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E-learning School








Proven Ways




Learn Chinese


Joining e-learning mode ad learning from native Chinese tutors is something that will provide you appropriate knowledge about Chinese. Not only this, you’ll able to get great materials- textbooks, listening contents and other things to improve your level.


What Beginners Can Opt?

You should start with learning basic common words and sentences. In this case, Chinese tutors can help you up in a better way and improve your tones and pronunciation.


Continuous Practice will provide you better outcomes. So listen to the native speaker’s word and repeat it all the time. Also, to make your roots strong, try to learn more basic sentences to improve your fluency.


Intermediate Level:

Learn and sing Chinese songs- For beginners Children’s songs or very easy songs will be a good option. Listen what song is playing, try to catch up and sing it all the time.


Keep a diary with you to note down important characters and if find difficulty can use pinyin.


You can also watch Chinese movies with Chinese subtitles for better listening, speaking and understanding.


Chatting is another good option, hence, once you get a qq number, do it instantly and you can also do chat using WECHAT.


Advanced Level:

Read Chinese- Reading newspaper, online articles and other things in Chinese will be a good option. Underline or write down new words or the words you don’ know still and add them to your vocabulary. Once you are done, read up the same again and try to learn them by heart.


Create Simple Monologues/ Speech- You can prepare simple speech on any topic and practice for framing sentences correctly, vocabulary and pronunciation. Make sure to choose interesting topic which you love and well aware with.


Listen- Another great suggestion is to try to listen Chinese at least 2 minutes a day on Radio. Once it finished, surely summarize the conversation in Chinese.


Learn Idioms- Have the list of idioms, check their meaning and proper context. For better learning again use your diary and learn once you get some time to recall what you’ve learnt. You can try to learn 5 idioms 5 per week.


If you are looking to learn Mandarin course, please drop an email or directly contact e-learning school for language- e-Putonghua.

How To Speak Chinese Like Mark Zuckerberg


How To Speak






Mark Zuckerberg?


In October 2014, Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg aired a video where he was giving a perfect speech and handling queries in CHINESE language from the students at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He also stated before speaking that “my Chinese is worst”, but he proved it wrong and was appreciated for speaking Chinese.


Zuckerberg acclaimed that he has strong interest in Chinese culture, but learning Chinese wasn’t a hobby for him but a business mission. Zuckerberg also mentioned learning Chinese helped him a lot in understanding the Chinese culture as well as he helped to connect with the family of his wife, Priscilla Chan.


If you would like to know how to speak Chinese like Mark Zuckerberg, then you should surely follow his footsteps and learn Chinese to speak better than Zuckerberg. What he did, must check below-


Zuckerberg shared the secrets of learning the language and said that he studied 2 hours regularly and practiced Chinese everyday as he knew that only by putting great efforts with regular practice can he improve. Thus, one should be well-versed with how to learn Chinese and keep going on by using great tactics, practice sets, and positive approaches. Make sure, not to miss out a single day when you don’t practice Chinese, as the wealthiest and busiest man can do the same, then you should also be honest for learning Chinese and check the magic of your regular learning and practice.


For more help and building more confidence, e-putonghua will be the best guide to learn from through great tutors in China.

how to study Chinese


How To Study


Chinese Characters


Easily And Effectively


Most of the people in the world can easily see learning Chinese, for different reasons. If you are just learning it and still no progress made, you should try out some innovative and proven steps which most of the people used and finally succeeded in learning Chinese fast. Yes, it is possible and if you are serious about this then try suggestions on how to study Chinese, below-


Focus on learning characters

This is important and for better speaking, you should be well aware with each and every character in framing the sentences. Most of the people who live in China still have very poor communication in Chinese just because they are ignoring Chinese characters. Better practice to learn all the Chinese characters, improve your pronunciation, tones and vocabulary for complete understanding and great speaking.


Write learnt words and learn stroke order

Whatever you have learned, now this is the time to write the same and practice. You should also learn about strokes, which will help you in writing Chinese correctly and professionally.


Add Chinese in your routine

You should be punctual and serious about Chinese language while you are learning the same. Get into a routine, keep practicing and discuss your issues with experienced teachers from China.


Get great fun tricks

Use various fun tricks for learning Chinese using Chinese songs, movies, TV Shows, comic, stories and many other things. This is an innovative way where you can enjoy everything while learning.


Do follow the suggested tips given by http://www.e-putonghua.com/ and don’t forget to join Free 1-on-1 lesson online from the native tutors.

hsk practice test








Various Levels


HSK test was propounded in order to serve Chinese language learners and award them with a certificate that they completely know Chinese language and it will be valid without any limitation in China.


This is generally held in order to rate the Chinese language proficiency and help in grooming the knowledge and abilities of non-native speakers to use Chinese in their daily lives. The test consists of 6 levels and very essential to pass all in order to get the certificate of language proficiency for higher education, international business, and professional purposes.


Levels Of HSK

Those who are participating in the HSK Level 1 means they are beginner and know basic Chinese, including- simple words, phrases and others.


HSK Level II test takers finally have great basic knowledge and good grasp over the language. They are able to communicate in simple language and can do routine tasks easily.


In HSK Level III, they groom up more and easily communicate at a basic level in their day to day affairs of the business. They can easily manage most of the communication in Chinese and able to understand others.


Those, who pass HSK Level IV, means they can easily communicate in the Chinese language and cover wide range of topics easily. Here, in this stage they are easily able to communicate with fluency and without any dependability.


HSK Level V means test takers are good in reading Chinese newspapers, easily understand Chinese music and enjoy various TV Shows and movies. Also, in this stage they can easily communicate in Chinese without any issues.


Those test takers who got HSK Level VI certificate means they have complete knowledge about the Chinese language and easily read, understand and write Chinese effectively to express themselves.


You may need time to clear HSK tests and to study for hsk practice test, using e-putonghua will provide you great support.

fun ways to learn mandarin




Chinese Innovations



Paper was first introduced in China in 200 BC, but then it wasn’t used as a toilet paper until 700 years, as it was reserved only for the Emperor and the imperial court. In 851 AD, an Arab traveller wrote that the Chinese don’t wash themselves and just use paper to wipe.



Ketchup/ Ke-chiap was invented in the 17th century in China, made up using pickled fish and spices. Later, it was discovered by the English explorers after taking idea from China. Tomato was used to make up Ketchup for the first time in 1805 and betrayed ketchup’s fish sauce completely.


Ice Cream??? (BING QÍ LÍN)

We don’t know the exact date of the origin of the Ice cream, but Chinese invented the same in 200 BC. That time Ice cream was formed using a combo of frozen milk and rice. Marco Polo was the one, who took the same recipe along with the noodles and brought to Europe.



This interesting sport was tried and played for the first time by the Chinese. The competitive ball was kicked using feet only and got a name- Cuju during Han Dynasty. The ball was stuffed with the feathers and players need to kick through the narrow goal posts. This sport got popularity and was often played in the backyard of the large mansions and palaces. As it was firstly played by the Chinese frequently, but still Chinese National Football team has a poor record.


Moreover, one of the interesting facts, which must be known by all is- PING PONG is not a Chinese invention and was invented in England and brought to China in the early 1900 century.


Are you looking for more fun ways to learn mandarin? Better opt for e-putonghua’s 1-on-1 live online session with experienced teachers from China.

how to say Chinese words


Know More




Chinese Characters


Each and every Chinese character is developed by certain types of movements and strokes of a pen. Every order and direction of a stroke depicts a particular character and is very important in producing meaningful sentences. Thus, you should understand these strokes in order to get complete knowledge and ability to learn and write Chinese.


Generally there are certain exceptions, which one should understand in how to say Chinese words as well as how to write them. One will find that most of the characters are written from left to right and some from top to bottom. Some have horizontal strokes and some vertical strokes. Thus, understanding, why and how it is written is very important.


People generally find the characters like logograms which are used to write Chinese along with other Asian languages. These characters are known by the name of Hanzi and used in various languages- Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and various others. Talking more about Chinese characters, it is generally said that it is the oldest and most popular language used system of writing in the world and very interesting to learn.


For learning Chinese, one should link up with the Chinese tutor so that the tutor can let the students know the meaning, importance and significance of character strokes. One can also start with 1-10 numbers in Chinese. They are very simple to learn and write. Do check by yourself, below-

One    &nb sp;    &nb sp;    &nb sp; ?

Two    &nb sp;    &nb sp;     ?

Three    & nbsp;    & nbsp;  ?

Four    &n bsp;    &n bsp;   ?

Five    &n bsp;    &n bsp;   ?

Six    &nb sp;    &nb sp;    &nb sp;  ?

Seven    & nbsp;    & nbsp;   ?

Eight    & nbsp;    & nbsp;     ?

Nine    &n bsp;    &n bsp;    ?

Ten                ?


For more knowledge and updates, you must join the online classes of http://www.e-putonghua.com/

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