TECH NEWS: Tycoon Unveils 'Hyperloop' Transport Project


American entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder of website (as well as many other companies/ventures), has this month unveiled a potentially revolutionary form of travel.

The 'Hyperloop' would hypothetically connect the US cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco by transporting commuters at near supersonic speeds. By using a system of magnets and fans, the Hyperloop would be able to travel between the sprawling cities in about 30 minutes.

The system, which would ideally be solar-powered, represents a cleaner, cheaper and far more efficient system of public transport, at least in theory.

A high-speed train service between the two cities is currently in development, but the Hyperloop is potentially a better mode of travel. Mr. Musk is confident that the idea has potential, writing in his proposal that, "Short of figuring out real teleportation, which would of course be awesome... the only option for superfast travel is to build a tube over or under the ground that contains a special environment,"

Musk estimated the overall cost of the project at $6bn ( 3.9bn), which is surprisingly low considering that it involves the development of a new and untested technology.

He suggests that cars could leave at intervals of 30 seconds and that they would reach an incredible speed of up to 760MPH. The eventual ticket cost would be around $20 ( 13 at the current exchange rate), according to Musk's projections.

According to Musk, the Hyperloop would be faster than taking a plane between cities, as it would not spend time ascending and descending.

However, not everyone is as optimistic as the project's founder. Dave Lee, technology reporter for BBC news wrote, "The bright idea of transporting people using some kind of vacuum-like tube is neither new nor imaginative". He went on to remind readers that Robert Goddard, the father of modern rocket propulsion, proposed a similar, vacuum powered system back in 1909.

MIT aeronautics and astronautics Professor John Hansman was a little more optimistic, saying that the important question is not whether the idea is theoretically sound (it is), but is instead "could you do it in a way that makes sense from an energy-efficiency standpoint and makes sense from an economic standpoint?"

Other critics have attacked Musk's projected costs, Alan Wickens, former director of British Rail said that Musk's cost projections were "extremely optimistic".

The Billionaire tycoon asserts that a working prototype would take roughly 4 years to build, but has also said that he is too busy to build it right away, as he is currently working on SpaceX, a commercial spaceflight project.

What, if any, future the Hyperloop will have depends greatly on the project's ability to capture the imaginations of investors, engineers and the general public. We'll keep you updated.

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What will happen if these guys used a hard disk drive


Back in 2008, in a little Cambodian town called Phnom Penh (No idea of a pronunciation) a couple separated following an eighteen -year marriage. Nothing thrilling in that, you might think, but it was the best way they did it that had internet boards busy.

They cut their bloody house in half. Seriously, you are able to look it up. We'll wait here...

Found it? Mental, right? Now, far be it from us all to base our total sales pitch on an article we found online at, nevertheless it really got us thinking. It got us thinking that if they had a pc, say, with all their personal records (business, tunes, movies and etc) then it might have been slashed in half too.

Apart from the storage space that hard drives release, that is among a hard drives greatest features, hard drives will duplicate and keep safe all data you need to store. So, whilst the couple's DVDs were perhaps a total catastrophe (I can envisage the husband virulently shouting "What the hell am I gonna do with half a copy of 'The Bourne Ultimatum', you b*tch!?") the downloaded Seinfeld episodes on his hard drives would probably have escaped detection.

hard drives back stuff up. hard drives keep things safe. hard drives are handy and fitting, but most of all, they're infamously tricky to saw through, particularly if you've just taken a hedge trimmer to the coffee table.

Move and control your favorite creature with just you hands, if you purchase a kinect


Looking for a place to Buy kinect? This is the site for you. This website has everything you're looking for and much, much more.

Ah January. That month where the wheel of the year turns anew, where everything starts again (usually with dried chunder and a mountain of carpet cleaner), where you make all those unfeasible promises to yourself. Reading the classics and working out tends to flow inexorably back to re-reading old comics and putting on weight. Of course, there is Christmas money to consider.

Of course, I mean Christmas money, money set aside by friends and relatives that you can spend selfishly. Auntie Gladys sent you 20, great! But who the hell is Auntie Gladys?. Uncle Joseph and Auntie Beryl have given you 50 quid. Of course you swear blind that you're going to say thank you, before eventually giving up when you realise that Auntie Gladys doesn't have Facebook (and even if she did, you're f*cked if you know what her last name actually is).

So, it's January, where things are down in price and it's a winter wonderland just waiting to be plundered by you and your newfound wealth. You scrape the puke from the walls, grab your coat from Uncle Bertram and hit the electronics stores. Upon arrival, you can't help but feel vaguely cheated. Things aren't as 'sale-y' as you'd like them to be. In fact, the game you want has sold https://www.companyregistratio out.

So you wander home and find our site. Let me assure you once again that you've come to the right place, for the best bargains, best advice and best offers, look no further than this very site. So order aming/sony-computer-entertainm ent-americas-president-ceo-res igns/ now and get cleaning up.

Oh, you missed a bit of chunder. Over there, to your left

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Find out why you should be purchasing Grand theft auto V on release day


In the gritty real world of city street crime, rival gangs and gangsters battle it out for ultimate ascendancy. However, in the virtual planet of city street crime, just one name reigns supreme: GTA.

Now, with a new instalment intended for September 2013, the series is as effective as always. Grand theft auto V will present a synthetic world so great that the expansive worlds of earlier instalments GTA IV, Grand theft auto: San Andreas and perhaps Western adventure Red Dead Redemption may well all fit comfortably within its borders. As if that was not enough, the virtual world of Grand theft auto V even has its own ecology plus the whole ocean floor could be mapped and explored (if the gamer fancies a bit of a break from murdering people, specifically). The amount of detail and craftsmanship that Rockstar Games has gone to this time around is simply awesome.

GTA V follows the nefarious misadventures of 3 protagonists, each of whom are operated by the gamer at any time. When you choose a different person, the screen zooms upwards; 'Google Earth' type and plummets back off toward the location of our chosen ne'er-do-well.

Other than that, almost every aspect of Grand theft auto 5 is overhauled. A hugely superior combat system (which includes amazing new aiming and shooting features) joins an entire retooling of yet the most basic Grand theft auto functions. Do not fret though, they haven't jettisoned the series easy playability or comfortable gameplay, they have just built it better.

Like, at anywhere in the game, now you can 'flip off' passers by (or your allies). The NPC on the receiving end of this crudeness will answer in a number of different ways, depending to the stipulated character data and also the area they happen to be in.

However, for all those of you bloodthirsty tyrants out there, do not despair. Grand theft auto has not become a touchy feely digital natural world documentary, or some kind of socially conscious cautionary tale about not flipping folks off in public. Oh no (far from it, in reality). The Grand theft auto series has always been about the dark side of urban drama, the grim and gritty realism of life on the mean streets of our world's immense urban development projects (well, that and running grannies over in Land Rovers, anyway). Grand theft auto V isn't different, within the latest instalment, you'll find all of the blood, guts, gore, massacre and wanton destruction you've come to expect from this franchise. All that and much, much more...

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