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What EMV Provides To The World Of Transactions


Many retailers from all around the globe consider EMV as the Holy Grail which will completely protect them from fraud. Nevertheless, this is far from being true. The truth is, there is actually no way to be completely protected from fraudulent transactions. Unfortunately, criminals will always find a way to deceive the security means retailers provide and use. However, it is worth to stress that EMV is a great step in preventing fraud. For this reason, countless stores and businesses have decided to incorporate EMV in their facilities. However, retailers who use this relatively new system should not lose guard against cyber criminals.

One of the main reasons why EMV was designed was because they wanted to control the amount of fraudulent transactions. EMV helps to assure a better and safer authentication with credit transactions. Gone are the days in which customers had to pass the magnetic strip of their cards to complete a transaction. Instead, they can just insert their credit or debit cards into an EMV terminal and finalize the purchase by inserting their security pin. This revolutionary system includes encrypted data into the card to decrease the chances of them being duplicated. This is definitely good news both for customers and retailers who are afraid of losing a great amount of money due to fraud.

Whether you are a customer or a merchant, you will start noticing the effects of EMV as soon as they go viral. This is because this new system completely changes the experience when you decide to purchase something.

However, we have to bear in mind that criminals will always find a way to steal. Sure, they can´t deceive the new EMV systems. That´s exactly why most cyber criminals will move to online transactions. By the time EMV systems are being used in every single store in the world, cyber burglars will have already moved to the internet to continue with their fraudulent transactions. The only thing retailers can do to prevent fraud is to be more aware of online transactions. Nowadays they are the real danger. As we said before, there is no way to be completely certain that fraud will not occur.

With all this in mind, we can safely say that EMV is a giant step in the race for mobile and online security. Sure, it does not provide full security against fraud but it is a big help for retailers and customers who want to void fraud at all costs.

Businesses which support online transaction should keep an eye on their platforms. Given that it will be harder to commit fraud with EMV, cyber criminals will move to other fields. Online transactions will surely be the house to many fraudulent transactions in the near future.

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Tips To Avoid Fraud This 2016


Mobile transactions are getting more and more popular each day. It all started with Apple´s revolutionary invention: Apple Pay. Since then, the number of mobile and online payments has started to increase without limits. This may seem like a completely harmless situation. In fact, one could believe that this is actually a positive thing to happen. The truth is, this is partially true. Sure, transactions and payments are done far quicker and are easier. However, these new and fancy methods have brought a significant amount of cyber criminals who commit fraud every single day.

Because mobile payments are a relatively new trend, security against online thefts and fraud is not so trustable. There´s still a lot of improvement left when it comes to online security, especially in the field of mobile payments. Cyber criminals know this and they are taking advantage of it. If you´re a retailer or own a business and do not want to be deceived by these criminals, we present to you some of the best tips and recommendations you can follow in order to keep these people from committing fraud in your store.

Your employees are your allies

Perhaps you are an expert when it comes to detecting criminals who are attempting or planning to commit fraud. However, you won´t be able to monitor every single purchase in your store. For this particular reason you must train all your employers to look out for red flags when a purchase is being completed. We´re not telling you they should be experts on the matter. However, they should at least know how to verify if a credit card is completely legit or not. They should verify that the address verification is correct and that the CVV code is a match. Needless to say, they have to ask for the customer´s ID in order to verify that the card belongs to them.

Online purchases are riskier

How can you be certain that you are in front of a criminal if you cannot see their ID or confirm that every single piece of data is a match? If your business supports online transactions you should definitely keep an eye on them as they are way riskier.

Don´t keep sensitive information

Even if you have the greatest security system against mobile or online theft, it will never be perfect. This means that the information you currently have stored in your system could potentially be breached. For this reason, you should never keep credit card numbers stored. If you follow this recommendation you are much safer.

Prevent disasters

No matter if you feel like your customer is not going to commit fraud, always keep track of every single purchase that takes place in your store. Information like the date, time, information of the customer and the employees involved should always be stored and remembered in case there is any issue. It may seem kind of tedious at first. However, this data will be of great help if you ever experience a breach of information.

Solve it

If your security is breached in one way or another act fast and quickly determine the cause. If you´ve managed to keep track of every single purchase and transaction this task will be fairly easier. Always remember that the faster you act the easier it will be to determine the cause of the breach and solve it.

Always bear in mind that you´re never free from being robbed. The best thing you can do is be prepared for when this happens. If it never occurs, keep doing what you´re doing and always be aware of potential thieves.

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About Netcom PaySystem

To learn more about Netcom PaySystem payment processing solutions, simply fill out this quick online application to get started and a representative will be in contact within 24-48 hours or for faster service please feel free to contact us at 800-875-6680.

Merchandise Liquidation And How To Sell It Successfully


When it comes to buy a large stock of accessories for further sale, it is always good to go with the right options. As well as, there are lots of terms and things we need to consider for a right and kick-start business.

If you have already made a decision of starting business with the largest inventory then make sure to ask few question from you, like- How much capital you can afford to invest, planning to store goods in anticipation of a future sales, are you ready to face various challenges and risks?

These are actually very important questions which you must need to reply in order to start up with successful merchandise liquidation. If you are stepping in this business, make sure to know everything about the same. The meaning of the this word or business is- you will need to become the largest dealer of whole sale apparel and you will need to be very active in selling large amount of designer clothing and accessories to other retailers, boutique, online sellers and others.

This concept is pretty good, but needs a lot of investment, smart and hard work. Apart from quantity, you also need to think about the quality of the product, sizes, variations and various other things, you will need to provide to all your customers on time. Sometimes, most of the people face various crises due to which they are unable to sell their merchandise so easily. Reasons can be any, like- low demand of the same product in which you are dealing, poor quality of goods, poor TAT, no marketing at all and various reasons can be there. However, if you are actually looking to save your business and don’t want to incur losses, it would be good to opt few great strategies.

If you are suffering from all those crises and looking to sell your wholesale products very smoothly then must follow some great tactics. As you have already invested a lot of money to buy inventory, it is good to improve it up by using new marketing policies along with the shipping. Your marketing approach must be very solid and far different from others, thus, must find up some great ways which can easily stand you out from the crowd and people love buying from you. Aside this, you might know that people love free shipping and if you do it in a very next day or as soon as possible, the chances of selling your products will go with the fastest speed.

If you have any slow merchandise item with you, then try selling them as a free gift with other accessories or products of yours. It is one of the best ideas via which your slow or unattractive merchandise will be sold and to get free gifts, people love shopping extra. Aside this, selling goods online, will also be the best solution to give your business a great push so that it can produce more and more for you.If you are interested in knowing about this business more, make sure to visit the suggested source.

Work On Triad Model For Oil Investments


Nowadays, energy companies are growing their branches well and help in providing clients with some safe and thoughtful investment plans on oil investments. These companies are known for holding sectors, associated with management, innovative designer, sponsorship of instructional and direct participation energy programs. The main aim is to help the integrated natural gas and independent oil companies, together.  The primary goal of this company is to grow portfolio of some of the core areas, known for offering perfect growth opportunities through operating and grass root drilling. Additionally, you will also receive some of the best packages, meant for acquisitions, service companies and fund management structures.

There are various models, which the companies have been working on. Among so many options, you have to look for the principal investments, fund management and strategic acquisitions of some of the energy related firms. With the help of these companies, you will be able to meet with a completely new investment community’s need, associated with energy opportunities. If you want to gain some ideas on oil related investments, you will get to know more about the sessions, from this sector. Additionally, you will be able to own and even manage a portfolio of some of the energy properties.

For some extra strategic acquisitions and management of energy companies, you are asked to take help of these companies, as fast as possible. If you want to learn more about the management of some of the energy related companies, you are asked to take help of experts for this instance. You will learn more some of the other sources, as well. For driving a successful result, you are asked to get in touch with those companies, dealing with energy stocks and some of the similar sources. Through these companies here, you will be able to build scalable business model with its perfect growth.

Moreover, with the help of these same companies, you will understand the vision and strength of your management team. In case, you are willing to grow some proprietary relationships with the operator partners, you are cordially invited to take help of petroleum industry and some of the similar areas. You can even work with the operator partners, after availing services from energy companies. You can even try to expand the present business model with the help of strategic acquisitions. If you want to grow your earnings through scale economies, you can even try help from these companies.

They know the right steps to take, while planning to enjoy the best management efficiencies. The main vision is to grow the value of shareholder in a persistent manner. You are cordially invited to take help of the “triad” business model, as a significant part of this expert plan. Just be sure to know more about the companies, and ways in which, they work, to help the vast client base. You are also cordially invited to check out the credentials of the companies first, before making any final decision. There are loads of services, which you will receive with the help of packages meant for commodities investors only. Options are available in limitless manner.

Washington Cars Near Me Will Help In Making The Right Choice


It does not matter whether you are looking for a big car or an economic one, but Washington Cars near me helps in offering you with the best service. Here, you will come across so many important vehicles, and each one of them has some gifted features. Therefore, in case; you are planning to make a second hand buy, it is important to check out the features first, and come to a decision accordingly. You cannot afford to work on the best features, if you have not done your research. So, research properly to know more about the cars, and which one you will take for long lasting result.

At present, the prices of car are growing at a huge rate. It becomes extremely difficult for you to know more about the cars and get those, even with the help of car loans. Therefore, people have to settle for a cheaper car or maybe, they might think of visiting places by availing public transport. With the help of second hand car option, it will not be difficult for you to get the car of your choice, without even spending more than single penny. From the available options to the much awaiting list, you will get to know more about each of these vehicles from reputed online store.

Willing to invest money in a car, which has it all? In case, the answer is yes, you can always take help of Cheap Washington Used Cars, which are readily available these days. These cars have some of the finest exterior and interior features, which will make your car ride, as soothing as possible. You just need to be sure of your requirements, and leave the rest on dealers. These dealers are going to offer you with the best package, which helps in offering you with a long ride without facing a single hassle.

There are some ways, which you need to follow, while checking out the features of Pittsburgh Used Cars for sale. For the first step, you need to take help of the best official and authentic websites, where various dealers are showing some of the best and affordable used cars. Here, you will come across the names of best cars available, under this second hand range. Select your budget range, and click ok. After that, you will come across loads of cars with the best package. Click on the given link of these cars, and choose the one, whose features match your desires.

You are requested to get in touch with the reviews of Washington Honda no credit vehicles, before you plan to invest money on these products. The reviews are not just associated with the cars but also the company, selling those cars to you. These companies are going to offer you with the best package, when it comes to second hand cars. However, these reviews are from previous client base, and you will get to know more about the dealers, from them. It is important to know more about the cars and their mileage, before finally making the right decision.

USA Outsource Services Help In Enhancing Your Website Reach


At present, the importance of SEO package and USA outsource services are inevitable. There are different new advancements taking place, and you should be aware of the changes beforehand, to implement it in your website. In case, you are a novice and trying your hand in website design and development for the first time, it is important for you to get along with the best package always. The best part is that reputed companies are not going to charge you with extra pennies, just for the sake of SEO services. That means you will receive best services from experts now, without burning a hole in the pocket.

To stay at the top of this competitive market, you need to have the right SEO practices under your sleeves. More than that, you have to learn the technicalities of new software, which helps in running your system, as fast as possible. If you want to increase the value of your website, you have to learn the real meaning behind SEO. With some of the reputed firms, you will be able to share some of your old SEO tactics and get some new ones, in return. These experts are going to check out the present scenario of your package, and offer you with best result.

These companies always ensure to take help of a team of talented and motivated responsible professionals. They are all united towards one goal and that is to offer best services within an affordable rates. Some companies might claim to offer high class SEO packages, but for that, they will charge some hefty amount. It makes most of the small entrepreneurs to move out of their path. With the help of reliable USA SEO companies, you do not have to worry about the price, as they work for the masses. They know how to take proper care of your website, without pinching a hole in the pocket.

There is a team of talented technical experts, ready to answer all your queries associated with search engine optimization. The best part is that these companies have 24 x 7 service center, open for your needs. So, whenever you are planning to make any changes, or want to know something to solve your queries, you can always rely on these companies’ service centers. They are well-trained in handling different types of queries, at once. Call them up for help. These experts will help you to know more about USA backlinks, for sure.

Whether you have to incorporate any new SEO rule or such want to re-design the present SEO package, these experts are always here to solve your problem. Moreover, to provide clients with effective and current services, these companies never stop to learn. Therefore, they are well aware of the packages and changes, which are booming in this modern market. These companies are even using some of the expensive software, to help clients with search engine rules. These experts are known for following new trends of USA social media, and help in making your website reach at the top.

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