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Somewhere between Suspicion and Trust are the Things worth knowin....


I am the kind of guy that, if you don't know me, just by looking at me or seeing me around, you won't like me... but if you do know me, you love me...If you are my homie u r like family, u know I'll go to war for you...I tend to choose loved ones over myself...I'm all about respect and honor....I do the things I say I'm gonna do...

I don't speak unless spoken to. I am more of a listener than a talker. I only approach people that really intrigue me, I don't approach people, just so I could be heard...I don't like to be the center of attention, but could entertain the crowd if I have to...

I have been through many experiences in my life that have a lot of people feeling sorry for me, yet I wouldn't change the way my life has gone for anything in this world...I once heard that if you get a bunch of people and put them into a circle and let them throw out all their problems in the middle of the circle, giving them all the opportunity to swap their problems, you would most definitely, gladly take your problems back (I hope that run-on sentence made sense)...This roller coaster ride called life, is my favorite ride, despite the trials and tribulations...

You will never hear me cry about my problems, and I don't believe in destiny. I believe you have to create your own life...I experienced the high life and the low life, and realized that I caused both circumstances...

I know the difference between dreams and goals...and I have a lot of both...I am just more focused on the goals for right now...

Although, a lot of people say this, I mean it. I truly do not care what you think. By the way, just cause you looked at my pics (or knew me in another life), you don't know me...

I am an old school cat...i was into the whole throwback thing before it became a fad...just wish i cashed in on it...Me and my boy Dawan used to stop in clothing stores back in 2000 asking the workers if they had any Von Hayes jerseys...some got it, some didn't...either way 3 years later throwbacks were the craze...and half of them young bucks were wearing jerseys of players that didnt even exist! Speaking of Old School....I love Old School Rap...the stuff on the radio now is disgraceful and really upsets me...And when I say old school rap, like my man Lucci says...I'm not talkin about mid to late 90's rap...I mean 80's to early 90's....suckas!

I am a combination of a tough guy/teddy bear/rebel/mama's boy-I follow the rules, do what I'm told, but know when to go against the grain...I try to make my family proud with my actions, but aren't afraid to do things without their approval...I also tend to choose my family before my friends...I don't look for trouble, don't like to fact, I would so called "punk down" before I bust someone's %#&@$!...just don't push me, cuz I could throw down if I have too....believe that...

I believe in being honest, ethical, and doing good for fellow man...however, if you do me dirty just once, you are out of the loop...I don't lie...I also think selling people out, playin people and cheating people is the lowest thing u could do to them...that's why I tell it how it is from the get-go...

I am very serious, yet a goofball...don't smile much, but love to laugh...By the way, I laugh at EVERYTHING...don't take it personal....that's what i do..I is seriously my favorite thing to the way, i am a lot cornier than i look....i am the biggest cornball you will ever meet...but atleast I could admit it...and i aint ashamed either...

I wear a suit during the day, and a hoodie at night...Could chill with professionals or tough guys, white trash or white breads...any race, color, creed, etc...and I have dated them all as, for all you non-caucasian women, let me save you some time...i know i look good for a white guy, white boy, etc....and this isn't conceit...i hear that a, i guess i have to believe it...LOL...see I am laughing...while being grandmother thinks i'm a 'good looking boy' so i have to believe it...she dont lie, tells it how it is....just like when she told me that she thinks i'm a virgin, b/c i dont have a "girlfriend" HAHA, that was last week!!! and I'm almost 27!....maybe, I am...any hotties want to be my first? J/K....believe it or not, I am not one of those dudes on Myspace thats on here just to get laid....I rarely leave messages....and if I do, its on the networking tip....So, don't get gassed or be afraid to respond if I leave you one....cuz i probably aint gonna send you another....or stalk you like my fellow males....haha

I hate fake people, fake "thugs," even the word "thug" the way, why are there so many rich kids tryin to act tough....u had all the breaks your whole life...and now b/c u were introduced to rap music, u think u are're a f&cking joke...what would your mothers say? And for all the haters...just cause a white guy listens to hip hop, that don't make him a losers....

I love to could catch me chillin in NYC, Philly, Hoboken, or AC, any given nite...with occassional trips to Boston...I am a bigger fan of lounges, but do go to clubs...

I NEVER felt peer pressure. I do what I want and what feels right to me. If I am out and I get bored, I'll leave without a trace...If I'm not feeling you, I won't mess with you...Also, I never smoked, drank or got high in my life, yes, I am serious......and never will...and "No" you aren't going to be the first one get get me high or drunk either...u know how many times I've heard that...what makes u so special to be that One...?

In regards to females...I am not necessarily looking for a serious relationship, but I do miss that being "in love" feeling...try to figure that one out...

Lastly, I try to live my life by the following quotes:

"Practice What You Preach."

"Whatever Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger."

"Live and Learn."

"Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover"

"Respect Everyone Fear No One."

"Life is What You Make It"

"Learn the Past, Watch the Present, Create the Future"

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Female, 46, Brooklyn, NY

Posted April 06, 2008

I enjoyed taking a written peek-a-boo into your world. Much of our views are very similar. Such as NO drugs or getting drunk. Following the rules and that desire to make your family proud yet knowing how to balance and make the decisions that ARE YOUR decisions. The old school Hip Hop.... Heck yeah, I crack up all the time when I throw on some Roxann Roxann, Slick Rick, Cool Mo Dee, Big Daddy Kane and these NEW so called hip hop heads dont even know who the great grandpas of hip hop are...forget about taking it back even futher to the likes of Nucleous with Wikki Wikki Wikki.... ha ha

Either way I enjoyed you blogged. Best of luck in all you do!



Female, 30, Hartford, CT

Posted August 02, 2008

i liked wat u had 2 say in ur blog and i liked gettin to read sum more about u && how u think. but 2 b honest, wat stuck into my head almost the whole time i was reading was how u dont believe in destiny. this is wat i think about destiny n free will....

i believe in destiny just as much as i believe in free will. quite frankly i like 2 look at everything from more than 1 point of view and find a common ground. there is a poem i read my first semester of college about life having a fork in the road and travelin down the one less traveled on. i believe that at the end of each road theres an ending that we dont choose but thats been waiting there all along. at the same time though, on the way there we choose which paths to take [paths bcuz i think we always run into forks in the road...lil or big throughout life]. those are the decisions we make in life on the way to the end. no1 ever knows wat will come at the end since we make choices till the day we die but that ending i believe is wats destined 2 happen. some roads jus may take u a longer, maybe more interestin way through life but u cant ever go back 2 find out...

that topic always gets me goin n i like sharing my thought on it. hopefully i got u thinkin. lol. well hopefully i hear from u agen soon even though u dont usually write bak 2 ppl. lol.


Female, Age Private, Hewitt, TX

Posted August 28, 2009

That was very enjoyable ... I really like you; seem like the kinda dude I would like to hang out with. It's too bad I'm here and you're there... I think that it's cool that you're not afraid to express yourself ... in this world you have too many people afraid of letting someome get to know the real them... I respect the fact that you keep it real ... that's my peps ... live love and die .... peace one of my favorites : " you didn't make me .... so you can't break me"


Female, Age Private, Omaha, NE

Posted September 14, 2009

That was the most interesting blog so far. Most ppl r intimidated on allowing strangers in their most intimate thoughts,i like the fact that u can so easily express ur views. Even though u cld care less about what ppl think, it was a breath of fresh air. Stay blessed.


Female, Age Private, New York, NY

Posted November 07, 2009

"I experienced the high life and the low life, and realized that I caused both circumstances..."


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