Evaluation of the portable GP340 2 way radio


Recently we celebrated the 40th celebration for the world's initial mobile phone communication. Inevitable, it was a Motorola employee who completed the historic phone call and, more unsurprisingly, the call was made on the Motorola phone (or, in this instance, prototype telephone). If you are taking one thing from this introductory piece, it ought to be this: Motorola are chief, and when it comes to communications.

With that in mind, I reviewed the GP340 Portable Radio, the standard in a long line of excellent Motorola radio devices. The following is what I thought about it.


With up to eleven hours of battery, signal encryption and a selection of VHF or UHF bands, the GP340 hits the ground successively and goes from there. A well-built, slightly military-esque device gives the GP340 a professional appearance and facilitates for significant sturdiness across numerous environments.

At 137mm high, 57mm wide and weighing just 420 grams, the GP340 is also naturally moveable, which adds to the complete feel of this two way radio as an 'action' radio, possibly better matched than most 2 way radios to more involved use.

What is further, you get sixteen audio channels, as well as a 'channel scan' function.

There's no screen to be found here, which is possibly a shame, but I disbelief this will influence the device in any major way, to be frank.


Someplace between 230 and 280, depending on where you search. It pays to run a thorough web search at this point, because there looks to be quite a few offers going on at the moment.


The GP340 is certainly more of a team walkie talkie, especially if that company happens to be posted a considerable distance away. To quote directly from the Motorola website,

"Streamlining operations with two way radio communication increases productivity and can outline part of an businesses health and safety structure that is particularly significant for individuals who work on their own or isolated from the squad".

This is incredibly true, as the inclusion of a dazzling orange 'emergency button' as well as an ATEX-approved 'mandown' option board capably demonstrates Motorola's commitment to user security. If you're a organisation owner and shopping to outfit a group (particularly one going into a probably dangerous situation) with 2 way radio units, you could do a lot worse than a set of Gp 340s.

In addition, the audible 'low battery' alerts are helpful and typically unobtrusive. On the other hand, if you use the changeable power level use, you can make the battery life survive that little longer and save yourself the sound.

The 'Call Forward' function is also an conclusive treat, allowing you to, in essence 'leave a message' for a user who is otherwise indisposed.


This looks like one more great 2 way radio from Motorola. The numerous, well-designed and considerate security features on this one are a real plus point, as is the universal durability and craftsmanship inherent to almost all Motorola 2 way radios.

The whole impression of this 2 way radio is one of carefulness and consideration. Workers can feel that their employer genuinely needs to keep them secure at all times and employers can recognize that their labor force are continuously contactable, especially in an crisis.

It lacks the crystal clarity and audio-level adjustment of the DP3400, but that's about the only weakness I can discover with it. Even then, the signal is normally clear and passable. This premium level of presentation, along with a pail load of features to aid everything from user safety to battery life, is what makes the Motorola gp340 a real winner.

Quantity Of Hurt - A Bigger World Of Love


The future has been predicted by many people over the years, and some to be able to quite accurate of predictions. In December of 1901, content pages by Henry Litchfield West included his prediction that, "Aerial cars will ply between great centers of population, arriving and departing on fixed schedules surplus their human cargoes (Hallion, pg.183)." Individuals since and in order to West's time made accurate predictions, but very few sometimes make accurate predictions within the framework of fiction like the visionary author, Jules Verne.

After covering the floor in old newspaper and our children in painting smocks, we set youngsters to work painting substantial box to transform it within a spacex. Daddy evicted the eggs and painted their box become worse a 'control panel', Mummy made signs and decoration for the exterior of brother ql-570 comes with - removed stars, a title for it (I believe they went for MOON 5 2) etc. The inner tube from the foil having a cardboard circle on top made a steering wheel and we attached some sparkly pipe cleaners between control panel and the steering wheel to appear as if wires.

1952 - At 1:30 a.m. a UFO zigzagged over Abidjan, Ivory Region. That evening, at Cocoa Beach, Florida a white ovoid object hovered near cape canaveral for a couple and a half hours. (Source: Loren Gross, UFOs: A history. 1952: September-October, p. 61).

I sat on that patio in the morning realizing I had so significantly more than believe that exercise ever join a long term. And it's a shame required a retreat. taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life to really realize so it.

So, imagin if a major corporation that (gasp!) designs and creates automobiles since its major involving business also started to realize that this way of transportation might actually work? Well, they have, and that company primarily based in Okazaki, japan.

Apparently, and evidently, our cruise had not been departing from Miami, but it really was departing from falcon 9 rocket, less than an hour from Orlando, fl. Oh-my-gosh! This ship was in order to ours, nevertheless not ours. We were so close, yet significantly!

Pennsylvania witnesses report watching an orange-red object under 150 yards that was spherical fit and slim just after midnight on January 1, 2011, in MUFON Case # 27220. The silent object faded out merely because they watched.

If really want to escape the heat by walking through a mall, Merritt Square Mall is nearby on Merritt Island. Located at 777 East Merritt Island Causeway, you are certain to get there using State Road 520 west from Cocoa Beach. Merritt Island is placed between Cocoa Beach and Cocoa.

Koudounaris' book, Heavenly Bodies is available right away.


Paul Koudounaris, who is also identified by his nickname 'Indiana Bones' is an novelist, photographer and foremost expert on bone-decorated places and ossuarys. Earlier this year, Koudounaris released a hardback that includes hd images of the 400-year-old 'catacomb saints' of Rome, a bunch of corpses that had been painstakingly ornamented with jewels and finery prior to being offered as remnants of saints to congregations across Europe.

During the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century, Catholic churches were routinely stripped of these relics, cryptogram and finery. So as to counter this, The Vatican had very old skeletons removed from the Catacombs of Rome and generously decorated as the remains of recognized saints.

Though mostly forgotten until Koudounaris published his book, the catacomb saints continue to fascinate concerned parties; they can also still encourage religious zeal. In 1977, the town of Ruttenbach in Bavaria labored hard to raise enough funds to purchase back 2 of their original saints from secretive collectors, the decorative skeletons had initially been auctioned off in 1803.

The book, which Koudounaris has surreptitiously titled Heavenly Bodies sees its writer attempt to locate and photograph each of the present tomb saints.

In his glory days (a period that lasted over 200 years before finally coming to a close within the 19th century), the saints traversed everywhere, being transported at vast expense by the Church. They were respected as things of affection, or conduits for prayer.

However the saints may seem odd to modern eyes (one Telegraph reporter described them as 'ghastly'), it is imperative that you remember that those who prayed at the feet of the gilded cadavers were considerably closer to death than their modern counterparts. In the wake of The Black Death (which recurred repeatedly right through Europe from the 14th to the 17th Centuries), art, literature and also worship had come to accept such ghoulish, macabre metaphors.

The remnants were regularly garlanded by nuns and sometimes located in various realistic poses, before being secured in glass cabinets. Some of the thorough decoration took as long as 5 years to complete, with jewelry and costumes being exceptionally grand.

Koudounaris' book, Heavenly Bodies is available now.

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