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True Blood Seasons 1-6 DVD Box Set


As season six of True Blood comes close to its end, fans can now bring home every season of the hit show. For an incredibly affordable price, each episode of the show can be enjoyed at the comfort of your very own show. Based off of the popular book series, True Blood seasons 1-6 dvd box set quickly gained a large group of intense fans and that number only continues to grow as the years go on. The show is still going strong on HBO and shows no sign of stopping. It is time to bring home this incredible collection so that you can relive the show's best moments over and over again. True Blood is based of the popular Sukie Stackhouse novels. The show and the books differ quite a bit, but they are very similar. It began with a focus on Sukie Stackhouse and the change that one vampire brings to her life. In this world, vampires have revealed themselves, no longer hiding in the shadows. This has drastically changed the world, though there are more supernatural secrets to be discovered as many other creatures have yet to reveal themselves. While the original story is set around Sukie and her trials, the show gradually begins to include numerous different characters and story lines, making each episode feel fresh and exciting. Fans quickly began choosing sides and deciding who their favorite characters are. Seeing as the show is still going on, if you have not joined the True Blood craze, now is the time to start. Thankfully, you can acquire every season of the show in one DVD box set so that you can catch up on all of the action. For one affordable price, you can own one of the most talked about shows on TV. Seeing as True Blood is such a beloved show, there will be moments that you will want to experience again after watching each episode. The best way to do this is by purchasing this incredible DVD box set that includes every season of the hit show. This way, you can view each episode at your leisure and relive your favorite moments. In addition to that, you can also see exciting behind the scenes footage and commentary to enhance the show. A box set like this is perfect for any true fan of True Blood. Whether you are a long-time fan of the series or you are looking to break into this it show, this True Blood DVD box set is the perfect way to experience the drama. With its exciting story, supernatural elements, nail-biting suspense, and interesting characters, it is no wonder why this bloody show captured the hearts of its viewers. A program like this does not come around often, so be sure to pick up your box set so you can capture this piece of television history. You will surely not regret your purchase. Contact information: Email: support@dvdcheapmall.com Contact: David zhu Website: http://www.dvdcheapmall.com/ Lacation: California Blvd Pasadena.CA 91125, USA Phone?(626) 395-6836

Valuable Travel Tips to Create Savvy Travelers


As summer days arrive, our thoughts can turn to traveling, either across the country or across the world. The average traveler can spend over a thousand dollars on a vacation, and many individuals are not aware of valuable ways to save on flying to their destination. A new blog, Truly Traveled, launched by a budget-smart seasoned traveler, is providing new "travel hacks" aimed at helping travelers trim costs on their next trip. Truly Traveled encompasses multiple facets of travel, including budget travel options, airline savings, and ways to save money when traveling abroad. The blog's creator and writer Mike Caha shares his tips and wisdom earned from traveling over 79,000 airline miles in a year. His advice includes air travel tips, ways to leverage frequent flyer miles, and more. The result is an always-updated guidebook on how any traveler can save up to hundreds of dollars. Sample posts include "5 Rules to Getting the Best Seat on an Airplane" and "The Best Cheap Flight Tool You've Never Heard Of." Access to the blog is free, and visitors can sign up for an email subscription newsletter for valuable trip tips as well. Mike Caha is an expert traveler and realized the wealth of information on travel he possessed might be of value to other travelers. "After traveling in over 28 countries, I realized I had so much knowledge to impart about getting the most savings possible out of your trip, such as ways to use frequent flyer miles to fly on the cheap," Caha stated. "I created Truly Traveled as a venue for others to learn what took me years and many miles to learn. I hope it's a valuable resource individuals visit again and again." For more information, and to read all of Mike Caha's tips, please visit http://trulytraveled.com. Contact: Mike Caha Email: contact@trulytraveled.com

Digital Publishing Blueprint by Ed Dale


Digital publishing is changing and Ed Dale is revealing exactly what he feels the biggest shift is in his new Digital Publishing Blueprint that was just released. Click here for Digital Publishing Blueprint: http://www.digitalpublishingbl ueprint.org/ In Ed's Digital Publishing Blueprint newest video he talks about something that is ten times the size of the earliest internet boom. As well as how to locate and leverage the new 'starving crowd' and the system that 350 people used to gain 1,000,000 customers in 11 months with no paid advertising. With all the buzz running around the internet about Ed's new program and videos we decided to do an investigative review and is detailing his findings at his website here: Digital Publishing Blueprint review On his site one can find out exactly what comes with the 6 module program and they can also view his special bonuses offer for the Digital Publishing Blueprint bonus. Module 1: Digital opportunities (you notice the staggering number of users the Apple newstand has and where the BIG money opportunities are. This module helps confirm that 'Vegan' is a great niche to target, but you also identify a couple of related niches you wanna target) Module 2: Content Creation Mastery (you're pretty surprised at how easy content creation can be, once you have the right templates, examples and tools. It seems cool that you can get experts in your market to give you awesome content for your magazine for free.) Module 3: Creating Your Magazine App (the simple to follow steps and the Magcast platform make this really newbie friendly. Within a couple of day, you have your 'Vegan' app created) Module 4: Creating Your 1st Magazine Issue (there's tactics in here to impress readers and attract more subscribers. You also see how to format properly, make things good-looking, etc) Module 5: Publishing & Submitting your App to Apple (Again, much simpler than you thought. There's some specific things you learn to make sure your app gets approved faster) Module 6: Marketing Secrets & Strategies (Ok so this is where the pedal-hits-the-medal. With actual case studies and real examples, you see the most effective marketing strategies to snowball sales from day one.) Ed is so confident that people will love his 6 module program that he is offering 4 bonuses and a 30 money back guarantee. People will also get access to all 6 modules right away when they purchase the Digital Publishing Blueprint. Note that the while one can access the page they cannot order the program until the 19th of August. In addition to his new video that was just released Ed is getting ready to do a live webcast detailing his entire program and what is all included. About Digital Publishing Blueprint AKA Magcast Easily test your awesome magazine before publishing it on the appstore. Simply login and select your magazine, You will be able to quickly download and review your magazine issues. Browse your mag, watch your videos and double check everything is perfect before you hit that publish button. Media Contact: Mike, digitalpublishingblueprint.org

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