subject of photography, painting and sculpture, and I know this had a fundamental influence in his decision. For him dermatology provides best of both worlds- it feeds into his love for visual elements or aesthetic in life and it weds with the opportunity to heal and comfort his patients.  

Technology News - Want to Stay Updated?


Due to the latest innovations, the world has changed into a global village and has brought many changes. In this respect the internet has paid much contribution, not to mention social media like twitter and Facebook which has really altered and affected our lives. Twitter being one of the best resources for finding breaking news and information, with more than 200 million accounts, has flourished in recent years. In December 2011, a new version of Twitter was launched, available for mobile phones, iPhone and Android. Anyone who has access to it can click any tweet in his/her timeline to expand it to see photos, videos, favorites etc. and can 'discover' and plunge into a stream of useful and entertaining information which are based on his/her current location, what he/she follows and what is happening in the world.

Another social-media, Facebook also enables users to share stories on their profile pages and update their status. In accordance with the latest updates, Facebook has now rolled out a way for its users to edit and re-write their comments, simply by a click on "edit or delete". Moreover, Facebook has issued a new email for its users, replacing their primary email accounts, like Yahoo or Gmail with a Facebook.com account.

This is preliminary tech news for which details are still not complete. Some clues to the intention is though calculated. Why is the sudden reaction to install Wi-Fi through municipal means? The first is cost. Any private enterprise will be costly and they will only chose places where they have opportunity of growth in revenue and users. Some of the aloof places will naturally be denied their connectivity and the idea of providing connectivity for all at all places will be lost. More so this will no more remain free as one or other fee will be levied.

Teachings can be learned from the failure of previous incident of using Wi-Fi for public connectivity. At that time Wi-Fi was a very new and rigid technology. Using that for large scale enterprise was wrong, very few were experienced enough to use it in large scale commercial ventures and the failure was obvious. Today the situation is different. This is a very common but recent technology today, so that there is enough information to tackle the issues of complication that arise.

Staying in touch with all the latest technology news is crucial in the modern society we live in so knowing how you can get the latest stories could prove to be an excellent advantage for anybody. To be able to keep yourself up to date you must come across some reliable technology news sources that can give you timely information. Probably the most well-known news sources for technology news are TV shows, tech magazines and also the world wide web. From each of them it is possible to find out loads of new information and facts, however, many of those sources are much better than others and we'll explain you why, exactly.

Another option you have is to inform yourself from various TV shows that feature the latest device and so on. This could well be done, but you will have to be in front of the television every time the show is on which means that you'll need to make your schedule around your favorite shows. An alternative is to record them when you don't have time when they're being broadcasted live and to watch all of them at a later time but at that time, you won't be watching the latest technology news at all, you would only be catching up!

Graduate Degree Options In Compared To Online Education Degree


Many people find that in the courses of their careers they wish they had the ability to go back to school for even further education. Unfortunately, not everyone has the good fortune to live in the vicinity of a university that offers graduate level studies in the career they have chosen. Chances are that a good percentage of the population does not and if they do chances are even better that they have very busy personal and professional lives that make intensive graduate studies difficult to pursue at best.

If you are one of the many people that feel you have made your choice and are stuck with your undergraduate degree or that a post graduate degree is simply out of your reach, I hope you will read this article with great interest and learn that there options available to you no matter how far away from a university you live or how little time you have to devote to your graduate studies.

A graduate education is a very intensive course of study that is very narrow and specific. In other words, many students find that their graduate coursework is their favorite by far as it gets into the meat of the subject matter of their interest rather than merely hitting the highlights. Only a small percentage of the population at this point in time has a graduate education. Though this does not necessarily guarantee you any employability it can provide you with very specialized knowledge or skills that will help you perform your job better and qualify you for more interesting and specialized positions in your field of study.

If you would like to pursue a graduate education but feel you are too far from the nearest university that offers a comprehensive graduate education in your field, you might be surprised to find that the nearest graduate level curriculum is as far away as your living room or your favorite Internet café. Online courses give new hope to potential graduate students. Many of them will actually allow you to work around your work schedule and at your own pace while trying to achieve your dreams of higher Education and Career.

Online courses are becoming more widely accepted across the nation and around the world. We live in the information age and it only makes sense that we are taking control of our educations by using services and demanding services like online courses in order to further our educational goals. At the moment there are only limited offerings for graduate studies, most of them centering on educational fields with only a few graduate degrees offered in other fields such as the medical industry. As demand grows so will the availability of graduate courses and degrees that are being offered online.

If you happen to be fortunate enough to live relatively close to a university that offers graduate studies in your field you might want to check with the university and see if they offer weekend graduate classes. This is a new trend that seems to be growing in popularity as a valid option for those who hope to return to college but can't afford to give up precious work or family time during the week. These courses are much more intense than your average once or twice a week night course but they allow you to pursue your graduate degree in a much quicker manner than traditional programs have allowed and are much more employer and family friendly. Of course you also have the option of taking one or two classes at a time at night in order to achieve your graduate degree as well. Masters degree students only need to take 9 hours a semester in order to be considered full time students and qualify for financial aid.

All in all, you do not need to sacrifice your goals of graduate studies in order to maintain your career or achieve some sort of balance between work, education, and family. Whether you choose Online Education courses, night courses, or weekend courses for your studies you have many opportunities to achieve the degree you desire without sacrificing heavily in order to do so.

Stress Relief Management - Music And Calming Sounds Can Be Beneficial


People from all walks of life must learn different stress relief strategies. Sources of stress can be found anywhere and anytime. Truth is, stress is already a part of people's lives. Because you have to fulfill your responsibilities and perform daily tasks, you will definitely feel stress every day. The difference lies in what you do for relieving stress.

What are the different  stress  relieving strategies? There are many. These include time management, meditation, yoga, exercise, outdoor games, video games, biofeedback, music, and many more. Stress relief music is one of the simplest and most effective. Why is this so? People love listening to music. And the music that you choose to listen to depends on your mood.

Listening to music that you like changes your state of mind. It makes you forget your surroundings as you are immersed in the sounds. Furthermore, listening to music decreases adrenalin levels and increases serotonin levels. The same thing happens when you feel relaxed or in a meditative or creative state. Based on your choice, listening to it can either be soothing or nerve wracking. Some scientific studies were made for stress relief music. The results showed that different types have different effects. This is why choosing a type that you like may not be as beneficial as choosing the right type for stress relief. In fact, many meditation and relaxation recordings showed adverse brain patterns like hard rock and heavy metal music. The study showed that effective stress relief music include Celtic, Native American music, music with loud drums or flute, and live music.

When a person listens to soothing music, one of the stress relieving changes that happens is deep breathing. It also reduces heart rate and increases body temperature. All these help a person in becoming relaxed. It was also found to reduce pain in dental procedures. These are the reasons behind the effectiveness of soothing stress relief sounds course.  If you are one of the thousands and thousands of people on the planet that suffer from a degree of anxiety and stress then you should be aware that there is a wide variety of ways that this can be treated. When it comes to anxiety and stress relief you should pay close attention to how your body responds. Certainly, this is an individual condition and what works for some may not work for others.

Many times an individual can feel completely overwhelmed by the degree of anxiety and stress signs they are feeling. In this situation it is imperative that the sufferer seek help as this is a condition that can grow like rust and become quite dominant in an individual’s life.  Some of the best methods to dealing with anxiety and stress are a relatively low cost and very effective form of mental calming. There is a method that involves listening to some carefully produced calming music and sounds that affect the brainwaves of the listener. By adding some subliminal beats and sounds to the music it can promote calmness and serenity without the listener being aware of what is happening. Using music as an emotional stimulant is not new. This has been documented and proven over many decades when it comes to soothing sounds. Babies and in fact animals respond very favorably to soothing sounds and music. At the other end of the spectrum loud and fast music can help to increase the heart rate and cause stress in a listener. When looking for the best anxiety and stress relief for your condition one should try as many different form of relaxation as possible, in order to find the one medium that is suitable to their individual requirements.

Effective Way To Teach Mathematics - A Guide For Tutors


For starters, let us discuss the different types of math tuition centers. The educational landscape is evolving at a fast pace. There is a new wave of educational branding that is to be reckoned with. The local mathematics tuition centers can be categorized in three main strata - the Specialized Mathematics Centre, the Niche Mathematics Centre and the Star Tutor Mathematics Centre. Let me share with you the different groups in details.

Mathematics can be considered as the most problematic subject area among average students. Not all students are able to grasp the concept of their math subjects as easily as how brilliant student are able to do so. This is the reason why home tuition will mostly cover math subjects. Thus, private tutors must develop a skill on how they will be able to deliver the concept of the subject matter in a manner that can be understood by their student easily. In order to make teaching mathematics effective, Maths Tuition London teachers must follow the most important principle of teaching math to keep them on the right track. Teachers need to make everything about the concept make sense. Let's face it math can really be very complex. Your teacher can teach you the steps and procedures on how to solve a certain math equation but fails to make you understand why these steps actually work.

More often than not, math teachers will only focus on the how of the concept rather than the why. Meaning, the students may grasp the procedure and solve certain problems but loose on the concept or their ability to understand why the procedure is working. For instance, a child may be able to learn the procedure or the how to multiply but is not able to understand the concept or why the formula works. This kind of learning is very superficial and can be forgotten over time. But, if the teacher is able to let the student understand the concept behind the formula, then it can be considered as learning the subject matter as whole. The understanding of the procedures and the concept may vary from one student to another. Thus, the teacher must be flexible with how he relays the subject matter.

Maths Tutoring London tools are another factor that needs to be considered too. Making use of different tools to make teaching more effective must also be given priority. With the innovations in technology, so many teaching tools have been developed. From abacus to calculators, textbooks to e-books, even games are utilized to make understanding easier. However, teachers must effectively use the resources efficiently and effectively. Teachers can start from the basics. As time goes by, they can now add more tools to aid them in their teaching strategies. You need not grasp every tool all at once. You can utilize each tool one at a time, taking in to consideration how your students are benefiting from each tool.

You see, every child has a unique learning potential. Thus, it is very important for educators to identify how their students are responding to their way of teaching. Thus to make teaching effective, it is the responsibility of the teacher to use variations on their styles and they must be flexible enough to adapt on the learning capacity of their student. This goes especially true among those who are providing home tuition. They must be very keen in observing whether their manner of delivering the subject matter is effective or not.

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