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Defoamer Paper Making - Sixin Scientific Technological


Jiangsu SIXIN Scientific Technological Application Research Institute Co., ltd., which was founded in 1992 by Mr. William Tsao,a leading Chinese researching company in foam control agents who had developed more than a hundred types of silicone and non-silicone defoamer/antifoam serving over 14 industries,especially in pulp&paper, detergent,water treatment,textile,food& pharmaceutical, paint&coating,oil&gas, etc.


Contact Us:

ADD: Bldg D11,Zijin(Xiaguan) Technology Incubation Special Park, No.199 Mufu East Road , Nanjing,JiangSu,China,Post Code:210028

Tel: 86-25-85080916

Tel: 86-25-85080900

Email: trade@sixinchem.com

Fax: 86-25-85692815

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Clip Telescope - Optake Industria


Zhongshan Optake Industrial Co., Ltd.  is a professional optical photographers products manufacturer, which is engaged in researching, producing and marketing of optical products, such as iPhone telescope, smartphone camera lens, mobile phone lens, universal clip lens, fisheye lens, camera binoculars, birdwatching telescope, vision monocular, tripod mount, phone holder, bluetooth shutter remote, smart watch, unique gifts, gadgets, etc.

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Contact Us:

ADD: Software Base, No.6, Xinhua Rd,Sanjiao Town, Zhongshan,Guangdong,China

Tel: 86-760-8992 9459

Cell:86-186 7600 7655


Braided Flexible Hose - HUAHUA


For over 16 years of researching and developing braided hose and shower hose, Ningbo Huahua sanitary has grown to become a professional manufacture of sanitary flexible hose, which have sold our products to customers from all of the world.GG is a trusted brand with a wealth of experience which encourage innovation, reliability and price savings.

Contact Us:

Address:Binhai New City Economic Development Area,Yuyao City, Zhejiang,China 315470



Fax: 0086-574-87333958

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Bent Philipson And His Great Nursing Home SentosaCare


When it comes to great health care services, it is always very necessary not to compromise with our health and wellness at all and just hire the best center for great help. If you have an old age parents in your house, it is very much necessary for you to hire them up for enhancing the quality of life, dignity and independence of your parents in the home or in a care facility.

Bent Philipson and his famous nursing home- SentosaCare, both very famous for amazing help and support in transforming the lives of the people. Yes, you better know more about the SentosaCare, which is a very famous organization formed to service, guide and assist affiliated nursing home facilities. Its prime aim is to offer and fulfilling the requirements of the people by following their commitment to quality and perfect health care facilities. This is the best center which always there to offer a wide range of home and community health care services through various locations. Do your aging parents or elderly loved ones depend on you for care? And you are unable to give them great help and support? Well, no worries at all as you can think about to go with the same center as best staff members are ready to help your parents.

Let SentosaCare founded by Bent Philipson

 and his partner, offers you the best caregiving services to you – no matter how simple or hard it is. The best staff over there always makes sure to give you the best and ultimate help in arranging home care simple by taking care of all the details. Just disclose, what, how and when you are looking for the services and pro will be there at the same time to spend quality time with your elderly loved ones. You don’t need to worry about anything at all as professionals are there to provide you personalized home care services as per your budget and requirements.

At the same center all the caregivers are bonded, insured and experienced in working in the same domain and well known for offering 24/7 caring services, professionally. It doesn’t matter what kind of care you are expecting, the best, friendly and understanding staff will make you feel comfortable and happy by offering the best solution for your family’s needs. It can be anything what you are looking to have, whether a great personal care, companionship, fall prevention, 24/7 monitoring, dementia care, housekeeping and other various things you can expect to have from the best and great center like – SentosaCare.

With the help of the best and experienced caregivers, you can also expect to have the best staff who will be there with your parents overnight in the home and for any length you are looking for. Yes, it can be any for a short and long term and this will give you an ultimate support and help which you can’t expect to get from anywhere at all. So, just hire the best and give the best aid and help to your parents.



Barry Zyskind And His Great Suggestions On Insurance


Investment on insurance is really the best idea to go, but most of the people don’t understand the same fact and just not do it. If you are the one, having everything around you, it is very much necessary to know more about various types of insurance plan and think about to live life in the best possible manner. You should think about what you would like to save in your life, however, you need to count everything and then only you can proceed with the best.

We have a lot of things in our lives and for which we must need to be very serious, including- our family, thus, you can go with the life insurance policy plan to give them great financial security and happiness now and then. It is really dear to everyone, however, you should definitely think about the protection of the same and everything will go very smoothly. Barry Zyskind the very famous personality also suggests people to go up with the same in order to set their lives to spend in the best possible manner.

Apart from this, your auto, house, health, properties, and other lots of things are there which must be insured to avoid all sorts of risks. Yes, there are wide varieties of insurance plans are there, which people should definitely think about and just move up without any issues at all. Barry Zyskind makes sure to ask people to do the same as there are lots of benefits, which will surely help you to give you full support on your tough times. Would you like to know what the benefits of the same are? Here they are-

We well can assure to have a perfect investment for our future and all those tough times, which we might face anytime. If you have a perfect plan, there is nothing which can stop you at all and everything will be managed by then. However, this is the best future and tough time investment, which will surely be there in front of you to save you a lot from all the problems. Apart from this, you can think about earning profit from the same. It will be good if you don’t be a part of the risks and if you are not, still you can assure to have the best profit in the form of interest. Don’t think that you are just paying premiums to get nothing, but once it will be matured will definitely give you a great happiness and profit.

Aside this, there are lots of things which you can easily think about when it comes to hire an insurance plan. All in all, you will surely be protected and you can easily assure to have great returns without any fail. All you just need to be linked up with the professional company and everything will be done in a great flow to give you a great peace of mind and success. So, just pick up the best insurance plan for great help and support.


Automatic Welding Filter - Hangzhou Eyepro


Hangzhou Eyepro Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of auto-darkening welding helmets and welding machines.Our engineers have experience in design and production for more than 10 years We will offer superior products and best service with competitive price to our customers.Our products of helmets have met the safety standards of many countries including European CE, American ANSI, Canadian CSA, Australian/New Zealand AS/NZS, and German CES.

Contact Us:

Address: No.2, Jugong Road,Binjiang District, Hangzhou City,Zhejiang, China.





E-mail: eyeprotech@hotmail.com ,leesha@eye-protech.com ,844284017@qq.com ,865158105@qq.com

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