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More and more people are interested in learning the Chinese language. But, do you know how they are doing so?


Online Mandarin Chinese learning with the best Chinese school is very important. In order to not waste time travelling for class and get the best schedule to learn Chinese as per the student convenience. In order to learn Chinese, your priority should be to find out the best e-learning school, which can provide complete support.


The best source for learning Chinese is e-putonghua. It provides 1 on 1 online mandarin class, and the tutor focus is always ONLY ON YOU. This is the best way to learn Chinese with a complete peace of mind and without any interruption from others, which we often feel in a class with numerous students.


Using the customized mandarin Chinese courses one can easily meet up with the unique student needs and easily grab all the essential things for better connection with the language. Today, students from all over the world seeking to have 1 on 1 online session can take these lessons.  Topics include Chinese culture lessons, survival Chinese lessons, Business Chinese, HSK test preparation course, job interviews, Finance and many other lessons.


If you are looking forward to have 1 on 1 online mandarin session using the best school, better check out e-putonghua.com.

best way to learn mandarin


Best Way


To Learn




If you want to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese you should find out best ways to learn and understand the Chinese language. Below are some expert tips for being successful in learning this language.


Watch Chinese movies, listen to Chinese music

Beginners may find it difficult to pick up the language initially and might feel bored while reading Chinese. But, if you really need to learn this language you can start enjoying the language by watching Chinese TV shows and music videos and, reading book of your choice.


Make Chinese friends

You can find many chatting sites, which connect people. You can join Chinese chat rooms and start communicating with people in Chinese language. This can help you to know what they speak and will make you aware of great Chinese words. Also, you can make a Chinese friend in your university or workplace. He/she will correct you when you make mistakes. This is one of the best way to learn mandarin.


Don’t give up and keep trying

To get success you should stick to your schedule despite of hurdles you face. If the above mentioned sources are not so helpful then you can communicate with your online tutor and get motivated.


E-Putonghua has many tutors available anytime for you to practice Chinese, enrol now.

chinese culture and language school online


Chinese Culture








Entertaining Guests






If you are interested in learning Chinese and about the Chinese culture, rituals and etiquettes, then this is the post for you.


Before the guests arrive, Chinese hosts usually make some important preparations, including- cleaning the house, setting the table with things such as tea pot, candy and dumplings. When the guests are seated, the first thing Chinese hosts do is serve tea, followed by dumplings. During the conversation, the host would ask questions about the guest’s life, work and many other things for better interaction and knowing more about the other person. They also ask about the guest’s personal life, like- about the spouse, kids and the place they reside in.


Guests also bring gifts for the hosts; it can be fruits, sweets or any other local products. Host accepts the gift but won’t open the gift in front of the guests. When guests are about to leave, hosts ask them not to leave and stay for more days. But, if guests have to leave, the host will accompany the guests to the main door, shake hands and say goodbye and see them off.


To know more about chinese culture and language school online, please visit http://www.e-putonghua.com/  and get more knowledge.

Chinese language and culture




Language And Culture


Chinese is very popular all around the world with 1.2 billion speakers. All types of Chinese belong to the Sino-Tibetan family of languages and each and every Chinese type has its own dialects and sub-dialects. As for Chinese culture, people love gaining valuable knowledge and insights of this diverse and rich culture of the Chinese world and get an appreciation of all. Overall, Chinese language and culture go hand-in-hand.


Chinese culture generally covers a large geographical region, provinces, cities, and towns and the important components of Chinese culture include architecture, music, martial arts, visual arts and many other things. The Chinese are the best in many sorts of sports and win most of the medals in the Olympics, commonwealth games and others.


Knowledge about Chinese language and familiarity with Chinese culture helps many students and other individuals to go for exciting careers in International Business, finance, archaeology, philosophy, foreign relation and more. Hence, for those who are studying and teaching Chinese have a great scope in settling down and earning great money and goodwill.


While speaking Mandarin, characters, phrases and tones play an important role. To explore more about Chinese language and culture, contact http://www.e-putonghua.com/

Chinese language school online




New Year




Lucky Money




On the auspicious day of the Chinese New year or during any other spring festival holidays, elders usually give Chinese kids money, known as Lucky Money. To offer this they use a small, red pouch called Hóngbao,  Hóng ?means RED color AND bao?means pouch.


In Southern China, Chinese kids, teens and adults who are not married receive Hóngbao as a gift. The lucky money in the Chinese language is known by the name of Ya Sui Qian, meaning Suppress devils money. It depicts the meaning- the thing that can suppress devils and maintain peace and safety in person’s life during the year.


In some of the Southern areas, generally in Guangdong province, Hóngbao is also known by the name of Lì shì (??), also Gongxi facái, hóngbao ná lái (????,????) means a wish to make plenty of money in the new year.


Are you interested to know more about other interesting facts about China along with learning this language?  You should join Chinese language school online- http://www.e-putonghua.com/  and learn the most popular language in the world. 

business in China




Mandarin Chinese










Did you know that, most of the CEOs today are learning Chinese and opting for it as a second language? It is interesting to find out why they are doing so and what they are doing to learn Chinese?


Dealing with China for business has huge potential and can get high returns, because it is the largest economy in the world. Experts say that China market is creating an ideal time to invest good amount of money for better and constant returns. Besides, this, schools and colleges in most of the countries are motivating students to learn Chinese. Also, participating and qualifying for the HSK test can actually boost up your career in the business world.


Mandarin Chinese is the most popular and useful business language after English. Let’s check up some live statistics and know more about the importance of Chinese language. Here it is-


-Mandarin is spoken by 955 million people, the highest scored ranking of languages


-Spanish is next with 405 million speakers


-English is spoken by 260 million and so on...


So, if you haven’t tried learning Chinese then you must learn the world’s most commonly spoken language.


How to learn Chinese without visiting China?

Learning Chinese language for business in China would be a lot of fun, only if you hold up the hands of E-putonghua tutors. Tutors here are expert in teaching Mandarin Chinese, especially to those who have LITTLE or NO knowledge of Chinese. If you are busy in your life and want to learn Chinese, then waste no more time and directly join E-putonghua.

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