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learn basic Chinese mandarin






Chinese Mandarin






Mandarin Chinese may be seem quite complex but it even as a non-native speaker you can learn Chinese. There are ways which can help in improving our tones, vocabulary, knowledge and pronunciation. For now we will focus on how to learn basic Chinese mandarin.


Hence, you should start learning and understanding Chinese in following ways-


Learn Chinese Characters and Pinyin

You must learn the Chinese characters used to frame words or sentences. Also, learn strokes used in writing Chinese. If you are not good with characters, at least learn the Pinyin.


Learn Greetings words

Greetings words are very easy to grab, thus learn the same and speak the same when you meet people. Hello Nín hao ??, Hi everyone Dàjia hao ???, How are you? Ni hao ma? ????, welcome Huanyíng  ??and many other such words, which one should know and start using the same.


Don’t forget practice of Mandarin tones

The four Mandarin tones are a must to learn by those who really want to learn the language. Tones like- flat tone, rising tone, dipping tone, and lowering tone, very important to learn and make sure be in touch with the e-putonghua’s native experts to improve your tone.


Learn more and more words day by day, learn how to count, Chinese grammar, use pinyin and many other things. To become professional in speaking, reading and writing Chinese and qualifying for HSK test, you must follow these tips. Jiayóu! ?? let’s go!

how to learn chinese characters




Chinese Characters






Without Any Stress


Are you aware with the fact that there are around 50,000 Chinese characters to learn? Don’t be scared, you just need to learn 4000 Chinese characters which will enable you to understand the language easily with 100 percent proficiency in writing Chinese.


So, if you are supposed in diving to know the Chinese language, better concentrate on knowing the Characters, which are very crucial to know and to become expert in this domain.. If you are thinking how to learn chinese characters, you can start with initial level with some easy characters. Start with counting first. For eg- one two three four five Yi èr san sì wu (?????) and get in flow in the sequence that actually makes you feel easier to learn in compare to other language.


You should start with learning basic components, but don’t be confused and make sure you can easily differentiate the characters. If you are unable to do that, don’t move ahead until you don’t understand the characters completely.


Once you are done with the basic characters, then you can go ahead and try Characters based on their phonetic series. Approximately, 80 percent of the modern Chinese characters are created as per the Picto-phonetic method. They should be tried for improving the sound and radical component for knowing the meaning.


Once you are done with everything, no one can stop you from learning Chinese.


For more help, contact directly with http://www.e-putonghua.com/

Learning Chinese Language




Chinese Language


- No More


Tedious Job




A lot of people learning Chinese and it can be a rewarding experience to all. No matter, who you are, but if you are committed to learn Chinese, you should start practicing with a native speaker who know your knowledge very well and make you understand with the Chinese language easily.


Using one-on-one training and complete immersion for enhancement of the knowledge in a better way is something will really give you more than expectation. Do check out some of the interesting points, provided by e-putonghua and must opt for great transformation-


-Put more focus on slang, expressions and casual communication, with the native speakers using online chat or any other mode. As we already know that we easily grasp slangs and informal language, thus, it will be very interesting to use the same and get benefitted. This is a perfect way in learning Chinese language, where you will get complete fun and enjoy the session.


-For motivating you in learning the Chinese, it will be better to know more about Chinese culture, its food, etiquette, and other interesting facts about China. This will give you an inspiration to dig more and get great enthusiasm to learn this language for sure.


-Try writing emails, send messages, writing about your day in Chinese language will groom your knowledge and you’ll find this process is very easy to learn Chinese.


-Listening Chinese songs, read Chinese jokes, interesting stories and movies also provide good help to make you pro.


For in depth knowledge of Chinese language and better interaction, join E-putonghua and manage to learn this beautiful language.

Chinese language teacher




Chinese Language




With You




Finding highly qualified Chinese language teacher can be a challenging task for all. But, it won’t be too much hard if you find out teachers from China. Yes, native tutors are always blessed with great knowledge about the language and trained in tackling all kinds of students of all ages.


Talking about Mandarin Chinese online is all about great fun, very effective and flexible. Once you’ll be a part of online you will get facilities like-


Learn Mandarin wherever and when you want

Going with online Chinese language teacher means you’ll get ultimate flexibility of learning Chinese. Yes, you can learn the language comfortably sitting at your house, at workplace, during your journey, or any other place where you are comfortable to learn. Also, you can make up schedule as per your own, thus, you don’t need to worry about anything or change your lifestyle.


Live one-on-one conversation

You can go with video mode, chatting mode or voice mode and get interact with your tutor, where you can expect full focus on you and your Chinese progression. In case you are not getting anything instant queries can be asked and also get instant feedback, better monitoring and track your learning by your tutor.


Demand for tailor made classes

If you are a person knows some or most of the Chinese language, then better to demand for tailor made classes, and put those attributes which you would like to have to improve your knowledge or pass the various tests to get certified.


Overall, you can get everything of your choice; thus, don’t forget to connect with http://www.e-putonghua.com/

Online Chinese lessons




Chinese Lessons


- To Know


Everything About




Many online degree and certified programs are provided to us. Some offer distance learning courses or online courses or lessons incorporated using video conferencing courses.


Those who would like to use degree or non-degree certificate programs, have many options. Online Chinese lessons are very interactive and use new technology which includes drawing and pictures. The classes cover Chinese culture, Chinese Art, Chinese history, Games, festival/ holiday, rituals and many other things.


Once you are done with everything, you will need to test your abilities in Chinese and your tutor can see your level and advise the right course for you.


Online Chinese lesson will include-

Knowledge about all the important characters used in speaking, writing and understanding Chinese.


Basic greetings and knowledge about basic communication skills used in day to day life.


Sentence structures, for instance time in used the beginning of sentence and the verb in the end. Eventually you will learn how to speak the language.


For more information visit http://www.e-putonghua.com/

Chinese for kids




Toys And Games






- Do Check


Cultural differences are everywhere, and same stands true in China. There are some Cultural differences in how Chinese children are raised. Some parents are very strict towards their children and some are pampered with love and freedom. Similarly, for the games and toys used by the children in China, it’s also different from each other.


A lot of ipads, computer games, playstations and many other hi-tech things are not allowed in many schools in China. Also, these items are not available in rural districts of China nor they can afford to have the same. Thus, it is a matter of concern, what games do the kids play in their spare time?


Here is the complete list of the games which are very popular and usually played by the children -



It is a game of foot. The shuttlecock will be passed from foot to foot by kicking and should not fall on the ground. It can be played anywhere and even adults and senior citizens play the same to stay active.



It is also known by the name of Diabolo and is very famous all around the world. This popular Chinese game is used in various functions, performances, events, acts and plays.



A thin piece of elastic rope is used to play this game, where legs should be placed in a certain order and moved ahead accompanied by a rhyme or song. Once you cross the level, it gets tricky and rope is moved to higher and higher.


For more game updates and Chinese for kids, you can consider http://www.e-putonghua.com/, an e-learning Chinese school for all.

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