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Can Hashmybag Take The Place Of CRM In Future?


Businesses have long been using and executing  Customer Relationship Management Systems ( CRM Platforms) to reap the benefits that come with it. Markets are super competitive, and every brand is looking to get across its unique voice to the customers with the ultimate goal of increase in sales and reputation.

That being said, it may come as a surprise to discover that HashMyBag’s versatile platform replicates or mimics or shall I say help reap similar benefits as that in CRM’s. it may seem like too much bragging, but the only way to find out is to dissect the benefits of CRM and put it side by side with What HashMyBag has can offer.


The Metrics

Automated analytics and reporting is a key advantage of deploying CRM’s. For business analytics and metrics, measurement is imperative; a way to keep a track of their performance. These analytics are viewed as crucial because they help in monitoring numbers and the progress businesses make.

HashMyBag’s allows is its user’s to enjoy similar kind of privileges. It tracks, records, analyzes, and reports the progress made. While many employ software to monitor sales, HashMyBag does the same job for you and collate the information in an intelligent dashboard complete with  an in-depth reports in a stand- alone system.

Targeted Marketing

CRM’s provides an overview of the sales pipeline and existing customers. This allows you to focus on customers with the greatest potential.

In case HasMybag’s , there is a good scope of lead generation and gives a view of Customers /individuals who have subscribed to your store's feeds and those whom you have invited to join through HashMyBag’s. All this information shows up on  Online Chat application the dash board in the form of easily navigational and understandable information clusters. This information will help you identify the most prospective customers. This saves a lot of time and money too that you would otherwise end up losing while focusing on a mass marketing approach.

The Added Support

Follows ups and tracking them are huge concerns for businesses.  With our smart push notification, your customers who wish –listed certain products that would have been unavailable at that time; would get notifications on the same product based on their changed or renewed GPS locations. Business Chat application automatically and notifies customers if of availability of the same product in another branch if he/ she happen to be in that location. The Auto-detect location tracks the change in location, scans through the wish-listed products automatically signals the customers after filtering through the best offers and deals.

This takes a huge load off your shoulders. A task that would require marketing executives to follow

Better Customer Experience

Customers love and expect a personalized experience. They expect you to know what they need without bothering them lot phone calls. Our special chats functions allow you to have a direct conversation with the customer without barging into their lives.  Because of how chat functions it allows them to respond in their convenient time; and you to give immediate real- time responses so they are not kept waiting. Moreover, when they subscribe to your store; by default will receive all the deals and offers free online chat application at your store. So it’s a bye-bye to pesky displeasing phone calls.

By now you know HMB facilitates fully encrypted chats; the good thing about it is that your customers no longer have to go through the lengthy process that CRM requires for filing for exchange or refund all they have to do is just drop in a message. This gives way for enhanced customer serviceability at incredibly short time frame and your customers would love this!

Digital Billing And Invoice

While CRM platforms keep a track of bills and invoices, what sets HMB apart is that combination In- chat purchase with digital signatures. It combines the unique convenience of an online shopping with the simplicity of messaging.

Everything Know About Robert Rothenberg Attorney And His Overall Life


Here we will talk about very famous and generous attorney who has served his overall life in serving people. Mr. Robert S. Rothenberg – a name which is very popular and best to hire for making business decisions and solving taxation issues. This famous attorney has got years of experience in the same domain and currently working with the best firm for over 15 years. He usually practices in associated with the negotiation and closing of a broad range of real estate property, commercial, business transaction and others.

Not only this, Mr. Rothenberg is also famous for great representation of the sellers, buyers and institutional lenders and his bond with all is amazing. Coming to his academic background, he has joined Lehigh University and completed his B.S. degree. Later, we went to the very famous Law School, that is- Brooklyn Law School to receive J.D. degree and from New York University School of Law he has completed his LL.M. in taxation to become a well-known attorney. Apart from this, he has also joined the bars of New York as well as Pennsylvania for more exposure and success. He didn’t stop here only, even joined various famous local institutions and taught various subjects to the students. As he got the best experience in Business Law, Real Estate and commercial law and others, thus, continues giving innovative and sensible lectures to the students.

Moreover, Robert Rothenberg has served the local community in different manners and played different roles for the welfare of the same. Yes, whatever he did always succeeded in the same and got great appreciation and name. Would you like to know the different ways he used to serve the community? Here they are-

He has served as a member the Lawrence Township Zoning Board of Adjustment, as a member of the Lawrence Township Recreation Advisory Committee, become a member of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Community Centers of the Delaware Valley, and served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Association for the Advancement of Mental Health. All in all, he played each and every part so easily and dedicatedly, that is why every department and its members appreciate the work did by Mr. Robert. Additionally, Mr. Robert was also nominated as a chairman of the Mercer County Bar Association real estate section for more power, great decision and phenomenal work. Coming to his personal life, he was born in 1896 and lived in NY with his beautiful wife – Jessie and lovable daughters.

Mr. Rothenberg is experienced and registered attorney was admitted in New York in 1985. His registration number is 1972264 and has company office by the name of Rothenberg & Associates LLC. All in all, Mr. Rothenberg has attained a lot in his overall life and he is still getting great achievements in leading a great life. Currently, he is associated with few or more firms and working diligently to help various corporate bodies and others. In order to know more about Mr. Rothenberg, better check out the suggested source and grab complete details. 

Porsche Design Tower Sunny Isles Beach- Something You Should Have Today


Are you searching for luxurious and never seen before Condos for living or for a perfect automobile business? Well, there is nothing better than Porsche Tower located in Miami. Yes, if you have never seen this before, better do so and you will find an amazing giant building will definitely give you a great surprise. Yes, it looks so big, beautiful which will give an up-rise living and experience to all.

It offers a lot of things which can’t be thought by anybody at all, including beautiful and spacious penthouse style units to meet all your requirements of showcasing the unique vehicles to the owners and customers. This luxury tower has got 132 units when it will be completed in 2016 and will have 10 by 15 foot individual plunge pools on the balconies, which is actually phenomenal. Aside this, they actually have unique building amenities which can’t be provided by any other at all. Yes, it is called the best tower, which is known for various things and if you are expecting to have great experience living in Miami, better go with the same and have something you have ever gotten before.

Porsche Design Tower Sunny Isles Beach is known for various building features, thus, must know everything about the same to get a great push. The very first thing which you will definitely love to have is all robotic car lift facility is there which will lift up your car directly to your private sky garage. Yes, you can easily see your car from your condos and it will surely be safe over there. Not only this, one can expect to have great porte-cochere entrance with 24/7 valet services and you don’t need to bother for anything at all. Additionally, you will glad to know that 24/7 security is there which will assure you that you and your precious vehicles are safe. You can also enjoy in house car concierge along with on-site concierge service for a perfect living.

Porsche Tower Miami is also known for offering- spacious, well-furnished and ocean front ballroom along with great kitchen for hosting events. It is not stopped here at all as it has a lot to offer you. Yes, if you would like to have elevated, perfectly landscaped oceanfront terrace along with the heated swimming pool, just forget others and go with the suggested tower. Yes, this is something will give you a royal feeling all the time. After enjoying in a swimming pool, have great pool attendants who will serve you sumptuous food and beverage service to you on the spot.

Of course, Porsche Miami Condos for Sale in Sunny Isles Beach and if you don’t want to miss out any chance at all, better grab it up before it sells. The condos are going to sell day by day, thus, better go with it and experience by your own.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are interested must Click here for Porsche Tower Condos for sale and you will love its overall offerings and features.  

Get Fantastic CPAP Machine To Control Sleep Apnea And Other Issues


Are you suffering from obstructive sleep apnea or sleeping disorder? If yes, then you should think about its treatment as soon as possible in order to increase health and wellness. You might don’t know, but if you are facing such sort of issue, it can automatically increase other various serious health issues that can be dangerous and can easily take the life of a person.

So, if you would like to get rid from the same why don’t you go with CPAP? Well, this denotes to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure which is a very effective treatment will help in recovering from sleep apnea soon. Yes, it is proven and best of all in handling this serious issue very well and that is why various people are motivating to purchase the same. Would you like to know about CPAP? Well, this is the best machine which one can get in various sizes. One can expect to have a size like a lunch box. It generally works by blowing air through a hose and it will be connected to a mask will be attached to the face via Velcro straps.

It works based on the common phenomenon that is- it pushes air into the back of the throat where throat tissues generally collapse during sleep. This Continuous positive airway pressure works whole night and will protect a person from all the issues can generate while sleeping. All in all, via this a sleeping person can get enough room which will allow proper space for inhaling and exhaling of air without any restriction. All the experts and general public have accepted that CPAP machine is very safe and effective for treating the obstruction and it is very easy to use. Yes, any person can use it up without any restriction and can an amazing sleep without any issues.

Not only this, even the machine can also be adjusted in order to allow different pressures and you will able to know more about that pressure when you will go with the sleep study. Pro will determine the air pressure and other various activities while you fall in sleep and accordingly they will let you know how you can adjust your machine. If you have taken the best, latest and innovative CPAP machine, it can automatically use algorithms and pressure sensors in order to determine the best pressure and it works accordingly to give you the best sleeping experience without disturbing others.

You might don’t know, but there are lots of CPAP alternatives available for the Sleep Apnea Treatment, thus, if you would like to have the same, better consult with the pro in order to get a perfect machine. Unable to find the best source? Well, you can visit to the suggested site over here and you will able to know great tips and tricks in order to avoid sleep apnea along with other issues. So, what are you waiting for? Just go up with the best machine using great suggestions. Apart from this, if you would like to grab other more information about the same and others, also consider to grab everything from the same.

Everything You Should Know About Atualizar Boleto BB


Are you finding out the best bank of Brazil, which can help you up in various situations? Well, the suggested source can help you up so easily to fulfil all your wishes. Yes, if you are getting confused and unable to find out the best source in order to meet all your financial and other requirements, better determine everything in advance and go with the best decision.

So, once you will visit to the recommended site, you will get the list of the various popular banks which can help you up. Yes, get complete details of all the banks and you will able to decide various decisions based on the same. Apart from this, the same source will help you up in various other things and will give you a full consultation. Yes, one can expect to have various details on various things, including-

Properties, yes if you are looking to buy the best property, you should definitely think about a good amount of loan using the best bank. Using the recommended source will help you to give you various loans related and other various solutions to make your decision easier. Apart from this, if you are interested in decorating or renovating your house, need loan for complete protection of your property and other various things atualizar boleto itau can help you up. Just determine your complete requirements and get loan and other sorts of help as per your requirements and budget.  

Apart from real estate, if you are thinking about buying vehicle for you, again you can consider the same source in order to get great advice. Not only this, if you would like to have great help and support in regards with education, travel, for business, and anything else, must visit the same and you will surely get something for quick help. One will able to check out all the famous banks over here, including- Itau/ Unibanco, Banco Do Brasil, bradesco, Sicredi, Santander, CAIXA, HSBC, Sicoob and other various banks. Just pick up any bank and you will get complete information about the same. Even if you are looking for any kind of instant service it provides, you can also expect to have from the atualizar boleto bradesco. Aside this, in order to update your ticket and win the money, this site plays an important role. Yes, all you just need to be prepared with everything andfill up a small form so that you can submit ticket without any hassle or issues.

Everything will be done in the smoothest manner and you will definitely love having such sort of source. A lot of people love moving up with the same source in order to be connected with the atualizar boleto banco do brasil and generate great profit. Yes, it is the best source, thus, if you haven’t tried it up better do the same to make your work easier.

So what are you waiting for? Just go with the atualizar boleto bb and you will able to do everything you are looking for.

Every little thing You Should Know About Successful Entrepreneurship


Are you looking to be a business owner? Well, if of course, after that you must know other effective and also popular business owners who have made their dreams happen. Below, we will speak about one of the most effective and also recognized business owner that got everything exactly what he dreamt of.

Here, we are speaking about Mr. Usman Hanif, that is known for his excellent skills and also specialist techniques. Discussing the abilities, he is most ideal in International Business, leadership, Management, Entrepreneurship  and by means of the same he could take on all the hurdles effortlessly. Usman Hanif constantly counts on the power of knowing as well as constantly makes sure to get excellent understanding and also education from every little to huge things. Even, he advises in travelling more as he thinks about the exact same a great source of discovering. Yes, it is true and these journeys can easily offer new understandings, strategies and suggestions to make your business, life and also everything else effective.

Speaking about Mr. Usman education and learning history, he was birthed and increased well in Gujranwala, which is a small city in Pakistan. Later on, he has completed his standard education and learning from the very same area and chose to become a successful entrepreneur. Later on, he transferred to London, where he obtained the most effective establishments for entrepreneurship and business programs. Usman Hanif has actually got admission in Hult International Business School, where he took bachelors in International Business. Due to his finest education he has got wonderful possibilities to work with few of the Lot of money 500 companies, which pressed him to the company globe. This is due to his impressive as well as valuable education and learning which has taught every little thing to him as well as provided him beneficial lessons. Once he is done with his college graduation, he ventured into an entrepreneurship program.

Usman really discovered fantastic lessons from the institution as well as actual time encounters. Yes, experiencing both- successes along with failures, he has actually found out valuable lessons which aided him to stroll on an excellent roadmap. He claims, in order to be an effective business owner, it is always called for 100% focus and also dedication on your work. You must never be sidetracked and also demotivated whatsoever as they will not let you lead in your life. Mr. Usman also supplies wonderful pointers and methods to individuals in order to end up being Successful entrepreneurs. Yes, he has a great deal of concepts which can be carried out by all as well as in return just get fantastic impressive results will certainly assist you to grow.

He recommends going with the preliminary degree prep work by recognizing your goals as well as location of passion and afterwards suggests seeking them operating absolute focus. In addition to this, so as to get Success  in your business, he likewise recommends to have the very best team which could conveniently manage all form of situation and also your job effectively to produce more. Yes, it is essential, as NO business could run alone and for obtaining terrific Success as well as name, it is essential making up the very best team, regardless of how small or huge it is.

All in all, his suggestions, techniques and all the ideas are too excellent which can be motivated to any person to run business in a much better method.

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