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Phone Financing Changes Buyer Behavior

Michael R. Levin

Somewhat counterintuitively, customers that finance an unsubsidized phone buy more expensive models of phones.

The iPhone's Fingerprint Scanner Is About To Get Really Useful

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Wouldn't it be cool to log into your banking app on your smartphone using your fingerprint instead of that string of capital letters, numbers and symb...

T-Mobile's 'We'll Pay Your ETF' Problem

Stewart Wolpin

When someone says, "C'mon, I'll buy you dinner," you assume that your generous dining companion will whip out their wallet when the check shows up. ...

Apple Should Have Read The Lyrics Before Putting This Song In An Ad

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During the primetime broadcast of "The Voice" and the NBA playoffs Tuesday night, Apple unveiled a new, lengthy advert for the iPhone 5S, its high-end...

You Can Trade In Your Old iPhone For A 5S (There's Just One Catch)

Looking to buy a brand-spanking-new iPhone 5S on the cheap? Your best bet might be to go somewhere you haven't been in a long, long time: a RadioShack...

What Gear a Gadget Geek Owns

Stewart Wolpin

As someone considered a tech authority, I am often asked by family and friends what kind of gear to buy. Short of listing my email address or phone ...

Guy Smashes Finger With Mallet To Demonstrate iPhone Case

Step right up! Watch this guy bash his finger with a mallet! Because what else have you got going on? In order to show off his company's Impact B...

7 Uses for the iPhone 5s Fingerprint Scanner

Jayson DeMers

With Apple's launch of the iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner, biometrics have gone mainstream. Many consumers are focused on the so-called "end of the password," but the impact of TouchID is reframing how we think about access, security, and integration between virtual apps and real world actions.

Apple Might Go Full 'Phablet'

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Last year with the iPhone 5C, Apple gave customers more colors, but customers more or less didn't care. But soon, Apple may offer something the pu...

iPhone 5S Continues Strongly

Michael R. Levin

CIRP bases its findings on its survey of 500 US Apple customers that purchased an iPhone, iPad or Mac in the US in October-December 2013. The iPhone 5S clearly excelled, selling almost three out of five iPhones in the most recent quarter.

Happy Birthday iPhone! Here Are 7 Things You Killed

Seven years ago on Jan. 9 Apple CEO and founder Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone. Jobs said Apple wanted to grab 1 percent of the global market for c...

Watch This Awesome Holiday Message Delivered Using 2,000 iPhones

Sometimes we come across a video that requires a great deal of exposition and depth to fully relate its complexity. This is not one of those times. ...

The One Hidden iPhone Feature That's Freaking Out The Competition

Dan Lyons

In public, Apple's rivals in the smartphone market have tried to downplay the technological advances Apple introduced in the iPhone 5s. But it turns out that one breakthrough -- Apple's speedy, 64-bit A7 microprocessor -- has set off a panic inside its competitors.

This Teenager Has A Completely Beautiful Surprise

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Although they theoretically keep us connected, smartphones, tablets and computers often pull us away from the people we love -- making friends and fam...

This Quick Trick Can Vastly Improve The iPhone's Fingerprint Scanner

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If you've been less than impressed with Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor that comes on Apple's new iPhone 5S, we may be able to help. Touch ID work...

No More Moto -- Google's Not So Smart Phones: Why Design Is the New Digital Divide

Jonathan Littman

Last week we finally received proof of what has been suspected for months about Google's high stakes smart phone gamble. The Moto X flunked, flopped and tanked, and has already been dubbed the most disappointing smart phone of the year.

iPhone Launch Shows Slowing Ecosystem Growth

Michael R. Levin

More iPhone 5S/5C Buyers Had iPhones, Not Android Phones Fewer iPhone Owners Buy Most Advanced Models Consumer Intelligence Research Partners releas...

Finding Your Next iPad Just Got Harder, Thanks To Apple

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If you think that Apple would be fine with a third-party website that lets customers find its products more easily, then you don't know Apple. Appl...

Why Apple's 'Cheap' iPhone Isn't Selling

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You can't use the iPhone 5C to make your friends feel bad about themselves, and that's creating a problem for Apple. Unveiled in September, the 5C...

Indie Products from Chicago - Fall 2013

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Kathryn Born

It's quite possible that Chicago is the DIY capital of America. The grassroots and almost anti-authority tradition runs so deep, it's no ...

This Is The Only Way The iPhone's Slow Motion Camera Should Be Used

Sure, you could film epic feats of athletic prowess or something artsy with the iPhone 5S slow motion camera, but why do that when you can mush a bull...

Everything To Expect From The Rumored New iPads

The iPhone 5C and 5S were only the beginning. Earlier this week, Apple sent out press invitations for an Oct. 22 event to be held in San Francisco....

More Evidence Few Are Buying The iPhone 5C

By Sinead Carew NEW YORK (Reuters) - Verizon Communications Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo said Apple Inc's iPhone 5C "undersold e...

Apple iPhone 5S/5C Launch: A Repeat of iPhone 5

Michael R. Levin

First Analysis of iPhone Launch Finds 5S Sells Twice as Much as iPhone 5C; iPhone 4S Accounts for Almost 10 Percent of iPhone Sales Yesterday, Consu...

New HTC One Takes A Page Out Of Apple's Book

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NEW YORK (AP) -- At your neighborhood coffee shop, you can order your beverage in small, medium or large. Now, you can do that with phones, too. ...

New Twitter Research says Their Advertisements Can Boost Sales and Are Amazing


Last year, with giant media buying agency Starcom MediaVest Group, the San Francisco societal communications firm created The Social TV Lab in an effort to prove that TV was the perfect medium to show off the effectiveness of Twitter to measure the impact of tweeting on brands.

In not a lot of shockeroo, the results of this research effort to judge "second-screen" conduct -- which has become increasingly important to marketers, as they seek to find means to get consumers interested in their products in the ever-noisy media landscape -- demonstrated that the use of Twitter raises engagement, consciousness and, perhaps most significantly, sales.

Whether advertisers will consider this research is an open question. Among their likely questions to Twitter and SMG: Is it repeatable and scalable? Can it be shown beyond the customers of SMG? Does the needle move far enough? Most importantly, are there customers that back the methodology and stand up?

The problem in the nascent stages of the sector is that there's a range of measurements that advertisers need to make bigger moves into social media spending, data they must also be standardized. The problem of quantifying real-time data in the burgeoning mobile environment further complexifies the challenge.

That has been the focus of Twitter sales head Adam Bain and his team, who've been pitching advertisement merchandises theoretically designed to augment traditional advertising -- again, instead of competing with it.

Thus, The Social TV Lab. SMG and twitter unveiled their data to Re/code at Cannes Lion, a giant advertising festival occurring on the French Riviera this week.

"Results affirm that content is predominant, and societal TV is here," said Twitter and SMG in a statement. "The opportunity to use it to enhance and amplify brand experiences for today's multiscreen multitasker is only getting bigger. And, brands must take notice."

You believe?

Hopefully this is true for Twitter, which is really performing relatively well in the advertising arena; it's going to do more than $1 billion in ad revenue this year, even with all the concern about its user base that is small. That said, Twitter remains an experiment for most of the advertisers which is why those concerns about the little user base are real and not merely a figment of Wall Street's imagination.


2. Twitter Amplification = Sales Lift. In families exposed to advertisements on Twitter and TV versus merely TV advertisements alone, we found sales increases of 4% on average for the brands that quantified sales impact.

3. TV Advertisement Recall and the Twitter / TV Multitaskers Are Here -- is High For Them. Only one quarter of tweeting occurs during the advertising break, and it was highest during reality shows (27%). This supports existing Twitter research that found viewers who are actively participating in social media while viewing TV are genuinely paying attention to both screens, as TV show melody-away is less and advertising recall is higher for TV Twitter endeavor. Television advertising recall was also 13% higher among Twitter users versus non-multitaskers.

4. Real Time TV Content Engagement Is on Twitter. Tweeting about events/shows is higher (20%) than "general browsing" about a particular occasion/show (15%). Additionally, most tweeting happens when something in show/game/advertisement is not unworthy of a tweet (70%).

In an interview last night with Bain and SMG CEO Laura Desmond, the pair said they will continue to hone the data to help prove to marketers that adding on all sorts of social media will help -- or, in Twitter's favored lexicon, "amplify" -- their promotion.

"We've always believed that Twitter integrated advertising into its core product better than anyone else," said Desmond. "Tweeting need these consumer insights to assemble better plans for marketers ... and we really have to get considerably better data on how to use Twitter and other social media."

Bain included: "Advertisers have the gut but not the data that it operates, so we have to continue to bring them proof." Furthermore, bain noted, marketers need additional information about what sorts of tweeting works, including the effectiveness of incorporating more video, photographs and matters like coupons into the messaging. "We have to offer a complete spectrum," bain said.

Twitter is, in addition, an excellent way to handle your reputation which makes it all the move valuable. (If you desire complete reputation that is on-line, check out.)

Naturally, not everyone is down with Twitter being the medium to spur digital advertising. In late April, NBCUniversal* research leader Alan Wurtzel said the effect of Twitter, in addition to Facebook, on standings during the Winter Olympics was not as strong as expected. As Peter Kafka noted: "Wurtzel saw lots of yak about Sochi on social media, but none of that seemed to translate to increased viewership."

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo refuted Wurtzel

Silicon Valley Moguls Quotes On Restricting Hiring Poaching


"If you hire a single one of these people, that means war."

So threatened the late Steve Jobs in a 2005, according to Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Apple's CEO was "irate" and "just kind of crazy," said Brin in court documents, at what Jobs viewed as Google's attempt to poach one of Apple's premier search engine developers.

Jobs' threat--brought to light by a $3 billion class action lawsuit--is but one of several communications between Silicon Valley moguls that the plaintiffs say appear to show them seeking to control their industry's recruitment and hiring practices.

Lawsuit may cost tech giants over $3 billion.

The comments come from depositions, emails and court filings, some of them just recently released.

Jobs' ire, the plaintiff's exhibits appear to show, caused Google to back down. According to exhibit 250, Google's Eric Schmidt emailed Jobs his personal apologies. Another Google executive called the attempted poach an isolated incident that would never happen again. Google told Jobs the offending recruiter would be "terminated within the hour."

Jobs, showing his pleasure, forwarded Schmidt's email to another Apple exec, appending a happy-face signature that said:

":) Steve"

The suit, brought on behalf of some 64,613 software engineers, accuses the defendants, including Google and Apple, of agreeing not to poach one another's talent, and thus depressing wages between 2005 and 2009. The suit seeks damages of $3 billion in alleged lost wages. Under the terms of antitrust law, however, that amount could be tripled, if a jury agreed.

The suit may be settled before it ever reaches court, according to observers. Last month both sides said in court that a settlement was in the works.

Court records show that other companies initially involved in the suit--Intuit and two units of the Walt Disney Co. (parent of ABC News)--have already reached a tentative $20 million settlement agreement.

Why Google just bought a drone company

According to plaintiff's exhibit 1871.2, Apple's 2005 flap with Google led Sergey Brin to send Google execs and outside adviser Bill Campbell (then CEO of Intuit, and now chairman) a February 13, 2005 email saying:

"So I got a call from Steve Jobs today who was very agitated. It was about us recruiting from the Safari team. He was sure we were building a browser and were trying to get the Safari team. He made various veiled threats, too, though I am not inclined to hold them against him too much as he seemed beside himself (as Eric would say)."

Five days later, Brin followed up with an email that said, according to exhibit 1871.1:

"So, I got another irate call from Jobs today. I don't think we should let that determine our hiring strategy, but I thought I would let you know. Basically, he said, 'If you hire a single one of these people that means war.' I asked if he expected us to withdraw offers and he said yes."

Google, as noted above, eventually backed down.

Other emails and quotes from the legal filings and depositions show the group of moguls apparently attempting to get Facebook to subscribe to their same understanding about hiring and recruiting.

According to plaintiff's exhibit 660, Brin, in an October 2007 email to other Google executives, wrote:

"The Facebook phenomenon creates a real retention problem, I now realize, not just because of FB's direct hiring but the more insidious effect that everyone wants to start the next Facebook or get rich by having a popular FB app."



Apple's New iOS 8 a Game-Changer for eBook Retailing

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Apple's move will place ebooks just one click away from being discovered, sampled and purchased by nearly a billion readers. But how can indie authors and publishers make the most of this new development?

Hidden Injustices, Irreconcilable Contradictions

Read More: Liu Bolin, TED Talk, TED Talks, The Art Of Disappearance, China, China Protests, Photography, Protests, Ted, Tedtalks, TED Weekends News

As Liu remarks, "any culture has its irreconcilable contradictions." Often we are just too wrapped up in our own societies to see them. Sometimes it takes fading into the background as a quiet observer to bring these contradictions into sharp focus.

Google's Head Of Strategic Planning: "I Don't Watch Silicon Valley"

Read More: Abigail Posner, Silicon Valley, Women In Tech, c2mtl, Google, Google Glass, Hbo, Screaming Goats, Technology, Visual Web, Visual-Web, Technology News

At the C2MTL "creativity + commerce" conference last week in Montreal, I chatted with Abigail Posner, Google's head of strategic planning, about Google Glass, Silicon Valley, and the deeper meaning of memes. Our conversation, below:

T-Mobile's 'We'll Pay Your ETF' Problem

When someone says, "C'mon, I'll buy you dinner," you assume that your generous dining companion will whip out their wallet when the check shows up. When you're sitting in a bar and a member of the opposite offers to buy you a drink,...

Apple WWDC: Good News for iPhone Users, Bad News for Developers

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco yesterday, Apple introduced a whole lot of new features for iPhone users, as well as its developers. Being an iPhone user I am delighted at the opportunity to swipe instead of typing and happy about being able to share my...

6 Business Benefits of Marketing And IT Collaboration

Eduardo F. Conrado is one of the most unique guests we have had on CXOTalk because he is the Senior Vice President of both Marketing and IT at Motorola Solutions, Inc. Yes, you read that right. Conrado oversees both marketing and IT...

Apple Flexes its Health Care Muscles

If past form is anything to go by, Apple's announcement of HealthKit as part of its latest iOS release (iOS8) at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) has marked a historic moment for digital and mobile health care.

Apple's Time Has Come. Again!

Read More: Apple, Apple Stock, Jim Goldman, Steve Jobs, Apple Stock Split, Beats, Cnbc, ios8, Tim Cook, Wwdc, Business News

The WWDC may have been short on hardware -- as it almost always is -- but as we spin this story forward, the puzzle pieces Apple is putting in place are beginning to form a rather interesting, lucrative picture.

(VIDEO) Fighting Video Ad Fraud Needs to be an Open Source Solution,TubeMogul's Brett Wilson

In combatting the growing issue of non-human video views, the industry needs to align around open source tools, not proprietary technologies which don't fully solve the problem, says Brett Wilson, CEO of TubeMogul and the founder of Open Video Viewability, an industry association. The state of video ad...

7 Steps to an Empty Inbox

If your Inbox has 100, 500 or even more than 1,000 emails, you may think having it cleaned up and cleaned out is only a dream ... a dream to be fulfilled when you say good-bye to email when you retire.

Taxis, Robots and Cabbies

There are several worthy tropes that revolve around the question of driverless cars, and these are being given ample press space. But the issue that calls most loudly to me, and has been covered the least, involves the question of taxis.

How to (Really) Get Girls Into Coding

No matter how hard we try, we have yet to overcome the realities of what computer science, and STEM in general, means to the majority of young girls in their everyday lives: nothing.

You're Using Instagram All Wrong

Inspiration through photos is a function of interests, not your social connections.

Cowbird: Making the Web Better for Humans

Most of us have a plethora of identities that we use for various social apps. Not a big deal, right? Until you consider that as we trade more time online for less time out in the world, increasingly the digital realm is where we become who we are.

Leaky WiFi Leaks App Data

Recently a settlement was obtained between 2 companies with the FTC. The charge was that these organizations failed to secure their mobile apps, which put consumer's private data at risk. The FTC says that these companies disabled the SSL certificate validation. This default process confirms that...

Turn it Off: Cell Phones and Concert Culture

My friends and I had never been to Wicker Park before. We were told that as fans of "hipster" culture, we would be right at home among the old record and book stores and trendy eateries.

Should the U.S. Have Google's 'Right to Be Forgotten' Too?

Google recently unveiled a system which enables citizens of the European Union to ask the search engine to remove results from its listings. The move comes in response to a landmark European Union court ruling which gave people there the "right to be forgotten."

Why Translation Is Like Music

People often ask me if translation is art or science. The reality is, it's a combination of both. A good parallel for the translation profession is the music industry, which has been revolutionized by technology.

Life Before Email and Social Media

What have we gained? Speed of communication. And for this generation, speed is everything. What have we lost? Closeness, voice contact, the intimate communication of actually knowing what a person is feeling, and that can only come from presence.

That Time a Photo of My 2-Year-Old Daughter Went Viral

I was down at the end of the driveway, waving my laptop in the air, when I saw someone had posted on my Facebook page. It was a photo of my 2-year-old daughter in a swing.

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